Kyshadow Burgundy Palette. Buy or nah?


To buy or not? That’s the question. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know who Kylie Jenner is and that she has her own very successful makeup brand. She started out with her lip kits and has since expanded that to eyeliner, and eyeshadow palettes. This burgundy palette (releasing today at 1 pm pacific time) will be the second one in the collection. The first palette I had no desire to buy, simply because the colors were uninteresting to me and I have many similar colors by other brands. It just seemed kinda blah to me. I heard mixed reviews about that palette as well, saying the shadows weren’t as pigmented or felt “cheap” and we’re not easy to blend. Other reviews said the palette was amazing. Still it wasn’t something I wanted.

Seeing the colors in this palette… ugh… It makes me want it! Again, most of the colors could be similar to ones I already own, but for some reason I’m really being drawn to this palette, unlike her last one.Β image

Those three middle colors are screaming my name (the burnt orange one is too, along with the shimmering bronzy brown one right of the red) part of me wants to order it when it goes live in a few hours… but part of me thinks maybe I should wait to see how it performs from real people and not just ones being paid to promote it.

Personally, I have ordered from Kylie Cosmetics many times and I 100% adore her lip kits. I know some people have an issue with her products (or maybe just dislike her in general) but for me, her liquid lipsticks and lip liner are some of the best around. They are so lightweight on my lips I often times forget I’m wearing it. I never have any issues with the product staying on no matter what I’m eating or drinking. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had to touch up any of the colors I’ve worn. That’s saying a lot, at least to me. I’ve loved every color I’ve ordered (except for Kourt K- it’s patchy and the formula is super runny for some reason) but no complaints otherwise.

I dunno, I’m still undecided if I’ll order this palette today or maybe wait it out a little to see what other people think. I’m so impatient though lol… if I see something I like… I want it! I want it RIGHT now! I might order it today. We’ll see, I guess.

What are your thoughts? Do you want this palette or is it a pass? Have you tried other products by Kylie Cosmetics? What have your experiences been like?

❀ Jenn

*Photos taken from Kylie Cosmetics official Instagram page*

9 thoughts on “Kyshadow Burgundy Palette. Buy or nah?

    • :Cries: I missed the restock! I was unable to get to my phone or computer at the time the restock happened & it sold out. lol I’m definitely purchasing it next time around because I think it’s a buy too! It looks amazing in the pics I’ve seen. Lol thanks! I’ll definitely have a review on it once I get it. πŸ™‚

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      • I feel ya it took my like 4 times to get the Birthday addition stuff and I didn’t even get it all! Cant wait to read it! xoxo


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