Let’s talk fall tv favs.


Fall is  obviously my favorite time of year for many reasons, (if you’d like to read about why you can check out my post here The best time of the year)  and with fall comes new and old fall television shows. I’m a lover of both movies & tv (reality and scripted) so I thought I’d talk about some current shows that are on the old DVR that I’m watching or plan to watch this fall season.

Scream Queens- I think this has to be my favorite show at the moment. I started watching it last season when it first debuted and I was hooked! I’ll admit, I was  skeptical at first because I find tv horror shows to be kinda cheesy and watered down. I’d rather a good horror movie, plus this show was gonna be on Fox and not a cable network… I figured it would probably be kinda lame and I’d watch the first episode or two. To my surprise, I found the show to hold my  interest every week. I was trying to figure out who the “Red Devil” was and what was going to happen. I think some of the reasons why I like this show are because the writing is good, (I was convinced it would be lackluster or just silly and uninteresting) the cast is great, love Emma Roberts, and Jamie Lee Curtis, well, I’ve been a fan since I discovered the movie ‘Halloween’ when I was a kid. This season they’ve added John Stamos (he’ll always be Uncle Jesse to me.. sorry, I grew up watching Full House) and Taylor Lautner. (Loved him as Jacob in the Twilight series)  As much as I loved last season, I think this season might be my favorite so far. I’ve got my theories on who the Green Devil might be. Can’t wait to see if I’m right or wrong.

AHS My Roanoke Nightmare– So I’ve watched AHS since Murder House and my favorite seasons are: Asylum, Coven, and Freakshow. I tried watching Hotel last season and made it about four episode until I threw in the towel and gave up. I couldn’t get into that season at all. I tried to stick it out, but found myself checking my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, while an episode played in the background. This season, as with all AHS seasons has been confusing and just like, WTF! I’m still undecided how I feel about this season so far, but I definitely do like it way more than I did Hotel. So we’ll see.

This is Us– This is a new show that just  premiered a few weeks ago. I started hearing about it because I kept seeing it blow up on my Twitter timeline. I saw that it starred Justin Hartley and I remembered him from my days of watching Passions. It also stars Mandy Moore, I wasn’t much of a fan of her music back in the day, but I liked her. When I first started this show,  I had no clue what it was supposed to be about. I saw no previews, no descriptions, nothing. I didn’t have high expectations. Lol that seems to be a trend with me? Anyway, I was hooked after the first episode. It has a great storyline and cast of characters. They seem to have a twist at the end of every episode that makes me think, huh, I didn’t even think of that/ see that happening. It’s emotional at times and makes me feel for these characters, but also has some comic relief as well. I’m enjoying it a lot.

The Exorcist– This isn’t a fav at all, but I wanted to include it since I did try and watch this. I was lost from the beginning. I felt it was slow and drawn out and I just wasn’t connecting to the characters or the storyline. This show is how I saw Scream Queens turning out in my mind (before I gave it a shot) in the sense that it’s one of those “horror tv shows” that should have just been left up to the movie gods. I didn’t like this show at all and have stopped watching it.

The Vampire Diaries– What can I say about this show? I was a fan of this show since the beginning (Stelena- Stefan & Elena forever) this was my faaaavorite show…. until the writing turned horrible and the direction of the show started going in places I had no desire to see anymore. I didn’t watch last season, what was that, season 6? I stopped after Elena, Nina Dobrev exited. I always hate when shows no longer have one of their main characters. While it sucks as a fan of the show to no longer see a character you really like anymore, sometimes, (and depending on the storyline or show we’re talking about) it kinda ruins the show after. Not every time but I feel in some cases it does. To be honest, TVD should have end a couple of seasons ago when the writing and creative direction started heading south. It’s long past expired. I don’t think the new and (final- thank you, God) season started yet? I am going to attempt to watch this final season as I was such a huge fan of this show for many years. I just have to see if the writers do these characters any justice… and I have to see how they end this once great so I loved so much. I’m not expecting much… but maybe I’ll be surprised.

The Originals– I think I read this was coming back in January? Usually it’s back in the fall line up by now… In any case, I do enjoy this spin off show of (TVD) it has its ups and downs storyline and writing wise.. and sometimes I get bored to tears by an episode, but I thought last season was pretty good. It was an emotional last couple of episodes and I did enjoy the story they told. I’m looking forward to the new episodes.

The Real Housewives of NJ– This show and The Housewives Of Beverly Hills are the only two I watch. I used to watch the OC one… but it’s kinda meh to me. I love the drama this one brings, plus I love all the ladies on this one… I’m side eyeing Jaclyn … she’s too immature and messy and I’m not really a fan of hers anymore. I like the new ladies they added this season, Siggy and Dolores. I think they’re a good fit. They both seem classy and drama free.. ish? So far?  But I live for all the drama so… (Watching it, not actually living for the drama lol)

Vanderpump Rules– This show is back Nov 7th and I’m counting down the days. I’ve loved this show since season one. I like pretty much everyone of the show with the exception of James and Lala. They could have axed those two this season as they don’t bring much to the show in my opinion. How many times do you gotta see drunk ass James get belligerent and cause some shit with someone? Stassi is back (she came back last season) but she seems to be back to being a main character again and I’m living for this. Stassi is my spirit animal queen. I’ve loved her from episode one, as I could relate to her, ahem, charming personality. 😊 This show is always packed with fights, drama, and ridiculousness and from the previews for this upcoming season, I’d say we won’t be disappointed.

I feel like I probably have another two or three shows I’m leaving out, but my mind is drawing a blank. What are some shows you guys are watching right now? Is there something I should be checking out that’s really good? Let me know! Thanks for reading! 😊

❤ Jenn

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