img-thingAs the holidays start to approach I started thinking, where did this year go? Seriously, where did it go? How is Thanksgiving in five days?? Some days I feel like January just started… and now here we are in full blown holiday mode? Could time go any faster? I really wish there was some kind of magic button to stop time, or at the very least, sloooow it down some. When you’re a kid you think you have all the time in the world. You think time moves far too slow. Months seem like they’ll never come and years seem like it’s an eternity away. Of course, as you get older, you realize how precious time is. Time moves whether you want it to or not… and unfortunately there is no pause button, it will move regardless if we’re ready for it or not. That’s just life.Β 

valfrc3a9c2a9journaldollmakeupI found these little pictures while searching on Google and thought they were cute. There were so many different captions and different little girls in each one. How true is the caption in this one? Agh!! Today was a waste of make up. I hate days like that. Nothing is worse than getting yourself all put together, hair looks amazing, makeup is flawless, outfit is perfect… and you have nowhere to go, (maybe plans got canceled or something?) or anyone to see how fabulous you look. Days like that suck. I had many of them when I was younger. Mostly from friends bailing on plans or I just had days where I wanted to get made up, but had nowhere to go. I was always ready though!

Random thoughts:

  1. Not only are the holidays approaching… but it’s almost winter! Days are getting colder here in the Northeast, darker as well. I’m in the minority of the few who love the winter. I love being cold and layering on clothes, sweaters, blankets, scarves. I love hot chocolate on a cold night. Reading a book or watching a movie.
  2. I’m undecided on what I want to do with my hair. (color wise) for the past year I’ve had black hair with purple. I do love it and would get so many compliments. I get bored with my hair and need a change. (always have been that way) As of now we’re transitioning to a lighter dark brown with caramel highlights. I had platinum blonde hair for about 5 years? It took a toll on my hair, but sometimes I miss it.
  3. My dog, Hemi is going to be 10 years old in Feb!! We got him when he was 3 months old. It makes me sad that he’s getting older. I worry about him all the time! He’s a healthy maltese.. but as the years go by I start to worry about that day….Β I’m not even going to say it because I don’t wanna think about it. It causes me so much anxiety and makes me freak out and get really sad.
  4. American Horror Story My Roanoke Nightmare… ugh! I thought it started out okay and I really liked it… but… what a disappointment! WTF was that season? Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Bring back Jessica Lang!
  5. imageI’m STILL on a mission to find this damn Starbucks cup!!! I’ve been calling and checking multiple Starbucks and NO ONE has it! It’s still sold out online and I refuse to buy it on Ebay for some crazy price of $80-$100. Yeah. No!
  6. I need to start my Christmas shopping!!! (So I can resume buying makeup goodies and pretty things for myself once again) lol, kidding. Not really.
  7. I want to start getting into planning. I want a cute planner, preferably a Kate Spade or Louis Vuitton one. I’ve been checking the tags over on the Gram and I’m slightly obsessed. I think that has my name written all over it. Hello, have you seen some of those cute stickers and designs??
  8. I have a million and one things to do and I’m feeling kinda stressed.
  9. I’m worried about some things and that’s adding to my stress as well.
  10. I overthink way too much.
  11. I hate when people just ‘share’ something I posted on FB without giving it a like or at least a comment on it, like, I dunno… “I agree”, or “cool”, or something. Nope. Just gonna share this and not say a word to you. It’s even worse if said person is someone you’re FB friends with and you NEVER talk to or communicate online/ FB. Maybe I’m weird. I just think it’s kinda rude. It’s even worse if someone completely takes a pic or meme, or something like that- right after you posted it, but instead of sharing it.. they create a post of their own uploading that same image. So, not only did they see your post and ignore you, but they liked it enough to NOT like your post, but rather create a post of their own. Okay.
  12. Speaking of FB still, I hate when people put their entire lives on there. Ever heard of TMI? Blows my mind. Same goes with putting it on any form of social media (not just FB)
  13. Β I have a nail appointment this week and no idea what I want done.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Anything planned? Are you ready for the holidays? Is it something you’re looking forward to or dreading? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


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