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Kylie is set to release her collab with Khloe Kardashian on November, 9th. She’s launching these three new liquid lipsticks and one lipgloss sold together for $40, which includes free shipping on purchases of $40 or more for the holidays. I mean how can I pass that up??  Immediately I’m sold on the packaging. I love the gold! It looks elegant and classy. 

The two colors I was first drawn to: the lipgloss (Damn Gina) and the nude color. (Khlo$) I like the other two a lot, but I feel like Gorg looks very similar to Leo and Spice. It’s pretty but to me looks awfully similar. OKURRR I’m not really feeling- at least from the pics & swatches. Maybe I’ll love it in person, but as of right now it’s kinda ‘ehh’ to me.


Guys, seriously there are so many different holiday collections and goodies I want already… more and more are coming out and I’m trying to decide what I really need or want to buy.  Unfortunately I can’t buy every single thing  from every makeup companies holiday collection (cries.. why must I have expensive taste? Why must these holiday goodies be so tempting?) I spend a ton already with my every day life and shopping habits. I love this time of year so much, it can get stressful, but ugh, these companies are killing me and trying to drain my wallet. I know it’s a marketing thing for the holidays to get you to spend, spend, spend… but I like so many things!! 😫

Speaking of the holidays… I really need to get on the ball and start Christmas shopping. I hate, HATE being in the mall anytime after Black Friday. It’s just insanity! If I’m able to and  absolutely have to go to the mall during the holidays, I’ll go once they open. People just seem to lack manners and are too pushy and rude during this time of year. I get it, it’s a stressful time, but don’t be an asshole. Have some respect! I can only imagine what the sales associates that work in retail must deal with. I could never deal with that!!

I kind of know what I’m getting for everyone this year, most shopping will be done online. I’m always stumped on what to buy for my husband. He can never just say what he wants.. it’s always, “Nothing.” Of course he wants something, but it’s like pulling teeth. Just tell me! I have a million things I want that he could probably name off the top of his head. He’s into movies and electronics and car stuff. He loves Best Buy! I never buy him any movies though, because much like myself, (with makeup) once a Blu-ray hits the shelves, he’s on it and owns it that day. I dunno I think it’s always a little more challenging to shop for guys. Most girls are easy. Guys can be a little difficult. It’s the same way with my Dad. My Dad is a big Red Sox and Patriots fan so it’s not that hard getting him presents.

I just looked through Yankee Candles booklet that was sent to me… I didn’t realize they had new scents out for the holidays. Of course scents I’d like. Of course. They’re have the b2g2 sale that I always do at this time of year. Making a trip in there sometime this weekend. Can’t forget Bath & Body Works either… I need some more winter candles! (Let’s be real though, I have a huge backup of candles from B&BW and Yankee, and Candles By Victoria that I burn year round… I need no more lol)

I can’t wait for Scream Queens to return! It’s been off for 2 weeks now? C’moooon. TV’s been kinda boring lately.

How do you guys feel about the holiday makeup collections? Anything you MUST have? How are you narrowing it down? (Ugh. Something I need to do) let me know!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for reading.

*Disclaimer* The above pics are not mine. Credit goes to Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page and Trendmood1.


16 thoughts on “A little bit of this and that

  1. Great post! I’m so keen to get my hands on these too – I’m not usually a gloss girl but that Damn Gina shade is so gorgeous, I need it!! Have you got any of the other kylie lip kits, and would you recommend them? I’ve tried Nyx Lingerie and the Anastasia ones but never the Kylie ones (yet)!

    Hope Christmas shopping isn’t too stressful, and I totally agree – why are men so hard to buy for?!

    Have a great weekend! Followed 🙂

    Georgia ♥

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    • I used to love lipgloss, but it kinda took a back seat once liquid matte lipsticks started coming out lol. Yes!! I absolutely love Kylie’s other lip kits, I have many and would definitely recommend them (maybe not Kourt K as much because the formula is really watery and patchy) but they’re some of the best, in my opinion. Very lightweight and lasts forever! I hope you’ll be able to try them soon! 🙂
      Thanks! Lol I know, right? It’s always so difficult!! Have a great weekend! I followed back! I hope it went through, I signed up for the emails so I hope it worked. 😊💕💜


      • Yes for sure! Patiently waiting for the day when I find a lipgloss which doesn’t get all my hair stuck to it too – girl probs! Yeah I’ve heard that a lot about Kourt K actually, interesting how the formula for that one isn’t as nice! There should be a WordPress folllow button but I think my site is playing up at the moment, nightmare 🙈 thanks for stopping by though! Xx

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      • Omg I know! That’s the worst thing about lipgloss!! It is really interesting… Kourt K is the only one I’ve had an issue with. I love all the others and the formula isn’t like Kourt K at all. So strange! It won’t let me follow, I see the follow button but it’s attached to ‘enter email address’ it won’t let me just hit follow. 😕 I entered my email and still nothing.


  2. Kylie Cosmetics always does an amazing job with packaging! I think it is unique from other products on the market. I personally have not purchased anything from Kylie Cosmetics yet, but the shade Khlo looks stunning! I might have to make my first purchase now. Great post!

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    • I agree, I really like the packaging all her products come in. It’s different and unique like you said. I love her lip kits! I think whenever you decide to make a purchase you’ll really enjoy them. Thanks for reading and giving your thoughts! 😊

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  4. I recently started watching Scream Queens on Netflix. I’m trying so hard to catch up on the first season! I seriously think we might be the same person. The Koko Collection (shouldn’t it be the Koko Kollection?) is really nice. I love Khlo$!


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