November Nails


So it’s a new month (technically the month is almost over, but I get my nails done every month) and with that, I got my new nail design. I seriously love getting my nails done! I don’t always know what I want to do until sometimes moments before I enter the salon. (That’s pretty rare, but it’s been known to happen) Mostly, I like to have some kind of idea of what I want and I want to really like the design, especially since I’m wearing it for four weeks. I usually go in there with an image or a photo of something that’s caught my eye. Amy is really great because she puts her own spin on whatever design I ask her to recreate or just create in general. She’s very artistic and creative, I’m so lucky to have someone like that.

imageI decided to pick a transfer foil nail design. The process was very quick and seemed very easy. I had done foil type designs before, but they were never transfer foils. I wanted a lot of different colors and a lot of different colors I got. These nails are so sparkly and beautiful. I say this every time, but I LOOOVE them!! Glitter, sparkle, shiny, pretty things, are what I live for! Those things are definitely so me. I like having fun with my nail designs and not sticking to the “norm” I did many years of just plain pink and white french tipped nails. While I do love a good french, I need designs, color, sparkle, GLITTER! I like something that’s going to grab your attention.

My nails have always been something I get tons of compliments on. People will always stop to ask me about my nails, where do I get them done? How do they do that? It sparks conversation no matter where I’m at. The mall, the gym, grocery store, the Dentist/ DR’s office, my in-laws house. It’s nice. I like to keep my nails fun and I’m glad others seem to find them so appealing too.

What type of nails do you guys like wearing? Are you more adventurous and daring? Or like to keep it simple? (Sometimes I like sporting a pretty nude or a good solid color as well) Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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