Colourpop Cookies Highlighter Trio First Impression

imageI kinda had my eye on this highlighter trio when I first saw it on Colourpop’s website. It’s for lighter skin tones, since I don’t keep up with my self tanning regularly during the winter… I thought this would be perfect.

From reading my blog, you know I’m a big fan of Colourpop. I love their matte, satin, and metallic liquid lipsticks! I really do think for the inexpensive price you pay, you end up with a good quality product. Plus they have many, many, different shades to choose from. Their products are great and shipping is usually super quick. I’ve never had any issues with Colourpop (items missing, broken, etc) knock on wood… so I’m not sure how the customer service is on that. However, I’d imagine they are pretty on top of things and would fix whatever issue you had accordingly.ย 


  • Stole The Show: light warm silver with flashes of pink, silver and goldย 
  • Smoke N Whistles:ย cool-toned pink champagne with silver highlights
  • Lunch Money: soft light gold

These highlighters are so buttery and soft. I am obsessed with how creamy and buttery they feel! It’s one of the softest highlighters I’ve ever tried/ felt. I really love that. I have one other Colourpop highlighter in Candyman, (I did a review on it) from the first look… I would think the texture of these would be more firm and not really buttery at all. These just feel really, really, nice to the touch.

They’re also all very pigmented, using just a little goes a long way! They’re already so pigmented, so I’m curious to see how they are when you build them up more. (I’m all about that blinding effect)


I’m really looking forward to trying these out and seeing how they perform. I love the shades just from looking at them and swatching. I think these are going to be intense, gorgeous highlights. Definitely what I’m all about. ๐Ÿ™‚

This trio retails for $20 and can be purchased onย Colourpop’s Website

Have any of you picked up any of the trios? Or just any Colourpop highlighters? What are your favs? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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