MAC Nutcracker Collection Mini Haul + Swatches


I am so happy I was able to pick up a few items from this collection. I knew from the minute I saw MAC was launching these beauties, I needed to take some of these goodies home with me .

Of course, the packaging caught my attention at first. MAC really hits it out of the park every time with these limited edition collections- and packaging! This one being no exception. It’s just too good! The products themselves look just as exquisite upon opening them, as they do in their packaging. So much beauty! I can’t take it!

The one item I HAD to have… HAD to have if I was only able to grab one was, the Sweet Peach Face Compact. It is such a beauty, let me tell you, it’s even better looking in person! I didn’t think I was going to be able to pick this one up because it was sold out online and in all the MAC stores, Nordstrom’s, etc around me. (I called multiple locations trying to track it down)

imageBy luck, pure luck! I was on Facebook one night and noticed an update from (10 hours ago!) with MAC (using the Sweet Peach Face Compact pic) talking about the Nutcracker Collection being available at certain locations for a limited time. I clicked the link, (and to my surprise) the Sweet Peach Face Compact was in stock!! I had literally checked it the night before (I kept stalking the page hoping they’d restock by some crazy chance) the other face compact that came with this collection was already sold out, but the Sweet Peach said they had “very few left” I ordered it immediately! What were the odds?! Plus the update from Facebook came 10 hours before! I thought for sure I had missed my chance again & it was going to be sold out!


This compact is simply stunning! It’s almost too pretty to use! I just want to look at it all day… ahhh!! Of course, I buy makeup to use it, not just gaze lovingly at it. These swatch like a dream. Very soft!(the highlighter was a lot softer than the blush. The blush was more firmer but still soft) Very pigmented! Have I mentioned already how GORGEOUS these are?! I can’t wait to use them from seeing the swatches I did. This compact might be a new favorite highlight and blush for me. We’ll see!


  • Tutu – Bright light beige color that has some peachy undertones and gives a metallic finish.
  • At Dusk Muted medium pink shade with a satin finish

Magic Dust Powder (Sweet Vision) Pinky peach with gold pearl

I can’t stress enough how in love I am with peach tones. It’s a color I’ve taken a serious interest in for a few months now. Give me peach everything! I picked this Magic Dust Powder up because it looked beautiful and it’s in a pinky peach shade. The other color this comes in is- Yum Yum Yum. That one is a soft pink with gold pearl. While it’s a nice shade, I have plenty of soft pink blushes and it didn’t stand out to me like Sweet Vision did. This powder can be used as either a blush or highlighter depending on your skin tone. For me, I plan on using this as a blush or topper and I think it will create such a soft pretty look.



Sweet Bronze Pigments & Glitter Kit


Sweet Bronze Pigments & Glitter Kit ( Left to right) Sugar Rush, Stardream, Handsome Prince, Reigning Riches


  • Sugar Rush – Light beige with some warm undertones. It has an iridescent opal shimmer. As you can see from the swatch, this color blends right into my skin. I’m curious to try this shade and to see how it performs dry and wet. I think if applied wet it may show up a bit more opaque? I do love colors like this so I can use it as a highlight or inner corner highlight. Very pretty!
  • Stardream – Medium copper brown with some warm undertones & a metallic sheen. 
  • Handsome Prince – Medium dark reddish brown with a metallic sheen. I really like this one a lot and can’t wait to play around with it.
  • Reigning Riches – Medium dark red with copper undertones. This is a glitter, but not super chunky pieces of glitter, nor super fine glitter either. I applied this for the swatch using a brush and a small layer of Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue. (You will need some kind of adhesive for the glitter to stick to before applying to the eyes)

I’m pretty happy with the products I picked up from this collection. I may go back for the Sweet Nude Lip Gloss Kit and maybe the other pigment and glitter kit. I saw them both at the MAC counter at Nordstom’s the day I went, but I wanted to try this pigment set before I bought the other one. I held off on the glosses and I don’t know why because they’re haunting me now and I think I need to pick them up. I probably passed on them because they’re mini sizes and I prefer full size lip products. I know the mini’s are great for travel and tossing them in your handbags, they’re convenient, but I still love a good full size and have no problems traveling with them. I know I would have definitely grabbed them if they were available as a set of full sized lippies.  I guess I’ll leave it as a possibility that I may go back and purchase the glosses. They’re so pretty and I do love a good gloss. 😉

I love these limited edition collections that MAC puts out. While I don’t always purchase something from every single collection, I do love looking at the packaging and seeing what unique and stunning products they think of next. I’ve been a fan of MAC products for a very long time and they’re some of the best high quality products around. I think if you’re considering trying out this collection, go for it! I haven’t tested these products out on my face yet, but if you’re solely just a collector of MAC… these products would make any makeup collection shine. (Especially the Sweet Peach Face Compact)


Did anyone pick up anything from this collection? If so, what did you get? What do you want to get? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂






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