My Top 10 MAC Lipsticks

imageI’ve been a fan of MAC Cosmetics for such a long time. They were probably one of, (if not THE one) higher end brands I started buying from when I transitioned away from drugstore makeup. I fell in love with their products immediately. For a period of time, MAC was the only makeup brand I was buying from. I loved the quality of the products, the way they performed, the packaging, everything! MAC was an addiction and shopping at the MAC store and counters was something I did pretty often. 

imageTo say I have a big collection of MAC lipsticks and products would be an understatement. Recently, I have gone through my collection and gave away or got rid of products I wasn’t using or didn’t like anymore. With the popularity of liquid lipsticks and pretty much every company and their mother coming out with liquid lipsticks, I haven’t been using my regular MAC lippies as much. I just started trying to incorporate my favorite MAC shades into my makeup routine. I really do love their lipsticks and the way they feel and look. My goal is to try and wear them and get more use out of them like I used to. I mostly wear matte, metal, or satin, liquid lipsticks. (Also trying to get back into wearing more lipgloss as that used to be my favorite over lipstick) Since going through my MAC collection and purging what I don’t need/ want anymore, I’ve rediscovered some old favs I’ve loved and still love.


  • Blankety – (Amplified Creme) Warm beige with a pearl finish
  • Creme Cup – (Cremesheen) Light blue pink
  • Myth – (satin) Light neutral nude
  • Snob – (satin) Light neutral pink
  • Pink Plaid – (matte) Medium rosy pink


  • Up The Amp – (Amplified Creme) Lavender violet purple
  • Men Love Mystery – (matte) Warm lavender 
  • Brave – (satin) Pink beige with white pearl
  • Velvet Teddy – (Matte) Cool brown
  • Whirl – (Matte) Warm brown

imageI’m sure I could have given you even more of my top favorites. Already I’ve realized I left out Saint Germain and Angel. There are just too many good shades! As much as I love MAC lipsticks, I’m also a big fan of their Dazzleglass and Cremesheen glass glosses as well. I’m a lover of all things makeup, but I feel like my weakness is lipstick and lipgloss. You just can’t ever have too many. 🙂 Am I right?

Have you guys tried any of these shades? What’s your favorite? What do you want to try? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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