Micki Song Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick & Highlighter Review

photo-dec-11-7-40-56-pmI placed an order on Cyber Monday (I know, I said I wasn’t going to be ordering/ buying myself stuff since Christmas is right around the corner, however I couldn’t help myself.) Micki Song Cosmetics is a brand that I really love! From their cute packaging, to affordable, yet classy looking products, down to the look and wear of their products, I love it all. They are a company that never tests on animals & their products are paraben & gluten free. I have a review I did about my last order if you’d like to read.ย Micki Song Cosmeticsย 


I ordered one of their new liquid lipsticks & new illuminators. Believe me, I wanted to order everything! I will definitely be placing an order after Christmas, when I don’t have to worry about buying anymore presents for anyone… except myself. ๐Ÿ™‚


Micki Song Liquid Matte Lipstick in the color: Happy Hour


I got the color ‘Happy Hour'( a pink toned nude) I spent a few minutes on their site trying to narrow it down between this color and Va Va Voom (that one looks so gorgeous and is next on my list) I’m so glad I picked Happy Hour because I am obsessed with this color!! I die for it! When I tell you I’ve gotten so many people asking me, “What color is that you’re wearing.” I’m not joking, of course I pull out my little lippie and fill them in on where I got it. The color is simply stunning and I love the way it looks on me.

The first thing I noticed about this liquid lipstick was the scent. It smells so good! That yummy vanilla type scent. It reminds me of Kylie’s or the Milani Metallic lipsticks. So, so good. If you’re sensitive to smells or don’t like sweet smelling scents, that may be something you won’t like. I didn’t find the smell to linger and couldn’t smell it on me, only when I open the tube and began to apply did I smell it.

The formula is nice, it’s more of a moosey type formula. It applies very easily and dries quickly down to a nice matte finish. It’s comfortable to wear and I had no problems with it fading or not staying on. It lasts a very long time. I’m really impressed with this and it makes me even more excited to try other colors! I’ve been wearing this color every day now since I got it! You guys know how much I love my nudes- as much as I love my peach tones! Ahh! I would love if they came out with a beautiful peach liquid lip color! One of my favorite lipsticks from Micki Song Cosmetics, is the color Beach Glow. That is a stunning color! I’m just imagining something similar to that. That would be amazing! Either way, I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.


Micki Song Cosmetics Illuminator in the color: Dazzling Pink


If you’re into highlights and want to glow to the gods, get this highlighter! It is bright! It is blinding! It has my name all over it! The website recommends using a slightly wet brush when applying for a more intense look & they couldn’t be anymore right. This highlighter is just love, like, blind me all day! I am one of those girls that doesn’t do subtle highlights usually, I need to be seen from space & this highlight does it for me. I wish my camera was picking up just how intense this is, it’s not really picking up how authentic it really shines. It’s funny because when I ordered, I remember worrying that maybe this illuminator wouldn’t be as bright as I like it… I was wrong! (thankfully, too)

Keep in mind that since it is a loose powder it can get a little messy. Little specks of glitter fly around when opening, I have no problems with that… I’m obsessed with glitter! I am, however, clumsy, since this is a small product I am extra careful not to knock this over or send it flying from my hands (it’s been known to happen in the past… I did mention I’m clumsy and items sometimes, somehow, magically fly out of my hands and create a mess)

All and all I’m very pleased and satisfied with my order. I love everything I got & I’m going to be placing more orders soon. You guys should check them out –ย Micki Song Cosmeticsย they’re very affordable. ( the liquid lipstick retails at $13, while the illuminator retails at $15.00) you can also check them out on Instagram –ย Micki Song Cosmetics Instagramย they’re actually having a giveaway so if you’re interested in maybe trying out some of their products, follow them and enter!! I really recommend them and think they’re a great company.

Here are some pics of me wearing ‘Happy Hour’ also, showing my (newish) hair color. I had black hair with purple for at least a year and we’re now transitioning to a chocolate brown with caramel highlights. It’s a process as I still have some pinkish/ purplish tones in and we don’t want to cause any damage to my hair. I do like the color it is now though. My girl always does an amazing job! ๐Ÿ™‚





Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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