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This was a brand I first heard about while on Instagram one night. I saw a picture (Ourfazinali) posted wearing the shade ‘Beach Glow’ and I was in love with the color! I’ve  really become obsessed with peachy gold tones and it looked so phenomenal on her! The color was everything I was looking for and I just had to have it. I had never heard of Micki Song Cosmetics before I saw her post, but I needed this color and I trusted her opinion that they were a good company. Her site was easy to navigate and I ordered ‘Beach Glow’ (of course) and decided to try another shade… it was pretty hard to narrow it down to just one more because she had a lot of other stunning shades I absolutely wanted to just toss in my cart and check out lol. Since it was my first time ordering and I was unsure if I’d like the products, I wanted to stick with only two. The other shade I chose was another summer shade called, ‘Sun Kissed’ – oh, and did I mention these lippies are only $12?

As you guys know if you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m a sucker for packaging and appreciate really cute packaging (as well as high quality products that goes without saying) and Micki Song Cosmetics doesn’t disappoint! Let me mention first, shipping was extremely fast. Once I placed my order, I got a shipping notification the next day! (Love when that happens) and I received my package two days later. A+ on the whole delivery process- smooth, fast, and easy. image

Can we just talk about how adorable this packaging is?? I love the added rose holding the two lipsticks together. It’s very elegant looking, yet simple at the same time.  I’m a big fan of the way her products are packaged. Another A+ in that department.


So the packaging on the lipsticks themselves, of course, of course, are just as aesthetically pleasing as they were all wrapped up. I love the way these look and I can’t say that enough. Mint is such a nice color and like I said before, these just look very elegant. I love the way these look in my collection… and spoiler alert- I love these lipsticks and brand as well! 🙂

On to the swatches-


•Sun Kissed– This is a metallic orange gold color. This shade is beautiful and a color (nothing similar as well) I didn’t have in my collection before. When I wear this I really can see the gold tones in this, especially in a certain light. This is a smooth texture and feels good on the lips. Great quality and highly pigmented!

•Beach Glow– A metallic peach color with gold undertones. Omg! This color is my color!! lol heart eyes all day for this shade! It’s a gorgeous metallic peach and really shines and reflects the peachy gold tones when in the light or sunlight. It’s seriously an amazing color! I get a ton of compliments when I wear this color.  As with the other one, no complaints with this either. Great quality and for such a great price!

Unfortunately, the two shades I just talked about were part of their limited edition summer collection, so they are no longer available for purchase… 😦 but they now launched their fall collection and I plan on ordering ‘Crushed Velvet’ and ‘Old Money’ as well as a couple of their regular shades. (So be on the look out for that review) I really recommend this brand and I’m so glad I’ve found it! Not only are you paying less ($12) for a high quality lippie, but the products I believe are cruelty free, Paraben & gluten free as well. They’re definitely a brand worth checking out and one I’m now happy to say I support and love. You can check out the website at Micki Song Cosmetics (I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. )

Have any of you tried Micki Song Cosmetics before? How did you like it?

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “Micki Song Cosmetics

    • Thanks so much! Beach Glow is so gorgeous! Lol I’m obsessed with that one! Oh yay! I don’t think think you’ll be disappointed if you decide to order anything!! I’m planning on ordering some fall colors. 💕💜


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