IT Cosmetics All That Glitters Brush Set

imageI’ve never tried anything from IT Cosmetics. I always see things that look interesting and I’ve heard good things about this brand. I don’t know why I’ve never tried anything… until now. My last trip to Ulta this brush set caught my attention. If the name – All That Glitters, didn’t catch my eye, the silver glittery pouch sure did it for me! How could I pass it up? Besides, you can never have too many brushes & I always like adding more to my collection. This is a limited edition  5 piece set that retails for $58 and can be purchased at Ulta.


I haven’t used this brush set yet, although I am looking forward to trying it out. The brushes are so soft! They feel really nice to the touch. I can imagine how gentle and flawlessly these must feel when applying them to the face. They’re made with “Heavenly Luxe cruelty free hair.” to give you flawless airbrushed results every time. I’m looking forward to trying these babies out and seeing the results for myself.


The brushes in this set include:

  • Powder Brush- Ultra soft tapered round brush. Great for powder application
  • Foundation Brush – Dense, dome shaped brush. Perfect for smooth foundation application
  • Eyeshadow Brush – Small rounded brush for blending shadows
  • Concealer Brush – Firm, small, tapered brush for precise application
  • Brow or liner Brush – Flat, firm, angled brush to fill in brows or define your lash lines


How gorgeous are these brushes, though? They’re so sparkly and definitely eye catching! Another thing I like about this brush set is the fact they will be easy to travel with (if need be) and store. This set doesn’t take up much room. It’s perfect if you need to travel and store them away in your luggage or overnight bag. I also really love how the glitter doesn’t come off. I can run my hands against these brushes and not have any specks of glitter left behind. These brushes seem like they’re made really well and are good quality.

If I like these brushes I think I will go back to see what else they have for brushes. I really like the feel of these and have a good feeling that they will perform well.

Have you guys tried any IT Cosmetics brushes? Do you have this set? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂





15 thoughts on “IT Cosmetics All That Glitters Brush Set

    • I know!! I happened to see it as I was checking out, up front. I can’t wait to use them, they’re so pretty and so soft! I think it’s still available, I got a few days ago. I think they’re online as well. Hope you can find them! Thanks for reading! 😊💕💜


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