Let’s talk… Vanderpump Rules


One of my favorite reality shows is back on again! It premiered on Monday and let me tell you, it sure didn’t disappoint. The show is on its fifth season and I’ve been watching it since the first season. I’m a big fan of the Housewives of BH, (and NJ- the only two shows I watch from that franchise) back then I started off watching it because it came on after RHOBH. They were a younger group of adults that I could relate to a little bit more than the ladies of The Real Housewives. I liked seeing their struggles of trying to make it in LA, working at SUR, waitressing, bartending, etc. Plus there was drama (c’mon, it’s reality tv… you need drama to keep viewers) there was lots of drama! 


This post is kinda just going to be a mini rant, or thoughts about the episode or certain cast members. I’m not sure if I plan to do a post like this each week as an episode airs. (I guess we’ll have to see how much drama plays out that week… or what character did something I have an opinion on) Typically I tweet about it lol, but there’s only 140 characters that are allowed for one tweet. Sometimes I just have too much to say. 🙂

*Fun story*- Back in May, most of the cast went to Foxwoods (a casino in CT) to celebrate Scheana’s birthday. I saw a tweet Stassi made about going there so I asked my husband if he wanted to go with me. We drove about an hour and a half (coming from Boston) and got there just as it was ending. They were all in a VIP type area but I saw Tom and Katie and Scheana go right by me. Literally I was like, omg… there they are! I didn’t want to go up to them as the event was pretty much over and security was gathered beside them trying to get them out. Stassi (my Queen) was across the other side. We made eye contact and again, I never went over. I have anxiety and in that moment I was kinda like.. okay, go over, say hi… but another part of me felt so inadequate and awkward. She ended up walking by me and I just kinda stood off to the side and missed my chance. I didn’t know what to say and I’m not good at going up to people I don’t know and starting a conversation first. Ugh! My husband ended up following after them and took a selfie with Stassi. He’s like, “Come over with me…” and I was like, “No, no. I don’t know what to say.” Yeah. I’m lame. They were all so perfect and even better looking in person. (honestly, how is that possible??) I’m serious. They were flawless. I was always more into Jax (back in the earlier seasons) but Tom Schwartz.. in person? He was super hot! Of course the whole cast is hot, but I never looked at Schwartz like that… I’m telling you, I don’t know how these people are even real.

So let’s start off with- STASSI is BACK! Stassi has been my favorite since season one, day one! I’ve always related to her, because much like Stassi, I can have a sharp tongue and bitchy attitude…but I can also be sweet. I’ve always thought Stassi seemed misunderstood at times. Everyone has different sides to themselves, it’s just the side that we used to often see… and know so well of Stassi, is her nasty, evil side. I think she protects herself from getting hurt by using her words,  we don’t really get to see her softer side, her kinder side. Maybe we don’t see that because, it is reality tv! It makes for better entertainment to be labeled as the “villain” to be portrayed as the “evil bitch” you need someone that everyone hates or loves to hate on. I don’t know her or know any of them personally, I’m just going off of what I see and think. Do I think Stassi is as evil and hateful as she’s portrayed on tv? No. I think the real Stassi is probably not much like her tv version we see. I think the tv version is her, but amped up a LOT. I think that’s probably true for most of the cast. It is a tv show after all. Who wants to watch boring, uninteresting people? You’d have no storyline or show… or those boring castmates would be cut. Look at the slew of women over the course of many seasons that have been cut from the Housewives cast.

Okay, I’m totally getting off track here, but I wanted to express my happiness that my favorite girl is back as part of the main cast again! I love her regardless if she’s really like her “tv self” or nothing like that at all.

*Sigh* So James & LaLa are back again this season. (*Yawn* LaLa. ) James? Where do I begin with him? I think he’s absolutely vile and disgusting. He’s someone I never liked. He was shady from the beginning when he was buddies with Sandoval and hooked up with Kristen and started dating her. He just looks slimy. I know he’s young, but that’s no excuse for his behavior. He’s a spoiled little punk that needs to put his big boy pants on and handle his shit. Stop drinking so much and turning into a giant mess and get your life together. How is he not embarrassed by his behavior? How’s his family not embarrassed? I get it. It’s tv. How real is the show? Is this the real “James” (that’s something that’s always at the back of my mind.. I think that with everyone just because it is “reality” tv) or is this something created to gives us viewers a reason to talk and keep watching? I don’t know. If it’s really him, if he’s really the person he is on tv… how in the world is he okay with showing that side of himself to the world? Yup, I want to labeled a messy alcoholic prick who likes to body shame women and cause drama like a women. Really? Really?

I don’t like LaLa, but I dislike James more. LaLa I think is physically hot, but she lacks class and that’s definitely not hot. She reminds me of a friend I used to have. LaLa is very sexual and there’s nothing wrong with that, but have some tact and learn when TMI is just that- too much! Some things should be left private or shared between girlfriends… not the whole world. She just comes off as trashy and maybe even a little insecure. I think her “storyline” on the show is kinda boring to be honest. Can’t say I’ll miss her if she’s cut next season.

Jax & Brittany. It’s still kinda weird to me seeing Jax in a relationship. I like Brittany. I think she seems like a sweetheart. It just seems so odd to me not seeing Jax trying to cheat with other girls… I dunno. Maybe this is a new Jax? Maybe he’s grown up? I do think they make a cute couple. She seems to be good for him. I have to admit, I still have a soft spot for Stassi and Jax. I knooooow… shame on me! I dunno, I liked those two together. They looked hot and they have a lot of chemistry. If you take away all the shitty things Jax did to Stassi with cheating on her… they would have been a good couple. Okay. I’ll let it go. That ship has sailed. (A tiny part of me will still be nostalgic for it)

Do any of you guys watch the show? Who are your favs? Who do you dislike? Let me know! As I mentioned, I may do a little rundown/ rant each week. We’ll see. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk… Vanderpump Rules

  1. I totally agree! I hold a special place in my heart for a Stassi & Jax reunion. I felt like this Season Premier seemed a little scripted. What did you think?

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    • I know their relationship was toxic, but I really loved them as a couple (aside from all that nonsense) I kinda feel that way too, James and LaLa seem to be the new “villains” on the show, when it used to be Stassi and Kristen. That’s why I’m like, is this real?! What’s real and what’s fake? Lol I still love watching it though.


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