Kyshadow Holiday Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review

imageI got my hands on this palette when it was first released. It was one I bought because I got sucked into the whole packaging and ‘winter theme’ I love limited edition collections. I love Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. I think I jumped on it so quickly because, as I mentioned, it was limited edition, it’s a holiday palette, and I figured, why not? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the look of these colors when I first saw them, thought they were very beautiful. I had my eye more on the burgundy palette if we’re being honest. I think the colors in that palette speak to me more. I think with this palette, as far as packaging goes, (with the whole holiday collection in general) it’s pretty stunning. It has a very wintery feel with the same Kylie signature style. Originally, when I saw what was being released in this collection, I wanted (the entire collection, of course, however I wasn’t able to buy the whole collection so I narrowed it down) the palette, the four pack of lippies, and the ‘Snow’ Kyliner Kit. Everything but the palette was sold out so I missed out on those. I’m unsure if I’ll buy them before this collection ends. imageI didn’t have to wait too long to get a shipping notification for this palette. (always a plus) Once it was in the hands of USPS, that was a different story. Tracking told me to expect my package in 3-4 days. Once it left the facility from California, my tracking stopped. It didn’t update for three days! All it said was ‘Package in transit to destination’ No location. Nothing. I knew from past experience, (happened before with one of my Kylie orders months ago. It was misplaced and I had to file a claim- luckily they found that package and I got it- a week and a half late- got it nonetheless)

I called the day this package was supposed to arrive… still tracking hadn’t moved in days. The person I talked to had no clue. (do they ever?) He tried telling me that only a shipping label was created and to contact Kylie Cosmetics. So only a shipping label will move from two cities, and schedule a delivery date? Yeah. Never in my life has that happened. This was a USPS issue, as Kylie had done their part and shipped it. Long story short, I wouldn’t be able to file a claim for another five days or so… (ugh!) I checked tracking the next day and low and behold, it was in my city now! (Shipping label, really?) Someone had to have looked into it because my package moved and was now going to be delivered.

Sorry for the mini rant. USPS sucks, (in my opinion) myself and my husband have had so many issues lately with them. I understand it’s the holiday season so things might get chaotic… my issues with them happen during regular times as well. Thankfully, my package was delivered and not lost forever, as I’ve heard stories.


If you guys have been reading my blog you know I’m a big fan of Kylie’s lip kits. LOVE THEM! I really don’t have any issues with wear, longevity, pigmentation, flaking, etc. They’re some of (if not my favorite) liquid lippies I own. This was the first product I tried outside of her lip kits. I was pretty excited to try this out, plus this is her first palette that includes a mirror! That might mean nothing to some, but I love palettes that include a mirror. It looks better. In my opinion. This palette retails for $42 and includes 9 shades, a mix of mattes and metallics.



• Sugar Cookie (matte) finish creamy warm nude
• Frosty (metallic) platinum silver
• Chestnut (matte) muted dusty mauve
• Mittens (metallic) deepened mahogany red
• Winter (metallic) shimmering denim blue
• Nutcracker (metallic) silvery plum
• Gingerbread (metallic) shimmering silver bronze
• Evergreen (matte) finish deep teal green
• Silent Night (matte)  blackened plum


Okay, so what are my thoughts on this palette? I’m confused by this palette. I like the colors. They swatch alright, though nothing like the the swatches Kylie showed on her friend Jordyn. Those swatches looked phenomenal! I get it, it’s a business, you want to sell products so your pictures, swatches, everything is going to be at the top of its game. While I think the colors are pretty in the pan, I feel like they’re lacking in intensity- especially with the metallics. You expect metallics to be super pigmented, vibrant, intense. I’ve only tried  3 of the metallics so far, Gingerbread, Frosty, & Nutcracker. For all of them I had to use my MAC Fix Plus on my brush to get that pop of vibrancy I expect from metallic shades. I’m not saying these shades aren’t pigmented. They are! I just don’t think they’re that intense on their own without the fix plus.

These blend beautifully and when I first used this palette I was very impressed by their blendability! I love the color Chestnut as a crease color. It’s very pigmented and shows nicely on my skin. The color Sugar Cookie is nice, but blends into my skin. I use it as an all over color. I guess my big issue would be, these colors seem to fade on me. Meaning, after my look is completed, I can already start to see… about two hours in, the colors seem to be fading away if that makes sense. They’re not as stunning or look put together as they were when I first applied them.

I always use a primer so that’s not the problem. I have eyeshadows (Urban Decay, Makeup Geek, ABH, Lorac to name a few) where seriously, those colors could (and have) lasted until the next day! (I always remove my makeup nightly, but we’ve all had those rare occasions and woke up with our makeup on from the night before) these shadow just don’t cut it in that department for me. I hate to say it. I also feel like they start to get muddy, especially when trying to add in another color for either transition or crease. It just looks muddy. I tried a look with just using one color only in the crease and just a little bit for an outer v… that seemed to work alright.

I dunno guys. I wanted to hold off on this review for a little bit to play around some more with it, but I’ve used it a few times to make my decision. It’s a nice palette. It is. You can create some great looks with this palette. These also blend nicely, not super patchy at all. I just think compared to other palettes I own, this one just doesn’t cut it for me. I don’t like the fact that these colors seem to fade (on me) after a short while. My eyeshadow starts to look like I need to go touch it up and that never happens.

Do I think you need this palette? Ehh… not really. Unless you’re a big fan of these colors or a huge Kylie Jenner fan. I think if you want to get any palette from her collection, from what I’ve heard, the Burgundy palette is it. I don’t own that one, however I really, really, wanted it but passed. I’m unsure if I should buy it because I’m sorta disappointed in this one and don’t want to waste the money if it’s a fail for me.

For what I’ve seen, so many people seem to love this palette and that’s great! I wanted to love it, I did. Maybe I got a defective one? Some people have said all the colors (metallics included are very vivid on them) I haven’t heard of any issues with others feeling like their shadows aren’t as intense or start to fade. I wish I could tell you guys that I find this palette to be amazing and I have no issues, that’s just not the case.

Did any of you try this palette out? What are your thoughts? Do you love it? This is just my experience and my opinion. Of course everyone’s will be different/ have different experiences. I’d love to hear how it worked for you. Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Kyshadow Holiday Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review

    • Thank you! I wanted to like this palette because it was hyped up so much. It’s just not something I’ve been using since giving my review on it. I’m sorry to hear your bronze palette was a similar situation. I agree, I’ll stick to similar colors for a lesser price & hopefully better quality! Thanks for reading!

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    • I like the colors as well & was expecting more from this. It’s disappointing because the shadows look stunning, however, the performance of them are lacking greatly. I think you made a great choice in not buying. I wish I could return mine lol!

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    • Yeah, I wish I would have bought the burgundy one over the holiday one. I’ve heard great things about that palette! I was so disappointed in the holiday one. Like you, I haven’t used it since my review. I used it for the week so I could review it… it’s awful and I’m probably gonna end up giving it away to a friend or family member. Definitely agree, the ABH and Makeup Geek shadows are some of my go to palettes and favorites!!


  2. i love the bronze & burgandy palettes and was super excited when the holiday palette was revealed. i got it right away, and was really disappointed. it lacks pigmentation (with the exception of the silver), doesn’t last and the color combination doesn’t make sense to me. its my least favorite palette ever (and i have a lot of eyehsadow palettes) and it was just overall really disappointing, which sucks because i loooove the bronze & burgandy palettes.


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