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imageFalse lashes are a love of mine. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with long, beautiful lashes naturally. I pretty much wear false lashes 90% of the time when I’m creating a look. I just feel like it looks better and just brings everything together. It just really completes any look I’m going for.

I like dramatic, long, bold lashes. It’s one of the reasons I first got into wearing them. I saw girls with these amazing, long, sexy lashes and I wanted that! Mascara was only doing so much for me… it never gave me the result I desired. Honestly, I used to be kinda scared of false lashes. The thought of using some kind of adhesive glue near your eyelashes?? What if I pulled them out?? I was scared it would hurt (I’m a baby… what can I say?) The whole thought of it made me a little uneasy. Eventually I sucked it up and tried (and tried… and tried… and tried) to apply them a few years ago. I remember it took me a bit to get the hang of it…. (how did so many girls make it look so easy?!) In the end, as with everything, practice makes perfect and I got the hang of it and fell in love with false lashes! Um, where had they been all my life?! 


I first heard about Mandy Cosmetics from a fellow blogger I follow when I first started my blog. (sorry, I forget who it was) she had a pic and I thought her lashes were gorgeous so I asked where she got them. She told me and I looked it up and followed Mandy Cosmetics on Instagram.

I was contacted by Amanda Azeredo (the owner of Mandy Cosmetics) a couple of weeks ago asking if I’d like to try her brand for a discounted price. I said sure. I love lashes. I’ve just recently gotten into mink lashes, (love) so why not? Amanda was very sweet throughout our communication and told me to pick out the lashes I wanted so she could send me the discount code.


I chose the ‘Bombshell’ lashes. I felt those ones would be exactly what I was looking for and looked gorgeous! Not only are the lashes beautiful, they’re also cruelty free!

Taken from her website:

“Mandy Lashes are 100% genuine mink eyelashes and animal cruelty-free. The mink hairs are collected during shedding season and animals not harmed in the making of these lashes in any way.”

I really love that they’re cruelty free! You can feel comfortable purchasing a pair of mink lashes, knowing no harm was done to any of the animals! If that wasn’t good enough, Mandy Cosmetics also donates 5% of every purchase to a cancer research foundation. Those two things alone were another reason I was so inclined to try these lashes! I love companies that want to, and try to give back.

The lashes themselves are just as beautiful in person as they are in the pictures. Very soft, lightweight, durable, all with adding glamour to your look. I had no problems wearing these. They were very comfortable and stayed in place all day/ night. I will probably order another pair as a backup for when I have to throw these lashes away. (You can get many uses out of these lashes as long as you are gentle and take proper care of them)

Overall I am really happy. I think Mandy Cosmetics seems like a great company. As I mentioned, I love the fact that their lashes are cruelty free. I love that they donate every lash purchase to a cancer research foundation! Those two things just really sold me. I’m glad I decided to try them out because I really like them a lot!

If you’re into false lashes you should check them out! Mandy Cosmetics They retail between $19.99 and $22.99. Amanda was kind enough to give me a discount code that will save you 10% off of your order. You can use my code – “JennT10” to save a little money if you’re interested in trying them out.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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**DISCLAIMER** These lashes were purchased with my own money and were not sent to me for free in return for a review, etc. All opinions are my own.**



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