November Favorites

imageHow is it now December?! The last month of the year. I feel like last month flew by! Actually, it feels like the whole fall season went by so quickly. It’s now almost winter!

For my favorites this month I wanted to keep it fairly short. I included four makeup products (a returning favorite from last months favorites) I had a couple more makeup items I could have included in this post, but I forgot to include them in the main pic and once realized I just said screw it. If I’m still enjoying them next month, they’ll make it into that months favs. 


  • Trader Joe’s Holiday Joe-Joe’s Cookies – I can’t remember who talked about these cookies. I just remember I kept hearing about them and seeing a pic or two floating around on one of my social media pages. I’m a frequent shopper at Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s so I wanted to check these cookies out durning my next trip. These cookies are fantastic!! You have four different varieties, Peppermint, Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate, and a ginger snap cream filled cookie. I hate ginger, I hate ginger snaps, all of it. That cookie is my least favorite out of the bunch, though, I did try it and it wasn’t horrible (like I expected) I could see someone who likes those flavors to be very pleased by it. All and all, these cookies are really good!


  • Tarteist Matte lip paint & gloss in the colors Namaste & Hella – If you read my review from yesterday then you know all about these and how I feel about them. Even though I haven’t had them for a good amount of time in the month of November… I included them anyway because I’ve been wearing them since I got them. (More so Hella)


  • Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin Candle – “A just-baked tart made with sweet apples, spices and vanilla.”Fragrance Notes:

    Top: Tarte Tatin, Cinnamon, Apple
    Mid: Clove, Nutmeg
    Base: Vanilla

This candle is a UK candle and sold online and in stores in the UK. I found mine at my Yankee Candle outlet. Sometimes the outlets get UK candles in their inventory, so if you’d like this candle but you’re in the US, check your YC outlet store (if you have one close by) I got this one in a medium jar I think last year and just started burning it last month. It’s so good! I mostly pick up the cinnamon, apples, nutmeg, and vanilla notes. It’s really warm and perfect for this time of year. It makes me think of baking and the holidays.

*I checked out my Yankee Candle outlet a couple of weeks ago and to my surprise I found this candle in a LG jar! Of course I picked it up.*

Stunning! That’s all there is to say about this compact.  I’ve been using this often and I love both the blush and the highlighter. The only complaint I have… is it’s too pretty to use and I die a little inside when I have to dip into it.  😦

  • Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Protector pressed in the color ‘Rose Quartz’ – Still a favorite of mine. It’s absolutely beautiful and creates the most sparkly, perfect highlight. I wrote a review about this and you can read it here Becca Cosmetics & Anastasia Beverly Hills if you’d like. 


  • Starbucks California Girl Cup – I am obsessed – OBSESSED with Starbucks mugs, cups, tumblers, you name it. When I saw this cup on their website, I wanted it! I don’t live in California so I knew the chances of seeing this at my local store were slim to none. This cup is really cute and great to travel with.


  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume –  “A fragrance with fresh and feminine notes of wild strawberry, velvety violet petals and plus gardenia and jasmine. The white accords of birch and cedarwood add intensity.”

Daisy is my every day perfume of choice. I love this fragrance so much and get so many compliments on it. I think the bottle is adorable with the white daisy top. So cute! This has been a fragrance favorite for me for a couple of years now. Highly recommend this scent if you’re thinking of trying it or looking for a new perfume to buy.

Hope you guys enjoyed my favorites! What favorites have you been enjoying? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


24 thoughts on “November Favorites

  1. love everything about this post girl! you’re my favorite. that highlight is absolutely gorg. im obsessed with trader joes cookies and havent had them in so long! must pick some up as a treat for the holidays. and i hear everyone raging about marc jacobs daisy. might go get a sample…is it a must?!? i trust you lol

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww, thank you gorgeous!! You’re too sweet! I’ve never tried Trader Joe’s cookies until now and these are really good!! You should get them as a treat! I use them as a treat too & got my husband addicted to them as well. Yes!! I love Daisy! I smelled the ‘Dot’ one and almost got it because it looked so cute. The Dot smelled nice, but Daisy is so much better!! I first tried it by smelling a sample in a magazine and was in love!! It’s my favorite!! 💕💜

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ongosh yay I can’t wait to go get some! The closest one to my house is like a half hour so I’ll have to stock up hahah excuses😭😭 that’s awesome I’ll have to try it out. I asked for Ralph Lauren tender romance for Christmas because I got a sample from sephora and I’m addicted!! Make sure to sample that one if you ever see it out its bombbbb

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes!! I think you’ll really like it. It smells so good! I’ll have to check that out!! For the longest time I wore Ralph Lauren Romance and was obsessed with that scent! Lol I used to go through bottles! I’m gonna go sample it when I go to Sephora! Lol I feel it might be another fragrance I have an addiction to! 😂😄

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely love all of your favorites!!! Daisy smells so good!! I wish I could try those cookies but I don’t have either of those grocery stores in my area💕⭐️

    Liked by 1 person

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