Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack Review

imageMelt Cosmetics is brand that is new to me. I first heard about them from Instagram a while ago. Most of the beauty guru’s I follow showed pictures, gave reviews, talked about this brand and their stacked eyeshadows. I was interested. I wanted to try the ‘Rust Stack’ for a while now, however, it was always sold out whenever I tried to purchase it.

I was finally able to grab this on their Cyber Monday sale, I believe. I think originally it sold out, or something happened with the site & it crashed. They restocked maybe a week later? (not too sure of the timeline) and said they would honor the Cyber Monday deal. I set my alarm and quickly purchased it the day it went live. It was a pretty easy transaction, no site crashes, I was able to add it to my cart, pay and check out.


What was my first impression?

As far as packaging goes, I feel like Melt Cosmetics has something very different and unique. The “stacks” are magnetic, allowing the eyeshadow pans to “stack” together. It’s very convenient as far as traveling goes, or storing them in your collection. They take up very little space and I just feel it’s super easy to reach for. Plus I really like the look of the packaging it comes in as well. It’s simple, yet still attractive.


Is it Worth the Hype? 

The Rust Stack retails for $58 for 5 ultra matte earth tone shadows. The shadows include:

  • Classic : Soft Vanilla 
  • Antique : Warm peachy color
  • Rubbish : Dijon mustard color
  • Rust : Rusted rich brown color with burnt red undertones
  • Rott : Rich dark chocolate shadow
  • (Mirror included as well)

I’m really impressed with these colors and how they perform. I’m not sure what I was expecting, honestly, I think I was a little nervous that these shadows wouldn’t perform that great… or weren’t as amazing as a lot of people say. They’re almost $60 so I was a little worried I could possibly regret buying this.

Lucky for me, that was definitely not the case. The shadows are very creamy, very pigmented, blend beautifully, just overall easy to work with. The colors are vibrant and stay on all day. I love how big and wide the pans are, so you have lots of product to play with. I can definitely see why there’s so much buzz around this brand. I can see why the Rust Stack is a favorite and always sold out. The colors are gorgeous. Perfect for fall, however, I’ll use this during any season.


Final Thoughts :

I think for anyone that is on the fence with wanting to purchase this stack (or just anything from Melt) rest assured, it’s worth it! The formula is great, the shades are great, pigmentation, quality, everything lives up to my expectations. I’m very happy I decided to finally buy this and take a chance on Melt Cosmetics. I’m looking forward to buying the Gun Metal Stack once it becomes available again. Those colors are insane!!! Seriously, so stunning! I can just imagine how they’ll look in person. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

I used the Rust Stack in the photos below, however, you can’t really see much of it. I have hooded lids and my eyelashes take up a lot so it makes it difficult to really see. On my lips is Double Tap from Colourpop. I know I’ll be using these eyeshadows often. I’m very happy I was able to finally buy it!




Have you tried anything from Melt Cosmetics before? What did you buy? Did you like it? If not, are you interested in buying from them? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack Review

    • That’s too bad! I’m not sure where they deliver to on their website, … Hopefully it will become available to you at some point. They’re a good brand. Yes, as I mentioned in the post, they were very pigmented. They did last all day and still looked great many hours later. Thanks for reading! 😊


      • I will have a look at some point, thank you for coming into both of my blogs it is wonderful when you see someone like what you have to say about things. I haven’t done much with my Book blog lately but the other one you went into is rather new. 🙂 Thank you for your Christmas wishes… its Christmas Eve here now… time goes so fast!!

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      • I just followed your other blog as well. 😊 I love books myself, always looking to read new ones and hear others opinions on book reviews. Oh wow, it’s already Christmas Eve where you live, we still have a few hours before it hits midnight. I agree, time goes by sooo fast!! How is it already Christmas?! It seems the year went by so quick!! Hope you have a great one!


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