Natasha Denona star palette. Is it worth it?


Natasha Denona is launching her Star Palette this Friday, October, 28th and I’ll admit, I’m intrigued. I’m a big fan of warm shades as well as cool shades and this palette offers both. I’m very much attracted to these colors- especially the chrome and metallics. So much yes!! I love chrome and metallic eyeshadows a lot.  I love matte shades, but if you know me and my style, I’m all about glitter and sparkling like a disco ball. The more blinding the better, I say. 

I’d be lying if I said I’m not contemplating ordering this palette on Friday. What has me a little hesitant is the fact that this palette retails at $169. Yikes, right? For that price I’d like to be able to swatch the colors in person and just get a feel for the palette, be able to hold it, check out the packaging, etc. I think this palette will only be offered online (as of right now?) you can purchase it Friday from Sephora, Beautylish, and Natasha Denona’s website. Don’t get me wrong, I make plenty of online orders without being able to “test” if you will the product in person beforehand… but I’m also not paying almost $200 for a product without seeing it in person first. Natasha Denona is not a brand I’m super familiar with. I don’t own any of her previous palettes, but I recently was checking reviews and looking into the green/brown 28 eyeshadow palette (retails $239) so I’m familiar in the sense of who she is, I know of her products. I’ve just never purchased them before. I know the price for most people it seems a little steep, and it is, but I don’t have a problem paying X amount of money as long as it’s a product that I love, (end up loving) the quality is worth the price you’re paying, (I think that goes without saying) and it’s something I’m going to use and enjoy often.


I think the packaging on this palette looks cute. I like the front design (with the stars) and color. I’m curious to see if this palette feels heavy/ sturdy and if it’s made of good quality. You’d hope so for $169.

This palette includes 18 shades (according to the Natasha Denona Instagram page)-

• 4 Innovative Chroma Crystal eyeshadows

• 9 new creamy matte textured eyeshadows

• 3 pressed pigment metallics

• 2 duo chromes

The more I look at the pictures and a couple of the makeup looks on their Instagram page… it makes me want this palette… kinda a lot. I wanna splurge on it.. but I don’t want to be disappointed, especially since it’s expensive and more than I’ve ever paid for an eyeshadow palette before. I think that’s kinda why I’m undecided as of right now.


• You’re getting 18 shades, including mattes, chromes, and metallics

This palette is one side warm tones, one side cooler tones so you have the best of both if you’re a lover of warm and cool tones.

You can create many different looks with these shades including simple every day looks, to a little more dramatic or smokey look.



You’re paying $169 for 18 shades

You can’t swatch them or try them out yourself before committing to buy (as far as I know)

I’ve never purchased a ND palette or eyeshadow before so I don’t know how her quality or how well her shadows are. (though I’ve read many good reviews on them)

I think it’s a gorgeous palette, personally. I can’t say 100% if I will purchase this on Friday or wait, or pass all together… but it definitely has caught my eye and I’m silently drooling over these colors.

Is this palette something you’re interested in or is the price too much to even consider? Anyone have any previous Natasha Denona palettes? What are your thoughts on them?

Thanks for reading! 🙂


*All photos are taken from Natasha Denona’s Instagram page*



8 thoughts on “Natasha Denona star palette. Is it worth it?

    • I’m still undecided with this palette. I think I want to see some reviews first before I make my decision. I’ve heard her shadows are amazing, like you said… I wish it wasn’t so expensive for 18 shades! I’ll have to look into the palette you got since I’ve never tried anything by her before.


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