Candle Empties

imageI burn candles daily so you can imagine that I go through a lot of them. I didn’t want this post to be extremely long, so I’ve cut my empties down to just six that I’m going to show you. I included three Yankee Candle scents, as well as three Bath & Body Works scents.

Since Bath & Body Works candles are a faster burn at just being 14.5 oz (compared to a 22 oz large jar Yankee) I tend to go through a ton of those ones regularly. It’s another reason I buy a lot of Bath & Body Works candles & try and stock up on them. I do like the style of Bath & Body Works candles. They’re easy to store, convenient, and most are pretty cute. I just wish they had a larger size than 14.5 oz. Maybe large tumbler style candles like Yankee has? That would be nice and different if they added something like that to their collection. Especially with the rumors of their candle prices going up again! I kinda like that idea. It would be nice if we saw something like that for 2017. Give us a little more for our buck!


All of these scents from Bath & Body Works were a part of their winter collection. (Not sure if Peach Meringue was from the fall collection or winter?) Either way, these scents are currently still available for purchase. *Peach Meringue is kind of hit or miss right now. I’ve seen a few at my Bath & Body Works store, however I don’t think it is available online anymore.*


  • Peach Meringue : 
    • Fresh Peach Nectar, Golden Apricot, Whipped Vanilla

This candle was very pleasant. I enjoyed this one a lot. It smelled like an orange creamsicle or some kind of sweet orange creamy candy. I really picked up the the vanilla and peach, though it wasn’t an intense peach, it was light, but complimented the vanilla and worked together. My only complaint was this candle was pretty light. It would go through periods of giving off scent, then the next I could smell very little. It was a little disappointing. I loved the scent I did smell -when I got it, however it was very inconsistent as far as throw goes.


  • Salted Caramel : 
    • Salted Caramel, Roasted Chestnut, Caramelized Sugar, Dark Molasses

I loved this one! This was a very strong scent for me and I could smell it down my hallway. It was delicious! I could really smell the salted caramel, and caramelized sugar. I think I could detect a slight roasted chestnut or some sort of nut in there, but it all came together perfectly. I wasn’t sure how I’d like this one because I was a little over salted caramel scents. I went through a period of loving it too much, so much so, that I burned YC’s Salted Caramel a little too much & made myself sick of the scent. This, however, is different than YC’s Salted Caramel scent and I like this one a LOT more.


  • Hot Cocoa & Cream : Notes of milk chocolate, fresh steamed milk, & mini marshmallows

If you’re a chocolate lover than I think you’ll love this candle! It has a strong, rich scent of milk chocolate and hints of marshmallow. This is a strong candle! It really does remind me of a cup of hot chocolate. Imagine the scent of scooping in the powdered cocoa and adding milk (though this candle has no milky note, it’s more dry with a little creaminess) and mini marshmallows to your cup… that’s what this candle smells like burning. It’s perfect on a cold winter night!



  • Crisp Apple Strudel : Tart apples & brown sugar

This candle smells very much like an apple strudel baking or an apple crisp of some sort. The notes I mostly pick up are the tart apples, brown sugar, and a flaky pastry, some sort of crust. It’s wonderful! It smells like fresh baked apples or apple pastry baking in the oven. I had no problems with the throw on this candle. It was pretty strong and scented the entire room. It was perfect for fall and early winter.


  • Gingerbread Maple : “Baking spices and the warm fragrance of cloves, with just a touch of maple, bring back memories of gingerbread cooling on cookie sheets.”

    Fragrance Notes:

    Top: Gingerbread, Clove, Cinnamon
    Mid: Nutmeg, Cardamom
    Base: Vanilla, Maple

I’ve loved this candle since I think it came out last year. I’m not really big on gingerbread scents so… at first I was a little hesitant when I first discovered this one. However, the gingerbread is a top note, it’s not overpowering to where I can’t smell any other notes. I get a lot of vanilla mixed with maple and some nutmeg & clove. I can’t really pick up too much cinnamon, but all the notes work fantastic together and make for a lovely fragrance. I always have a couple of backups of this one on hand.


  • Chocolate Layer Cake : “The scrumptious layering of cocoa and chocolate mousse is pure decadence.”

    Fragrance Notes:

    Top: Chocolate Mousse Pudding, Cocoa
    Mid: Fruity Cranberry
    Base: Vanilla

As far as Yankee Candles go, Chocolate Layer Cake is one of their strongest scents! (If not the strongest) this candle is so powerful, I can smell it throughout my house! It smells like you’re baking a yummy, chocolate cake. The scent is so authentic! It’s very sweet, however, it’s not cloying. It’s been compared to Bath & Body Works Hot Cocoa & Cream. I can see the similarities, although, I feel Chocolate Layer Cake is more rich, more chocolatey. Hot Cocoa & Cream isn’t as rich, it’s more watered down. Still a great candle, just not an exact dupe for YC’s Chocolate Layer Cake. I love burning this candle! Satisfies my sweet tooth without the calories. 🙂

Let me know, have you tried any of these scents? What kind of scents are you burning right now? What are your favorites?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Candle Empties

  1. I’m a big Bath and Body works candle girl. My all time favorite is Pecan Waffle, which is usually only a fall season candle. I really enjoy the Salted Caramel as well.. During the spring/summer season I really enjoy the lavenders, Hawaiian, fresh linen scents. The peach ones smell really nice as well! Gosh I do hope BBWs does come out with a bigger jar, cause i’m with you, they just burn down too fast, especially when they are lit allll the time. Nice post & thanks for sharing. Have a great day! Trish

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was so obsessed with Pumpkin Pecan & Waffles when it first came out! I bought so many!! It is such a good scent. That would be amazing if B&BW decided to make a larger jar, they burn so quickly! You can get a Yankee for 22oz at $28, and they’re talking about raising the prices on B&BW’s 3 wicks to $24! So crazy! Thank you, have a great day as well! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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