Anastasia Ultimate Glow Kit Review & Swatches


Let me start off by saying this was a product I contemplated buying in the store for at least thirty minutes. Did I need this palette? No. I don’t need anymore palettes if we’re being honest, highlighter, eyeshadow, blush, whatever. I have plenty. I was drawn to this palette because:

  • A. It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have other glow kit palettes from them that I simply adore, as well as other makeup products. I love this brand and usually everything they come out with.
  • B. The colors looked incredible. Aside from the brand, that is really the number one reason I picked this up. The colors (mainly the bottom row) are just breathtaking. 
  • C. I’m obsessed with makeup. (I probably need more makeup as much as I need a hole in my head) If I see something I want, I have to get it. Period.


This palette retails for $45. You get six metallic highlights ranging in colors.


  • Snow – A bright white with platinum reflect. (My least favorite color out of them all)  Ironically, I thought this would be my favorite color. I really like platinum white highlights and this looked like it would be right up my alley. Unfortunately, this color is very difficult for me to work with. It hardly shows up on my skin and is not as pigmented as I first thought. It’s a very subtle color payoff when it is applied. I expected more intensity… but on me, it lacks that entirely.
  • White Sand – Light medium yellow gold with warm undertones. I had better luck with this color. It was easier for me to apply (I did have to build it up to achieve the look I wanted. It was very light on me) and once applied, made a beautiful highlight. It blended out well and I liked the color payoff.
  • Golden Dawn – Medium gold with gold reflect. Another really nice color. Again, this one was easy to work with and apply. No problems and I really love the color once it’s applied to the skin. It’s a beautiful golden highlight. It does have chunkier glitter so be mindful if that’s something you don’t particularly care for.
  • Sunray – Warm copper with a peach gold copper. This one was nice. Slightly difficult to work with. It seemed to be more sparkly (I’m okay with that) but it blended out kinda weird. I can’t really explain it, but I had higher hopes for this one as I really love the color in the pan! It’s almost like the glitter was too chunky or something… so as I blended it the sparkles kinda blended away if that makes sense.
  • Amber Gold – Warm rose with gold luster. Color wise this is my favorite color (next to Hot Sand) but… this was super hard for me to work with. *sigh* I had to keep going back to build this color up the way I wanted it and once it was on, it was pretty… just not what I expected. It wasn’t as intense or long lasting on me. Such a bummer!
  • Hot Sand – Warm bronze with amber luster. This was kinda the same texture as Amber Gold. Pretty much the same problems, sadly. Beautiful color in the pan- just very difficult to work with and I don’t think it has a great color payoff in the end. Very disappointing.

Do I think you need this palette? No. Especially if you have other ABH glow kit palettes. I have both the Moon Child & Sweets palettes and love them a lot more than this one. Pretty much all those colors work well for me and the pigmentation is crazy good. While I don’t hate this palette, it’s just not as good as I first thought & had hoped for.

I’m going to end up keeping this palette and not returning it because I did find ‘White Sand’, and Golden Dawn to be really great colors to work with. I also think some of the harder to use colors would make for great eyeshadow, or inner corner/ lower lash line colors.

I noticed with this glow kit palette the pigmentation was lacking. It took me a bit to build up the color the way I wanted it. Usually one swipe with my brush is all I need and BAM… glowing from out of space. For some reason the colors weren’t showing up on my skin that way. I don’t want to have to build colors up… I want an intense highlight with one shot.

I don’t think this is the worst palette ever, but it’s kinda disappointing. I still really do think the colors in the pan look amazing… I just wish most of them performed better and were similar to my other glow kits from ABH.

I think this palette would be good for someone who wants a subtle highlight. Nothing super crazy and bold. This palette does have chunky glitter, as opposed to a finer less dense glitter so if that bothers you, this might not be the palette for you.

*Also note that the swatches were done in different lighting with flash. I tried getting some without flash, but some of the colors (mainly the top three shades) would not show up for the life of me, so it was pointless to try and include them.*

Have any of you snagged this? How has your experience with it been? I’m curious to see how others like it. Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



23 thoughts on “Anastasia Ultimate Glow Kit Review & Swatches

    • I have the Sweets & MoonChild one and love them both. A lot of people don’t consider the MoonChild palette to be an “every day” wearable palette because of the bold colors. Personally, I’ve worn it as such, I just used a lighter hand and didn’t apply as much so the color wasn’t intensified. I think it depends on what you like. If you don’t mind bold colored highlights such as The MoonChild palette, I’d say go for that! It’s really unique and different, very pigmented! The Sweets palette is less bold, gorgeous palette as well! My favorite color from that palette is Butterscotch & Sassy Grape. I alternative between the two quite often, sometimes mixing and matching different colors. Hope that helps! 😊

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  1. I Love your reviews they are always so honest! I’m currently searching for a highlighter paltte!💕 Too bad the pigments aren’t stronger because the colors are gorgeous 😩

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