MAC Cosmetics & Mariah Carey Holiday Collection 2016


The holidays are fast approaching. We’ve been seeing upcoming holiday makeup collections from pretty much all the major makeup companies. I don’t know about you, but that makes me pretty excited! I love the holidays (like pretty much everyone else) and I love seeing what limited edition collections these companies have to offer. Cute and sparkly (if we’re lucky) holiday packaging? Yes, please! You know I’m all about cute packaging. 

I first saw the MAC holiday collection collab with Mariah Carey, maybe two weeks ago? Maybe a little before? My first thought was, “Omg, that’s gorgeous! I have to have it!” I really think they nailed it with the packaging. It’s very “Mariah” she’s known for glitter and butterflies. It’s very girly and eye catching, much like how Mariah presents and carries herself. If I was ever lucky enough to collab or design my own cosmetic line, this is very similar to how I’d like it. Classy and sparkly! It’s perfect, it’s insanely beautiful. Good job, MAC! That reason alone, you already have my money.



I honestly think I want everything from this collection! (I don’t think I’ll get everything.. but I’d take it all if I can get my hands on it) Packaging aside, I really think the products look pretty incredible. The colors that are in the eyeshadow palette- yes, yes, yes! Okay, so they appear similar to many other shades I already own from other brands… I don’t think I mind that. Besides I’d make good use of them.

I originally only saw the lipsticks at first before anything else. I’m really feeling those colors, let me tell ya. The only one I think would be a pass for me is the chocolate brown one. I don’t really like the way those kind of colors look on me. (Funny enough, I wore colors like that a good portion of my teen years)I’m not sure if there are any matte or satin shades, I hope so. I’m not a big fan of frost finishes, but I would suck it up if it’s a color I like and like the way it swatches.

The lip glosses are all a go! I like each color. I don’t know what kind of finishes these have.. maybe sheer(ish) I’m hoping they have a good pigmentation.

As of right now I heard the release date is anywhere from the end of this month to early December. This is definitely a collection I’m anxiously awaiting.

What do you guys think? Will you purchase anything or pass? What are some holiday collections you’re looking forward to? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer- These pictures are not mine and were found while doing a Google search*


14 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics & Mariah Carey Holiday Collection 2016

  1. OMG I heard about this!! I can’t wait to try it ! All of these colors just so happen to be my favorite shades. It certainly caught my eye when I saw an add for it

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