Black Friday Ulta Goodies

I didn’t splurge much on myself during my Black Friday shopping. I wanted to. Believe me, I wanted to… but I needed to get some Christmas shopping done for the people on my list. I purposely tried to avoid any stores that are my favorite, or ones that I knew I’d be tempted to buy things for myself. (As you can imagine now that Black Friday is over and done with, I kept getting emails and seeing on Instagram all the Cyber Monday deals) *cries* I want to partake and buy lots of makeup goodies, but I’m not done shopping yet for Christmas presents… so sadly, (and taking everything I have inside of me) I’m probably going to pass. I know. It’s sad. I’m sad about it, too. Gotta be strong, Jenn! Gotta be strong!

From my experience with Black Friday this year, it wasn’t bad at all. I actually wasn’t planning on doing many stores.. maybe one or two because I know from past experience that those stores I usually do, are usually pretty mild. This year, I think I went into a good amount of different stores with my husband. It seemed by the time 2 am or 2:30 am rolled around, every store was empty or pretty close to it. It was perfect! I don’t know if people chose to stay home and shop online (most stores were having lots of Black Friday sales online) or just didn’t do Black Friday, but it was like a dream. We got a lot of shopping done and without the lines and pushy, crabby people!

I wasn’t planning on going into Ulta… but it’s right next to Target, so I popped in because it was EMPTY! The sales associate said when they opened at midnight, there was maybe a line of thirty people outside, but it moved quickly and that was pretty much the “rush” of it all. She said Target had a good amount of people waiting in line outside before the store opened. I told her it was deserted now since we had just came from there. You couldn’t ask for a better Black Friday. (if you’re me)


Marc Jacobs 3.4 fl oz Daisy Perfume, Real Techniques sponges, Tarte Matte Lip Paint in ‘Namaste’ and Tarte Glossy Lip Paint in ‘Hella’

The main reason I went into Ulta was to repurchase my favorite perfume. Marc Jacobs Daisy. I had run out of it a couple of months ago and was using some other perfumes I have, but I was definitely missing this one! I’ve been wearing Daisy as an every day fragrance for about 2-3 years now? I love this smell so much!! It’s also the perfume I get the most compliments on. Every time I wear it, someone always says how good I smell and wants to know what it is. I ended up buying the larger bottle- 3.4 fl oz because I’m hoping it will last me a little bit longer. It’s a bit pricy, $100 for that size, but I think it’s worth it. All of my fragrances are around that price so it’s not a shock to me when it comes to what it retails for.

The Real Technique sponges were something I grabbed as I was on my way to checkout. My husband actually noticed them in a bin and thought they were my Beauty Blenders. He asked if I needed more and I told him those weren’t the Beauty Blenders, we were in Ulta not Sephoa and Ulta doesn’t carry that brand. He was like, “They’re $10 and you get two of them, why not try them?” I only use Beauty Blenders- (I tried using cheaper sponges at Target that are like Beauty Blenders and I hated them) I figured I’d pick these up since you do get two of them and I did need ones for conturing and highlighting. Since purchasing these, I have used them just for blending in my contour and highlight and I’m really liking them so far. I think these may be a repurchase in the future.

Of course you can’t go to Ulta or Sephora without swatching something… I’ve been wanting to try the Tarte matt liquid lipsticks for a while now so I decided to pick up the color ‘Namaste’ I wasn’t planning on buying the lip gloss, but when I swatched ‘Hella’ I was in love! Such a super pretty gloss. *I’ve worn both since I bought them and will have a review up soon on them*


Free gift from Ulta

I also got this free gift from Ulta. I’m not sure what deal Ulta was having on Black Friday. I’m not sure if you had to spend over $100 or if you got this gift (two glasses) when you purchased any fragrance. I wasn’t aware of the free gift so it was a nice little surprise.

I didn’t get much, but I am definitely happy I have my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume back!

Did any of you pick anything up on Black Friday? Were the stores packed where you are? Are you planning on buying anything for Cyber Monday? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



13 thoughts on “Black Friday Ulta Goodies

    • Yeah they’re not too bad! I still love my Beauty Blender, but these are good for doing my contour and highlight. They feel nice too, not like the cheaper ones I’ve tried in the past. These feel spongy and soft. The other ones were stiff and I didn’t care for the texture.


  1. love this! I am such a fan of the real techniques sponges. I love the shape of them and use the flat side to blend out my under eye concealer. and of course tarte is life!

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