First Time Ordering From Morphe (My Experience) & Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Palette

imageI have been debating ordering from Morphe for quite some time now. If any of you remember, I made a post and touched briefly on wanting to try their palettes, but was hesitant. The colors looked gorgeous to me, swatches I saw looked pigmented and easy to work with, the price was affordable… yet I would hear a lot of negative reviews just as much as I heard really good reviews.

I really wanted to try them! I would often add stuff to my cart and right before I had to click to place my order, I backed out. I did this multiple times. For some reason I was still holding off. I watched tons of Youtube videos on regular (paying customers) who bought palettes and gave their reviews/ opinions. I say, “regular paying customers” because when it comes to a lot of highly popular products, I don’t always trust the big Youtube influencers who are getting paid to give amazing reviews. I want real opinions, ones that aren’t being swayed by a paycheck or some kind of perk. I want the truth, is what it boils down to. 

I don’t know what made me finally order from Morphe, but I did it! When I saw their Copper Spice palette and Copper Dreams brush set… I took the plunge! I thought the colors in the Copper Spice palette were incredible. The brush set looked amazing as well so I placed the order before I could back out.


Copper Spice Palette

I placed this order on 12/26/2016. My order arrived on January 4th, three days ago. I was so excited! If I’m being honest, I was most excited about the brush set over the palette. I still had low expectations on their palettes, while I was in love with the colors… I had it in my mind that I would most likely be disappointed. When I opened my package I found the Copper Spice palette I ordered. I also found the Bronzed Mocha Palette (I didn’t order) and Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar. (Didn’t order) The Copper Dreams brush set wasn’t there.


Bronzed Mocha




I explained the situation to my husband, and asked him to call the customer service number. I had an appointment I had to be at and didn’t have time to call, but I wanted to let them know I was missing the brush set and apparently got someone else’s order. He called first thing when they opened (8:30 am pacific time) and they said they would ship out the brush set and send a return shipping label so I could send back the Bronzed Mocha palette and the Liquid Sugar. That was fine.

He had to send pics of my order form and what I got in my package. Later that day, he was emailed and she asked if I’d like to keep the items for $15. I told him no. I’d return them because I hadn’t tried the Copper Spice palette yet and I was unsure if I’d even like that. Plus the colors in the Bronzed Mocha, while they’re pretty, I liked the Copper Spice colors better, that’s why I ordered that one and not the bundle deal they had for both palettes.

The next day she emailed him back and included the shipping label. She said my brush set would ship within 24-48 hours. Okay. What? Here’s where I had a problem with that. This was my first time ordering from this company. I was excited to get my order, understandably, I was disappointed when I realized my brush set was missing. I was being inconvenienced already having to return these items I didn’t order… now I had to wait 24-48 hours before they even shipped out my brush set I already paid for- on top of waiting for the brushes to actually get to me in the mail. I was upset. It took no time to print out a return label for me to ship the incorrect items out, yet it was going to be 24-48 hours before my already paid for brushes were shipped?

I wrote an email back and explained how upset I was by this. I felt my brushes should have been shipped out the day they were made aware that they never included them in my package. The call was placed right when they opened. At the very least they should have been shipped out the next morning. Why 24-48 hours? After I emailed them, I tweeted them. Someone on twitter gave me a different email to email them back.

As I was ending my email to the new email address they gave me, my husband showed me that he got the tracking for my brush set. Apparently she did something and got it shipped out.

The girl I contacted through the twitter email was very nice. She got back to me yesterday. She apologized and agreed that my package should have been sent out right away when they were made aware. I apologized for getting upset, and told her I was just frustrated and disappointed when I had sent the original email.

I asked if I’d just be able to pay the $15 to keep the items I didn’t order (as the first woman had mentioned I could do) because we’re having a big snow storm today and I wouldn’t be able to get to the post office until Monday to ship it back. She replied back and said I could just keep it for the inconvenience. I asked her if she was sure because I didn’t mind paying the $15 now that I had had a chance to try out the Copper Spice palette. She said it was mine to keep and that my brushes would be arriving soon. She was very helpful and very nice. I thanked her for helping me and she told me if I had any other issues to contact her.

I’m happy this could be resolved. Originally I told them I probably wouldn’t order from them again. I’m eating those words now (I’ve placed an order for the Kathleen Lights palette)

I realize there are much bigger issues in the world than my missing brush set, however, I was having a bad day and seeing that email telling me I’d have to wait up to 48 hours for an item I was supposed to receive the first time around… made me upset. As I mentioned, it was my first time ordering from them and to have something missing, especially the first time dealing with a new company (new to me) it was  little off putting.


My final thoughts :

Even though this started off kind of badly, I’ve had a chance to try out the Copper Spice palette. All my doubts, pre-judgements, fears, were proven incorrectly. I am happy to say that I love that palette! The pigment is freaking insane! As good as some of my higher end shadows! They’re easy to blend, but most importantly, the colors stayed on all day and night and performed amazing! This palette performed and did way better than the Kyshadow Winter palette I got and didn’t like. Like, what? Kylie’s $42 palette compared to, I think this palette was $17.99? It just blows hers out of the water. I say that as a Kylie Cosmetics fan, not someone who hates on her products either.

I haven’t tried the Bronzed Mocha palette yet since I had it packed up to ship it back to them. I’m sure I’ll love it once I do.

So I guess now I’m officially on the Morphe train & officially a fan. I can’t wait for my brush set to arrive!

Did any of you try these two palettes out? What were your thoughts? Are you a fan of Morphe? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend! 🙂

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42 thoughts on “First Time Ordering From Morphe (My Experience) & Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Palette

  1. sorry for your bad experience!! that sounds very frustrating. i am having a hard time getting my laura lee palette from violet voss because of the holidays? i ordered it on the 23rd and it still isnt here. sooo annoying. but I am sooo happy to hear you love the palette itself. I just ordered the 350 palette and some brushes and i cant wait to try them!!!

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    • Oh no! Is it still processing or has it shipped and just not moving? Ugh. I hate that! I actually had to file a claim with UPS for my Lush order. It was out for delivery the other day and was never delivered. When I tracked the status the next day it just showed it was at the facility. Apparently they can’t find it or don’t know what happened to it. 😩😩 why me?? Lol. I hope you get your palette soon!! I wanna get the 35o palette! I have a few I’d like to try out. 💕💜

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      • Just checked and it will be here tomorrow ! Phewww. Ugh so sorry about your Lush order!!! Why did it have to be Lush too!?! Best products ever I’d be so annoyed. I’ll let you know how I like the 350 I think I’m going to love it…all of the colors are right up my alley 😍

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh that’s great! At least you won’t have to wait anymore! Ugh… I know! I only ordered online because what I wanted was sold out in store so I thought it would be quicker. 😐 I can’t wait to see how you like the 350! It looks gorgeous!! I’ll probably try that one next. I have the Kathleen Lights & the Taupe palette coming.

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      • I am soooo excited to get it, ill keep you posted pretty! let me know how you like the Kathleen Lights palette, i literally love her so much i would love to buy that one before its gone


    • Yeah I just tried to order from the website (and mind you I am signed up in so I should be able to order easily), and it kept glitching and asking me to sign in. It did this about 7 times, all the while I was trying to order the James Charles pallet. It came out about an hour before I tried ordering, and I didn’t know. There were two left, so I was trying to hurry. But sense the website kept glitching I got to checkout, and then it told me I couldn’t order because it was OuT oF STocK! I was pretty upset because if the website had not glitches I could have easily gotten the pallet (which I have been looking forward to sense he came out with it), and I do realize not everyone will be rushing to get a product before it sells out, but I just wanted to share my experience so you could know yourself how frustrating that website can be. Thanks if you made it all the way ❤

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  2. Oh man, that stinks, but i’m glad it got taken care of. I’ve ordered from Morphe a handful of times, and I only had one bad experience (a fan brush looked like it had been electrocuted), but I didn’t even bother contacting them as I was able to bring it back to life.

    I love my Morphe palettes, but like you, I kept backing out of ordering these. I have a bad habit of putting things in my shopping cart and bailing, going back later, bailing, rise and repeat, but I’m realing wishing I had ordered these! You made me really want to go on a brush buying binge though! haha

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  3. I am really happy that everything turned good. I hadn’t have any issues with morphe. I am soo sad of your situation because you were ordering for the first time. But it is said everything happens for a reason. At least you have one more palette and you are waiting for your brushes. Hope you won’t stop buying this brand because it is soooo cheap and good one 🙂

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  4. I love Morphe! I have yet to be disappointed with anything I have ordered. The only complaint I have is that their shipping is high. However, hautelook has their products pretty often discounted and shipping is cheaper! Might be worth looking into if you want to expand your collection. I’m jealous you got those two new palettes! They look gorg!

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  5. The colors in the palette are gorgeous I was sitting here thinking the whole time that they should have let you keep the extra products since they were the ones who screwed up I’m glad that you were able to keep them for free in the end this was such a good read!! Great job hun! ⭐️⭐️😉💕

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    • I really love the colors in the Copper Spice palette! That’s the reason I decided to finally buy I think… it’s so gorgeous!! Thanks so much sweetie! I’m glad everything ended up well. 💕💜💕


  6. I’m glad you can keep the other palette. I want the Bronzed Mocha palette and the brush set as well but I haven’t seen much reviews about the brushes. Do you have them yet? Can you review them? Thanks in advance. 🙂

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  8. Ohh, now I want to try them 🙂 I’ve been looking for pallets with a bunch of neutral, yet different colors. Most neutral pallets are like “here’s a bunch of browns that all look the same!” Sorry for your bad experience 😦 I’ve totally been there. Also, thanks for the love on my blog!!

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