Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back

photo-dec-15-3-59-46-pmWhen I think of my childhood I have such fond memories. Good memories. Great memories. I had great friends and lots of great times. It’s funny, when I ask my husband about his childhood he remembers very little. He doesn’t describe his memories as vivid and detailed as I do mine. He, like myself, had a great childhood as well. He just doesn’t remember his, I guess, as much as I do mine.

He’s not the only one who’s memories of their earlier years are kinda hazy. I still talk to old childhood friends and when I bring up a certain time, or memory, not all of them recall it. I’ve often been told my memory is freakishly good. I have memories (not a ton of them, but a couple) of being two years old and younger. I’ve described memories or a certain time to my Mom and she was amazed I remembered something from a time when I was so young. 

I always thought that was how it was for everyone. Doesn’t everyone remember being a kid? I remember my first day of daycare. I think my Mom said I was three… I remember not wanting her to leave me, I remember crying, I remember the teachers and help that worked there. I don’t just have vague memories either. I see and remember those times so clearly. Talking to friends, most of them don’t remember those things. My husband doesn’t either. I dunno, maybe my long term memory is really good. I know my short term isn’t the best at all. Ask me what I did yesterday and I’m like, “ummm… what was yesterday?” I’m literally the worst at short term memories.

I don’t know why I started thinking about my childhood, however I do find myself thinking back on it every now and then. I miss those times. I miss being a kid and doing all the silly, fun things that kids do. I miss how carefree and fun life was. Stress free! I even miss school. (I know, how nerdy of me) I miss the sleepovers I always had, the late night girl talk, the laughs. My Mom would plan these trips and we’d go downtown into Boston and go out to eat, shopping at the mall, and movies afterwards. I’d usually invite one or two friends to join us and it just became our “thing.” Every year for my birthday, I’d throw a party & invite all my friends. My Mom would usually go all out and have lots of food and games for us to play. I looked forward to it every year.

I miss the summer’s of being a kid. Riding bikes, walking around the neighborhood, going to the park. Of course back then there were no cell phones, so meeting up with friends unexpectedly was a treat if it happened. Times were just different back then and so much fun.

No one tells you how hard being an adult really is. When we’re kids we’re so anxious and ready to grow up that (I know I couldn’t wait) we don’t just live in the moment, we don’t enjoy just being a kid. We just want to grow up and get on with our lives so fast.

Being an adult is great at times, however it’s also hard a lot of the times too. I’m a worrier. I worry about everything. About the littlest things. I have anxiety and I stress. Life isn’t always great. Life sucks sometimes. Often times I have to just put on a happy face and burry whatever it is that’s affecting me. I don’t like to talk about what I’m feeling, what I’m worried about, what’s bothering me. It’s just easier to pretend like everything is okay. It’s something I’ve done for a long time. I tell my husband, of course, but I mean other people, girlfriends, I keep it to myself. I’m very selective in who and what I disclose things to.

I miss when it used to be easier. I get it, life is hard… it’s life. As a kid you’re blind to that fact because your parents want you to be a kid and enjoy your childhood. I think that’s why I like to re-visit mine at times, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed or life gets hard. Those were happy times. Fun times. I like to hold onto those times because life isn’t always happy, nor fun. We all struggle, we all have things we’re dealing with. Even the happiest person has their dark moments.

Do you guys ever find yourself looking back on childhood memories? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

**DISCLAIMER- The above picture does not belong to me and was found while doing a Google search.**




4 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back

  1. Mine is not freakishly good, but I do remember a lot, and I am a “bit” older than you! I moved a lot when I was young so I had a lot of good and bad memories….I mainly remember all of the good times, though some of the bad also come to mind on occasion.

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    • I can remember a few bad times, but for the most part I have great memories that I love looking back on. I’m happy to hear that you can remember a lot about your childhood too. Most of my friends or people I’ve talked to about it don’t have too many memories. Thanks for reading & giving your thoughts!

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  2. This was such a great read!!! I can only remember a few things from when I was like 2 lol but I definitely have a lot of great childhood memories from my years 5 and up I remember going on random outings on the weekends with my dad to toy stores and him letting me pick out any toy that I wanted just because..and he would take me to Burger King to get a kids meal and I would get one of those paper crown hats put on my head lol those were the good ole days💕

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    • What a great memory! Omg!! The paper crown hats!! I remember those lol!! I used to love going to Burger King just to get that crown. Aww! Such a great memory! Thanks love!! I sure do miss those days sometimes. 😉💕💜


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