Candles… my other love.


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I love makeup. Love! I’ve loved makeup since I was a little girl. It’s what I love to spend my money on, look at, play with, you name it. It makes me happy. Life can be hard and I’m all for finding what makes you happy and doing it… but I also have a love for candles. I love scents and I love good smells. As with makeup, I love good quality candles that perform well and have lots of scent. Also, as with makeup, I tend to be a sucker for good packaging. I will say I don’t usually buy candles solely just on looks or packaging alone. I mean, that’s definitely a plus in my book if the candle is adorable and cute as well as smells fantastic. Of course nowadays you will find all kinds of candles, brands, and a bunch of different scents. Sometimes that can be a little overwhelming and make it hard to choose. I tend to have a certain type of scent I like. I’m more into bakery and gourmand foodie scents as opposed to floral and perfume. A lot of times, I find those type of candles just don’t work well with me and my nose. They can be too overpowering and heavy on the perfume/ cologne and cause me to have a headache. It has to be toned down some with a vanilla note or some other note I enjoy for me to even consider buying it.  

It’s funny because while I just started burning candles regularly a few years ago, I can remember always having a certain love for them. Back then, I wasn’t drawn to them for their scent, but more so for the way they looked. I remember being around fifteen or sixteen years old and my best friend’s Mom at the time took us into a store to pick up some odds and ends. I saw this candle shaped like a mushroom and it was purple with specks of blue and pink and white. I thought it was really unique and cool looking. I didn’t even realize it was a candle at first until I saw the wick. I was just attracted to the colors and design. My friends Mom ended up buying us both one and I was something I never burned. It sat on my dresser and it became something that was just for decoration.

As the years went on I’d find myself buying small “cute” candles that I’d purchase and use as more decoration pieces. I don’t think I was aware that scented candles existed, as I was mostly concerned with how they looked. I got into gel candles for a bit one year when I first met my husband. It was our first Christmas together and we were shopping for our families. We were at the mall and happened to stumble upon this shop that was one of those stores strictly around just for the holiday season. (I think I found more presents for myself in that store that day than I did for anyone else lol) The shop was selling these gel candles that contained many different themes. The one I ended up buying was a beach theme. It was a clear glass jar and the bottom and middle had a layer of sand with seashells and other small items. Of course, I thought it was the cutest thing! I ended up buying a few for others as Christmas gifts that day.


Now that I actually burn the candles I buy (and I’m buying scented candles and not just decorative ones) I’ve been opened up to a whole new world in a sense. There’s just something about a burning candle that I find so relaxing… peaceful.I think it really makes a house a home. It creates such a beautiful ambience, not to mention, makes your home smell wonderful. It’s what I look forward to when I come home.

I get the same excitement and thrill out of buying candles as I do makeup. (maybe a little less, but it’s still up there) Fall is my favorite time of the year, (as you know) and every year I have to stock up on Bath & Body Works fall and winter candles. (my favs) There’s nothing better than it being a cool, crisp, fall day and lighting up a pumpkin cupcake candle, while sipping some hot chocolate or a glass of wine.  It really brings to life the season. I dunno, for me at least it does. 🙂

How do you feel about candles? Do you have a favorite scent or candle? Let me know. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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