Lorac Mega Pro 3

imageWhen I first heard about this palette coming out, immediately I knew I had to have it! Lorac is a brand that I’m pretty familiar with and a brand that I love. I think the first product I ever tried from them was the ‘Tantalizer lip with benefits’ I can still totally remember how it happened… one night while flipping through the channels on the tv, I ended up on QVC and I saw a woman holding a trio of these lip products. (Literally had heart eyes as I watched her display and swatch them) *side note- who knew QVC sold makeup? At the time I had no idea! Had I been in the dark that whole time?? Maybe I had been living under a rock, but I thought QVC sold appliances and jewelry and that sort of thing. Ahh, the things you learn while being bored one night flipping through the channels. My credit card was probably weeping, but yay for finding more online sites to shop at!! 😀
I had never really heard of Lorac before then and to be honest, I didn’t care what brand these were from because all I saw was this trio of warm toned lip glosses on my screen. I wanted them and I was going to get them. ( I tend to be impulsive when I buy things, if something catches my eye- I want it and I want it NOW… as you can imagine, ordering online is a bummer since most purchases are not overnighted and I’m left impatiently waiting for my items. 🙂  long story short, I fell in love (luckily, right? Seeing as I read no reviews on these products beforehand… nor had I ever heard of the brand before.) I wore those lippies almost daily and from then on I was a fan of Lorac, purchasing other lip products, blushes, and eyeshadow palettes.

This Mega Pro 3 palette I absolutely fell in love with the colors. (While I like to experiment with makeup and don’t shy away from pops of color, I tend to go for more dramatic looks as opposed to natural. My “every day” looks tend to be more warm toned and neutral colors ) and these shades have my heart. I’m obsessed with browns, coppers, and warm toned colors the most. I loved the fact that you got 16 matte colors as well as 16 shimmers. I, for one, can never have enough matte colors because let’s get real, I am attracted to glitter, sparkle, shimmer, blind you in the fucking eyes eyeshadows, highlighters, you name it. I don’t have a super vast amount of matte shadows in my collection- certainly not as many as I have with shimmer and glitters so this was a great bonus. I really loved the idea of having so many mattes in one palette as opposed to a few basic mattes and the rest all shimmers. image

The shadows are all highly pigmented and feel so soft and buttery. I have no problems with blending them out, as they all seem to perform equally as well. You can create some really great looks with this palette & I can see myself really using every single shade at some point. I really do love every color. I will say, my favorite shades are Dusty Mauve, Eggplant, Toffee, Maple, Cider, Sequoia, Rust, (super heart eyes) Rose Quartz, and Pomegranate. I’ve used this palette a handful of times since I purchased it and I would definitely recommend it if you love warm tones, or are looking to add more mattes & shimmers to your collection, or just want to splurge and try a Lorac palette for the first time, or if you’re just looking for a really good “fall palette” I feel these colors are perfect for the fall- though, I’ll be wearing these colors long after fall has come and gone lol.

I can’t say enough good things about this palette. It’s one I know I’ll grab and use often. If anyone has it, let me know your thoughts about it. Do you love it, hate it? What are some of your favorite colors?

❤ Jenn

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