Dose Of Colors liquid lipsticks & why I’m not really a fan.


Dose Of Colors is a brand I first heard about from Instagram and Youtube from some of the popular Youtubers I follow. I was curious about this brand because at the time I was hearing so much about them. How great their liquid lipsticks were, how they stayed on all day, how it seemed to be so many people’s “favorite brand,” how you just had to try them because they were so incredible. I eventually caved and in fact, tried them. Initially I was a little disappointed at the color selection on their website. I felt they didn’t have many colors that interested me, or that the ones I was finding were similar to other shades I already owned. Honestly, nothing jumped out at me begging me to buy it… still I wanted to try it because I’m a makeup lover and I like trying new brands, especially ones that are getting a lot of hype about them. As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I am a sucker for packaging and I really love the packaging of these liquid lipsticks. The frosty glass containers , silver ring, and white tops really caught my eye. I think Dose Of Colors has some of the best packaging around when it comes to their liquid lipsticks. I personally just think they look really sleek in any makeup collection. 

I decided to try three shades, Stone, Desert Suede, and Mood.( Stone & Desert Suede being two shades that seemed to be pretty popular that I kept hearing about) Truffle was the other shade I knew was popular as well, but at the time of my purchase it was sold out. I figured if I liked this brand I could always order that shade next time when it was in stock. I got these back in May of this year and I can’t remember how quickly the shipping/ delivery process was, but I wanna say it was pretty standard. I don’t think I waited an extreme length of time for them to arrive.


When I got them in the mail I was highly impressed with their packaging. I mean, how cool does that look? I love companies that not only are impressive and unique with their brand’s packaging, but also incorporate that with their packaging labels, boxes, envelopes, etc. Who doesn’t love to receive fun mail? Rather than your stand boring brown or white box/ envelope? This may seem like something minor to some, but to me, it showcases this companies ability to stand out from others and set themselves apart. It’s just a little small detail I’ll remember.


The colors I was most excited to try were Desert Suede and Mood. In person the shades are very beautiful. Stone is a nude rose(ish) color, Desert Suede is a grayish brown, and Mood is a vampy deep wine color. Since adding these to my collection, I’ve worn them a handful of times, but they’re not what I gravitate towards and I’ll tell you why…

When I’m looking for a good matte liquid lipstick, I want something that will feel lightweight, stay on all day, non transfer proof, and of course be a color I like and one that looks good on me. I’ve found with these liquid lipsticks, not only do I have to reapply and reapply every time I drink or eat, but that they transfer a lot, more than any other liquid lipstick I own. I kid you not, if I have a bottle of water or a drink from Starbucks, so much of my lipstick will be transferred onto my straw or bottle. If I’m eating (nothing oily, etc as I know that will remove the product…) I’ll go to look in the mirror and half my lipstick is off. It’s not just with one shade, it’s with all three of them. From having to reapply the lipsticks starts to get “heavy” and now it starts to look clumpy and kinda gross, so I’m basically forced to remove all the lipstick and completely reapply as I would before I left the house. I’m using so much product and I just feel it’s a waste. I know so many people, so many love this company and swear by the longevity of the staying power with these lipsticks… but they’re a no go for me. I really wanted to love them. I did. I’m not saying they’re a terrible brand and I’ll never buy from them again, but they’re definitely not a top favorite of mine when it comes to brands of liquid lipsticks I am die hard in love with.

The only color out of the three I absolutely adore is the color Mood. This stunning vampy shade is perfect for the fall right now (I still wore it back in May and during the summer because if I’m feeling a certain color, no matter the season, I’m gonna rock it.) This color is hands down my favorite color from them even though I’m disappointed with these liquid lipsticks as a whole. Like I said, I will probably most definitely repurchase Mood once I run out… and who knows, maybe eventually try Truffle like I originally wanted to.. or some other new color if they come out with it? Even though I listed those cons of why this isn’t my favorite brand of liquid lippies, I still like the shades I got.. I just prefer other brands over them and won’t be rushing to purchase anything that others declare a “must have”

imageI still am pleased with the colors I got. They’re very pretty. I just wish they stayed on my lips!! Who knows, maybe I got a bad batch? From the reviews I’ve watched/ read… everyone talks about how great the formula is and how long they stay on. I unfortunately don’t experience that when I wear these. I have other brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Jouer, Kat Von D, etc that will literally last all day through drinking, eating, even sweating it out at the gym (on the rare occasion I’m wearing makeup to the gym)

What are your thoughts on Dose Of Colors? Have you experienced the same or do you find them lasting all day with no problems? Let me know!

❤ Jenn

4 thoughts on “Dose Of Colors liquid lipsticks & why I’m not really a fan.

    • I totally know what you mean about Stone, and completely forgot to include that in my post. All the swatches I’ve seen have been more light pink nude colors… and that’s what I really liked, but on me it looks like that deeper brighter pinkish color and that’s not what I wanted lol. It’s still a pretty color, but I wanted it more muted and not as bright as in the picture. Thanks so much! 💕💜


  1. I’m so bummed that dose of colors didn’t work out for you! I bought a few colors as well because everyone was raving about them. From my experience they stay on all day for me even when I eat food (except oily food of course). The formula works perfect on me. But that sucks! I guess everyone has different experiences with things! I enjoyed reading your post though, it’s interesting to see what others have to say about a certain product. (:


    • Me too. 😦 I really wish they stayed on the way other brands I have do. I’m glad your experience with them is a positive one! It seems everyone’s experience is a lot better than mine lol & I think that’s why I had such high hopes. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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