Holiday Makeup Wish List

imageAs if the holidays aren’t stressful enough with trying to find the perfect gifts for family and friends, keeping your sanity throughout the entire process (leading up and especially on the actual holiday(s) itself gathered with family) money can get a little tight, and if you’re a shopper (like me) it can be challenging when you see all these new holiday collections releasing soon- right before the holidays. I was trying to think back to last year and I don’t think I was as eager and wanting many holiday goodies as I do this year. Ironic, because all my Christmas shopping was done very early and I had money to spare for whatever may have caught my eye. Fast forward to this year and I have NOTHING done or ordered as far as Christmas shopping goes… really, Jenn? I don’t know why I haven’t even started yet. I’ve tried looking online with certain family members in mind and always get distracted and do something else, or I’m drawing a blank on what to get people this year. Not only that… I’m seeing so many collections from brands I want. Everyone is coming out with such amazing things and I’m like, no, stop! Can we wait until AFTER Christmas? Either that or could you just not put out amazing products? Thanks. That would be perfect. 

Sometimes I wish I was just simple and didn’t want things. I know it’s all materialistic and there are far more important things in life. I’ve always been the kind of person to want… to want pretty much everything. If I see something I like, like really, really, like… I need it. I end up buying whatever it is probably 95% of the time. (I do try talking myself out of stuff… it works 5% of the time) My husband is the complete opposite. If he wants something, he’ll convince himself he doesn’t need it, or wait on it. I’m always telling him to go buy it! If he won’t buy it for himself then I usually end up buying it for him. If I see something I get heart eyes and must purchase! I’ve been that way since I was a kid. (Only difference is back then my parents were buying me stuff and now I’m the one paying for my expensive taste) It’s expensive being a girl! I think a lot of you would agree?

The topic of my post came to me when I saw Kylie Jenner give us a preview of her holiday collection. Ugh! Can I just have it all? Why can’t Santa be real? (Though, if he was I’d probably end up with coal… yikes)

imageimageReally? Really, Kylie? Does it have to look so amazing? Honestly, I was hoping when she said we were going to get a sneak peek that I wouldn’t want anything from the collection. There have been times I wasn’t interested in certain lip kits, her first eyeshadow palette… it’s happened before so I was hoping I’d want nothing. If anything, at the very least I’d want one or two items. So scratch that though. I pretty much want it all. It seems like it was all a blur watching her display her new items, but I don’t think I was feeling the mini lip kits and maybe one or two of the full sized lippies… but everything else? YES!!! Her new eyeshadow palette looks insanely gorgeous… so again, why, Kylie? Why? I don’t know if she’s going to offer a bundle package with everything included or if certain items will be sold separately. I think I’d want to do the bundle. I was just satisfied that I finally was able to order the KOKO Kollection lipsticks and gloss today. (I tried last week when it launched and literally got on the site when it went live, added it to my cart, waited in “line” for 6 mins to be told it had “sold out”) I was a happy girl, but now I’ve got my eye on this new collection. Oh, and did I mention she’s releasing it this Monday?

So here’s a list of things I want to get (hopefully I will get some.. it’s doubtful I’ll be able to get everything)

  • Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition
  • Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette (after I missed out on ordering it the first two times when it was released… I kinda gave up on it. I realize it’s available now on her site and debated ordering it along with the KOKO Collection today, but didn’t do it. I think this will be something I buy in the end. As of right now, I kinda pushed it off and it’s not something I HAVE to have RIGHT now as it was when it was first released.
  • Too Faced Peach Palette – I heard they’re releasing this palette again and since I slept on it last time it was available… I definitely want it this time around. I’m all about peach colors and tones nowadays.
  • MAC & Mariah Carey Holiday Collection – Seriously want like everything from this collection.
  • Natasha Denona Star Palette – Still couldn’t justify on buying such an expensive palette, especially since I’ve never tried her other palettes before. I want it, but I’m holding off… at least until now.
  • Jouer Best Nudes Mini Gift Set (along with a few Jouer full size liquid lippies)
  • Stila Simply MATTE’ificent lipsticks
  • MAC Metallic Pigments – in the colors : Rose Gold, Heritage Rogue, Copper Sparkle, and Gold glitter
  • Makeup Geek Iconic Lipsticks (no release date as of yet)
  • Makeup Geek shadows and pigments (I’m actually adding to this order and will be placing it soon)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette ( It was always sold out when I tried to swatch it in store)
  • Micki Song Glitz & Glam Highlighters (Going to be placing an order with her very soon)
  • Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette – Wanted to swatch this but it was sold out at my Sephora and Ulta when I went. I’m kinda debating this one. I like bright colors, but I don’t wear them that often anymore… still kinda want it, so it’s a maybe.

I’m sure I’m missing some other products, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. So far that’s my beauty wish list. I still have a book, perfume & fragrance , and random stores, clothes, etc. I’ve really gotta start Christmas shopping because that’s first before I can selfishly buy anything for myself. The holidays are always so hard… normally if I didn’t have to shop for everyone I’d be focused on getting all these beautiful items lol. Hopefully at least from the holiday collections (mostly Kylie & the MAC with Mariah one- I can get one or two items) *fingers crossed*

What products or collections are you guys looking forward to? I’m sure I’m leaving something out that I want… let me know! How are you deciding on what to buy vs not to buy?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

*DISCLAIMER* Pictures were taken from Kylie Cosmetics Instagram and also from TrendMood1 on Instagram.


10 thoughts on “Holiday Makeup Wish List

  1. Jenn I knew I’d find a post about this on your blog and I couldn’t wait to read it! I want it all! I love the colours and the packages are amazing! 😍 Not to mention diamond powder! Have you heard about her new shop she’s revealing in 21 dayS? What do you think she’ll sell next?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Meli! Ugh, I wanted so badly to not want anything from this collection, but sadly, I want it all!! I’m excited about the diamond powder! I was really surprised she didn’t up the price of the eyeshadow palette for that reason (and because she added a mirror to the palette) she posted the prices and the palette is still going to sell for $42! How amazing! I wish I lived in California, I heard about her pop up shop! I’d love to go!! 😍😍 I’m curious to see what’s next in on her list of products. With this up coming holiday collection she’s got makeup brushes! I’m wondering if she’ll be expanding more on the brushes, or maybe come out with blushes or highlighters? I’d love to see that! 😊


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