Colourpop lippies haul!


If you’ve been reading my blog then you know I’ve been really into peach colors. It basically started once I bought ‘Dirty Peach’ by Kylie Cosmetics and simply fell in love with the color. Since then I’m all about peach! Give me peach lippies, peach colored shadows, glosses, blushes… just give me peach! You guys know I’m a fan of Colourpop. I think their quality is pretty good considering the inexpensive price point. I order from them often and they’re always adding new colors and products to their collections. I previously ordered their burgundy and terra-cotta fall shades a month or so ago and loved them. (Baracuda and Mama being my favorites) 


The peach collection has five liquid lipsticks ranging from matte to satin finishes that were released.

  • Autocorrect- (matte finish) nude yellow peach
  • Airplane Mode- (matte finish) dirty peach
  • Speed Dial- (matte finish) rich peach
  • Double Tap- (satin finish) light peachy nude
  • Screenshot- (satin finish) mid tone nude peach

While I liked the look of the whole collection… really the only colors that spoke to me were Airplane Mode & Double Tap. The other shades I felt would look too dark on me or just not that good in general. I didn’t like the way they looked in the swatches so I felt I’d probably be disappointed so I didn’t bother to scoop them up.


At the time of placing the order, Colourpop was having a sale. I believe it was for every $16 or maybe $20 spent, they would include a free highlighter. You also got free shipping if you spent $30 (I believe) I was really looking forward to the highlighter because I’ve never tried anything else of theirs (besides their liquid lipsticks and liners) I’ve heard good reviews about the intensity and overall performance of their highlighters… and it was free? Sure, why not!

The only sorta issue, if you will, I had was it took over a week to ship. Usually when I order from Colourpop shipping is pretty quick! At best it’s next day or day after. I’ve never had to wait over a week for a shipping confirmation. I’ve ordered on a few ‘release days’ when new collections and colors come out and shipping was never a problem then either. I was a little surprised. I was beginning to get nervous and thought I’d have to contact them, but maybe three or four days later they emailed me. Basically they said they didn’t forget me and due to the high volume of orders, my order would ship out soon. I did appreciate the courtesy of the email (without me having to contact them first) because I was starting to worry, especially since this was so unlike any previous experiences with them. I think all and all it took almost two weeks to arrive (once it was shipped out it took about 2-3 days to reach me) that was a little annoying- waiting over a week for them to ship out… but what are you gonna do? It never happened before and like I said, I did find the email of them reaching out to me first, to be a good update on the status of my order.

Out of the two peach colors I got, I’m really enjoying ‘Double Tap’ it reminds me a little bit of Kylie’s ‘Dirty Peach’ except Double Tap has a satin finish and I think this one pulls more of a brighter peachy tone (on me) than Dirty Peach does. Dirty Peach is more muted on me and not as bright so this would not be an exact dupe in my opinion.

I also picked up a liquid lipstick in the color, ‘Seesaw’ and a lip liner in the color, ‘BFF’

  • Seesaw- (matte) pastel lavender pink
  • BFF- light peachy nude


The free highlighter I got was:

  • Candyman- A super metallic rich gold in a Pearlized finish

I think this will be a beautiful highlight finish. I’ve only swatched it so far (haven’t used it yet) but it’s super pigmented and I only rubbed my finger in a little bit. It’s very soft, (buttery) almost and I think if I like this, I may order more highlighters from them. (cuz I don’t have enough already, right?) 🙂

I can’t wait to see what Colourpop comes out with next! I’m sure I’ll be purchasing whatever it is they have to offer. Did any of you guys order from this collection or previous ones? What are some of your favorite colors from Colourpop? Let me know!

*Note* I haven’t worn any of these colors yet so this is not my review of them. I’ve just swatched and tried the lipsticks on briefly to get an idea if I’d like the color once it was on me.*

Thanks for reading!


20 thoughts on “Colourpop lippies haul!

    • I like the variety they offer and the products themselves are great. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you decide to order. I love pops of color and neutrals so it’s nice they have many options. Thanks for reading! 😊

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  1. Omg I love peach colors also they are so beautiful!!! I love your blogs always so interesting ☺️ Just wondering were you able to get your hands on the Too Faced Peach eyeshadow palette? I love mine

    Liked by 1 person

    • Peach colors are so gorgeous!! I’ve really been into them recently and can’t seem to get enough. Thanks so much! 😊 ugh… No! 😕 I’m not sure why I decided to pass on it because I remember I thought the colors were super pretty… now I’m kicking myself for not getting it- especially since I’ve been so into peach shades lately. 😫😩


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