Thank you STARBUCKS!


I ordered the above cup online from Starbucks last Saturday. I paid with the Starbucks gold card and was supposed to be rewarded 45 bonus stars for the purchase. Okay, cool. Sometime early in the week, maybe Monday night, or Tuesday, I realized I still didn’t get a shipping notification… nor did I get the 45 bonus stars credited to my account. I think I waited until Wednesday morning before I emailed them asking when I could expect shipping and why the 45 bonus stars weren’t credited to my account. By Wednesday night I still had no email from Starbucks. I decided to check my ‘order status’ on my Starbucks account for some reason, now it was showing that they actually shipped my order a couple of days ago and I should expect it by Monday. Never got a shipping email. I emailed their customer service department AGAIN the next day because now that it showed online my order was shipped (even though I never got a shipping confirmation email) I just wanted to know where my 45 bonus stars were for this order. AGAIN no response from them.

I was pretty agitated by this point. I realize they must get a TON of emails. I realize I’m not the only person who has a complaint, problem, whatever. I get it. I know sometimes emails can get overlooked and they’re a busy company, but the fact still remains I am a customer and I do have an issue, I did send TWO emails with no response and my problem was still not resolved. Personally I hate having to call companies. I’d much rather deal with everything through email. Now I was going to have to call and talk to a person. Ugh.

The woman who took my call was very nice and apologetic. She rewarded me my 45 stars plus an additional 60.6 because I had to call and for not getting any response from the emails I sent. I really wish their online customer service was as good as their customer service is on the phone. Even their Twitter account (whoever runs that) isn’t good… I’ve tweeted them before with an issue and got no reply.

All and all this wasn’t a huge issue, but I’m glad it was resolved and I wasย pleasantly surprised with her going above and beyond more than what was expected. Nice job, Starbucks!

I can’t wait for my cup to finally arrive! I was hoping it would be updated to arrive today. (originally it was scheduled for Wed but was updated to Mon) it’s still showing it to arrive for Monday- that sucks.


I really want that crown cup! It’s been sold out online but I heard stores were supposed to get them in on Nov 10th. I’ve already checked three Starbucks stores and two Target stores that have Starbucks inside of them. It’s nowhere to be found. Somehow I will find this cup and it will be mine!! *I have an obsession with Starbucks cups, tumblers, cold cups, you name it. I have an obsession with cups/ glasses in general* How cute is that cup though?? Need it! Want it!

Do any of you guys collect Starbucks mugs or other little items? Any special plans or activities going on for the weekend? Let me know!

Hope you all have aย fabulous weekend! Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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