Sephora or Ulta?


Sephora or Ulta? Both stores are a makeup lovers dream. Wall to wall makeup products? Yes, please! Sephora has always been my go to. My store of choice and one I make (on a good day) multiple trips to buy, sample, or just browse through all the makeup goodies. I’ve always looked at Sephora as the more upscale and prestigious of the two. You won’t find drugstore items sold here, as you would at Ulta. When it comes between the two stores, personally, I think Sephora wins hands down in just the appearance of the stores alone. Not to say that Ulta stores are bad or look terrible, because all of the ones I’ve been in have always been very neat and clean and look presentable. I just don’t necessarily care for the plain appearance of it or general layout. (especially if we’re putting it beside Sephora)


To me, Sephora is like a candy store for adults. I mean I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m in there… “I want this, I want that, and I’ll take all of these too.” It’s makeup heaven! I find myself shopping more often in store (we all know I hate waiting for items to ship being impatient and all) but when I do order from Sephora online, their shipping is very quick! I get two day shipping and my orders are usually processed the same day I order or at the latest- next day! I’ve only ever had to return an item (I didn’t like it) once before and I had no problems whatsoever with that process. For the most part, I like the employees at Sephora as well. While I like to be left alone when shopping, (Not just at Sephora, at every store. I hate having employees linger around me talking up products) I’ve noticed Sephora employees are always polite and usually greet me once I come in or they see me down an aisle. I’m always thankful when the exchange is just that and I’m left to shop on my own.

I think my “complaint” about Sephora would be they don’t offer the same kind of point system as Ulta. Ulta’s point program allows you to redeem them for a cash value:

Example: 100 points= $3.00 off 

250 points= $8.00 off

500 points= $17.50 off

I really like the way Ulta’s point system is. Sephora only allows you to use your points on items they’ve chosen worth that point value. I’d like to be able to use my points as a cash value, as I would at Ulta.

Even though Sephora is my top choice to shop at… I do shop at Ulta. I’m not that into drugstore brands, though I do really like NYX (butter glosses are fantastic) and I like certain Milani products. I only have a few drugstore brands I like and usually buy higher end products, however, I like that Ulta offers some high end brands as well as drugstore. It’s perfect when I want to grab some Ardell lashes, and still shop Anastasia Beverly Hills brand or Lorac. No need for multiple trips, right?

While I’ve never ordered online from Ulta, I can’t compare it to how my experience with Sephora has been when ordering online. I’ve heard some people say that Ulta has great shipping, while I’ve heard others complain it was slow, items were missing, broken/ damaged when arrived, etc. I will say that as with Sephora, I had to make one return on an item (got the wrong color) as with Sephora, I had no problems at all.

Both stores have their pros and cons. I know some people who hate shopping at Sephora and vice versa. I’ve personally never had a problem or any issues with either stores. I love Sephora. I love Ulta. (I happen to love Sephora a bit more but that’s just personal preference.)

So, tell me, which do you prefer shopping at? Do you find yourself shopping more online or in store? Let me know.

Thanks for reading!


*All photos were found by Google searching*



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