I love blushes! I may even have a slight obsession with buying blushes. (Same goes for liquid lipsticks & regular lipsticks) I love makeup in general, of course, but I notice with makeup I’ll sometimes find myself stuck on one or two things I  gravitate towards buying.. and buying so much of at different times. As of late it’s been blushes and liquid lipsticks. In the past it’s been eyeshadow palettes, mascara, lipgloss, bronzer, you name it. I can’t get enough and I always want more. Trying to explain that to a non makeup lover, or someone who has less enthusiasm about makeup and just wears it on occasion, etc, they don’t “get it” “Why do you need more than one or two blushes, lipsticks, mascaras?” “How can you spend so much money on makeup?” We all have our own thing, mine is makeup (and clothes, sunglasses, and candles.. okay, so I have more than one thing but you get the point.) you should do and buy what makes you happy & makeup is my happiness.
I have so many more blushes, but I decided to choose these ones, as I find myself using these more often than others in my collection. (Note-I won’t be including any swatches as a couple of them weren’t showing up on me or blending into my skin in the picture. Nothing I did was making it show up so I decided not to include them, sorry.)

imageNars– (Super Orgasm) this is an old favorite. I’ve repurchased this one a couple of times because I love it. It’s a beautiful peach pink with flecks of gold glitter. It’s great for a little extra sparkle to the cheeks.


Nars– (Orgasm) another old favorite. Like Super Orgasm, this is a peachy pink but with gold shimmer instead of glitter. It adds a nice light touch of color with not as much intensity or sparkle as Super Orgasm does.


Hourglass – (Ethereal Glow)  A cool pink shade. I like to use this one a lot as it goes nicely with my skin tone. It’s a cool pink and very soft and light. I love Hourglass and their blushes are some of my favorites.


Urban Decay– (Gwen Steffani blush palette) All the colors are gorgeous in this palette. The two I most like using are the colors, Cherry & Easy. I like that this palette includes a bronzer and highlighter, though I don’t use it much, the colors are nice and you have some options. I love Urban Decay as a brand and I love their products so, so, so much and this was no exception. Their packaging is the best out there, as are the quality of their products.


Benefit– (Rockateur) This is a stunning rose gold. It gives a natural dusty appearance on the cheeks with a nice natural shimmer. I love this one a lot. I think it would work with all skin tones, it gives me a nice fresh glow when I have a tan and when I’m pale. Beautiful!


Milani– (baked blush in Dolce Pink) I’m not a big fan of drugstore brands as I find them lacking in quality (imo) and the pigment is non existing or not long wearing, etc. I heard about Milani because everyone was raving about their metallic liquid lips. So I tried them and I am now a fan! I’d highly recommend picking up those metallic lippies if you’re into that. They are some of the best quality and long lasting lippies I’ve tried (even outdoing a couple of high end brands) the quality you’re getting for the price is unbelievable… but  I digress, I tried these since I became a fan of the metallics. This is a great blush! I love the fact that it’s baked, and it’s just super gorgeous. It’s a shimmery pink color that gives such a nice radiance. You really can’t go wrong with this.


Milani- (Romantic Rose) This was the first Milani blush I tried… and if we’re being honest, what lured me to it was the packaging. Look how pretty that rose it? It’s so different from anything I’ve seen before. I am highly pleased at how well both the Milani blushes perform. Very long lasting, very high pigment, very cost affective, especially if you’re looking to expand your collection but may be on a budget.

Those were just some of the blushes I really enjoy from my collection. What are some of your favs? Do you find yourself searching or buying new blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes? Let me know! Thanks for reading. 🙂

❤ Jenn

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