Becca Cosmetics & Anastasia Beverly Hills

imageAt first glance of the Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Protector Pressed in the limited edition shade ‘Rose Quartz’ I knew I was going to own it. I have two Becca Cosmetics shimmering skin protectors in the colors, ‘Champagne Pop,’ and ‘Pearl’ both of which, I use quite often, both of which, I love. I find the pigmentation with these to be highly pigmented and of good quality. If you’re looking for a stunning bright glow, grab one of these. A little goes a long way! imageThe packaging alone is what sold me on this. I mean, how gorgeous, right?! I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for packaging… often times I’m swayed into buying things just because the packaging is cute. My husband thinks I’m insane, but hey, I’m a girl what can I say. Not only is the packaging cute on the outside, but it’s just as beautiful on the inside as well. It’s a perfect pale pink color that I think would work great with every skin tone and give you that soft glow or you can build it up a little to get that BAM, blind you in the eyes kinda glow. (The one I prefer, usually lol) like I said before, Becca’s products are highly pigmented so a little bit of product really gets the job done and really goes a long way. I’ve worn it twice and had so many compliments on the glow. If nothing else- it’s worth keeping for the packaging alone. *sigh* it really is so pretty. 🙂 It’s limited edition and retails for $38 at Sephora. I hope Becca decides to make this permanent or else I’m going to have to buy another one (or two) before they sell out.

imageI also picked up Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid matte lipstick in the color ‘Allison’ I first saw this on their Instagram when it was released and I had my eye on it. I was undecided if I wanted to get this color, I thought it was beautiful but I was hesitant because I just wasn’t sure for some reason. On a whim, while at Sephora I grabbed it and I’m so glad I did. I really enjoy this color a lot. It’s described as a pinky brown shade and I honestly don’t think I own anything similar to this color in my collection. It’s a great color for the fall without it being too dark. As far as liquid lipsticks go, I like ABH, but they’re not my favorite. The formula is good, lightweight and doesn’t feel super drying on my lips, but it’s not 100% transfer proof and I do find I have to do minor touch ups throughout the day, (where other brands I have will stay all day no problem) I would recommend this color if you’re looking to add more fall lippies to your collection, or just into pinky brown shades.

imageimageWhat are your thoughts on either of these products? Are you interested in the Becca Cosmetics limited edition shade Rose Quartz, or is it a pass? What are some of your favorite highlighters or lipsticks? Let me know!

❤ Jenn



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