New Yankee Candle Goodies!

imageYankee Candle had their ‘shop like an employee sale’ over the weekend. It was 50% off all candles, home fragrances, car fragrances, etc. Large jar candles & tumblers (which I prefer to buy) retail at $27.99- with 50% off that brings a large jar to $13.99, (so basically $14) which is standard outlet price on large jar candles. Normally when they have these ‘shop like an employee’ sales, I tend to go a bit crazy. I like to stock up on extra candles with scents I already have and know I love, or just shop and buy new collections/ candles that look and smell like ones I’d like. This time, however, I sent my husband in with a small list (the above three candles included) so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy out the entire store. If all my Christmas shopping was done, believe me, I would have done some damage. Damn these holidays messing up my shopping trips. 

I am a big fan of Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works. While I love them both, Yankee Candle tends to give me more issues when it comes to burn and scent throw. Basically if you’re used to Bath & Body Works candles throwing at an 8-10… you won’t get that with a Yankee Candle. Bath & Body Works candles will scent an entire room or two in my house, sometimes traveling down a hallway. Yankee tends to be much lighter in scent throw (I’ve also had many duds were you literally couldn’t smell a thing at all or it was very faint) I know plenty of people have lots of issues with this company, but you’ll find that with every company. There was a period where I stopped buying YC all together for a good year and a half. I was sick of buying these expensive candles and not being able to smell them! I’m buying a scented candle for a reason! Since that time, I’ve gone back and have had good luck with the candles I’ve purchased so far.

I’ve mentioned in a past post when it comes to candles, I enjoy dessert/food, gourmand scents. I tend to stay clear of florals and those type of candles. They’re just not my thing and have been known to give me headaches if I burn them too long. Typically I only shop for candles during the fall and late winter months. (I love the scents that come out at this time) I will shop during the rest of the year for candles as well – especially if something new pops up that sparks my interest. Fall and winter months are just usually the months I go ‘hardcore’ if you will, for candles… everything looks and smells so good!! How can one resist?!

The three candles I purchased are from the ‘Cookie Swap’ collection. They’re limited edition and I assume are probably only around until the holidays/ winter months. I really wanted these in the large tumblers, but apparently they don’t carry them in this collection.

I forgot to mention, I don’t really like buying the large jars, I typically buy large tumblers, (unless, like this situation, I have to settle for the large jar) Why don’t I like to buy large jars? While I do like the aesthetic of the jars, these suckers take about 4 hours (or more) to form a full wax pool. (I keep a candle “sweater” around them and this speeds up the time for the candle to fully pool out) You often have to “babysit” these large jar candles. Babysit means you have to keep a close eye on them, the wicks may get too long and start to cause soot, so in that case you have to blow them out, trim your wick, then relight them again. Also, I find I get better scent throw with the large tumblers rather than these large jars. I don’t know why, but from my experience and from my personal stand point that is what works and has worked for me. Everyone has different experiences but that is just my personal preference.


  • Magic Cookie Bar- Layers of lusciousness—chocolate, coconut flakes, brown sugar, butterscotch, on and on!

*On cold sniff I smell first- coconut.. it’s not super strong but it’s the first thing I can smell. Next I smell the brown sugar and a small hint of butterscotch. I don’t pick up any chocolate notes, but they may come through once burning. This smells really yummy! I’m looking forward to burning it.*


  • Merry Berry Linzer- Jammy raspberry filling nestled in almond shortbread with a vanilla glaze—irresistible.

*  I pick up the almond cookie right away, it’s not super strong, but it’s not that light, not as light as the raspberry. I can smell the raspberry (I love raspberry) but I get the almond cookie note a little bit more. I think this one might be a good one because it smells like a yummy raspberry pastry almost. All the notes (at least on cold) come together nicely and make this smell like something you’d want to eat.


  • Crunchy Pistachio Vanilla- A sweet, nutty treat of pistachio, almond and lots of rich vanilla.

*  Right away I pick up the smell of pistachio’s. I love pistachio’s and this was one candle, if I could only buy one- this was the one I was most interested in buying. I love the green wax and I love nutty, vanilla, scents. Along with the pistachio smell I pick up, I can also get the vanilla and almond. This candle smells really yummy! I’m excited to try it out. How good do those cookies look on the label though??

Also, the burn time with large jar candles ranges from 110-150 hours. These candles make great decorative pieces, but also smell pretty darn good burning as well. They make great gifts for others and for yourself. 🙂

I plan to pick up a few more candles before Christmas arrives. Yankee usually has a B2G2 sale that I always take advantage of. I’m weak. I have to shop when they have their sales.

Have you picked up any of these new scents from Yankee yet? What brands or kinds of candles do you like to burn? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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