Current High End & Drugstore Brand Mascara

imageI’m kind of picky, or maybe snobby when it comes to mascara. It’s not necessarily the mascara itself, as it is the brush/ mascara wand.  I have a certain kind of wand I like using. I need it to be sturdy and not flimsy/ I’m going to flop around, break in your hand kind of wand. Plus I really focus on the size of the wand and how big the bristles are. I like a lot of volume and big, long, dramatic lashes. I like any kind of mascara that is going to give you both. My lashes naturally, unfortunately, are neither.

imageI’ve been using Too Faced ‘Size Queen’ for about a year now. This is probably hands down my favorite mascara. I started using this because I was in Sephora sampling mascaras one day. (In the past I had always used MAC mascaras but I was never really happy with the results I was getting) the minute I saw the brush on this I was sold! The brush/ wand is massive!! It’s not called “Size Queen” for nothing. I loved that it was pink and cute looking as well, but for once that wasn’t the first thing I noticed.


I knew I had found my mascara immediately after taking it home and trying it out for the first time. My lashes look fuller, longer, and more dramatic with just one coat. (I pretty much always use two coats, but I do like the results it gives me just by using one) the wand is perfect for getting in there and fluffing out your lashes. It adds a lot of volume and I’m a fan of that. It’s not uncomfortable holding or working with this brush. I have no issues. I can’t say enough good things about it. I think this will be a favorite mascara of mine for a while. It’s my every day go to and always completes my look perfectly.

It retails for $21.00 at Sephora & can also be purchased at Ulta. It’s worth checking out if you’re like me and looking for long dramatic full lashes. Or if you’re looking for a new mascara to try.

You may know by now if you’ve been reading my blog that I’m not really a big fan of drugstore makeup. I’m picky and I just don’t find a lot of brands that work well with me, or I find they lack pigment, don’t perform well, etc. That’s just my personal opinion. Lots of people have great luck with drugstore brands and have many brands they love. We all have our own personal favorites and what works for some people, doesn’t always work for others. I have very few drugstore makeup items, so with the few that I do own, I feel are good quality products that I find perform great on me.

I stumbled upon the Loreal Voluminous Miss Manga mascara by accident. I was at Target shopping very early one morning. I think it was around the time they just opened, so, like, 8 am? I knew I was running low on my Too Faced mascara and it was stating to get clumpy. Sephora and Ulta weren’t going to be opening for at least another two hours so I decided to seek out a cheaper alternative. I thought it would be nice to have a cheaper backup for days when I don’t need to be so done up, or just want to wear some mascara and gloss or lipstick. It would save me money by not using the Size Queen mascara every single day.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high hopes going into it. I just hate the wands/ brushes on drugstore mascaras. They feel too flimsy and like they’re going to snap apart in my hand. I just can’t get a good application when I use them. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 12(at that age it was very  minimum) while I wasn’t using mascara yet at that age, I probably started wearing it at 14-15? Maybe 16? (I actually hated mascara for a long time, but that’s a story for another day) the point being, I’ve been wearing makeup (at that young age it was all higher end drugstore makeup) so I’ve tried many, many times over the years to find a good drugstore mascara that works for me.

What I was drawn to when seeing the Loreal Miss Manga was the packaging. It looked edgy and cute. I liked the packaging and that’s why I picked it up. No other special reason than that. I knew nothing about this product, I think I saw a commercial on tv about it… but that’s it.


While I do hate the brush on this mascara. (I don’t think I’ll ever find a drugstore one I do like) I like the results I get. The brush feels flimsy but it’s not the worst one I’ve worked with. I’m able to get in there and have it work with my lashes. What I get from this product is much the same I do with my Too Faced… I get the volume, I get the long dramatic look. This is a good mascara that I feel comfortable using and the results are pretty great. It feels comfortable on my lashes and is long wearing. (Same as Too Faced) I like that this is a cheaper alternative because let’s face it, makeup is expensive and if you can save a little here and there, why not? As long as I feel the quality and  wearability is there… How can you go wrong?

This mascara retails for $7.99 at Ulta. It can be purchased at Target as well as other drugstores. I’ve been using this mascara for a few months now and always repurchase one as a backup for when I run out. I really recommend this one as well.

What are your favorite mascara brands and mascaras? Have you tried either of these products? How’d they work for you? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



16 thoughts on “Current High End & Drugstore Brand Mascara

  1. I’m picky with mascara brushes as well! For me, I always prefer a curved brush. It just works better on my eyes! I do like the Manga mascara even though it’s not the typical brush I usually go for. I’ve used it quite a bit over the last few years!

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