Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette And Why I’m Not Buying

photo-jan-12-5-22-58-amI love Kylie Cosmetics. That’s no secret. If you go through my blog you’ll find some reviews on her lip kits, all of them positive. I’ve stated many times that I love her lip kits and think they’re some of the best, in my opinion. With the exception of ‘Kourt K’ I think her formula is fantastic. I have no issues with performance, longevity, they feel lightweight on my lips, etc. Simply put – I love her lip products and I am a fan of them.

I know when it comes to Kylie and her company, people either really love her and her brand, or really hate her and her brand. The ones who hate her will seem to find any little thing to attack her and her products on. You’ll never satisfy them because in their mind, her products will never be good enough or live up to any expectations because of who she is and their dislike for her. I do like her and her products so my thoughts on this new palette aren’t coming from a “haters” perspective. 


In all honesty,  when I first saw that Kylie was coming out with this palette, it didn’t spark anything inside of me. I didn’t want it. I didn’t need it.

I did think the palette itself looked gorgeous! She really stepped her game up as far as packaging goes. I love that the palette has a new shape, more updated look on the outside, (her eyes as the cover) it comes with 12 shades, a mirror, and a brush. I love the idea of the palette… however, that’s as far as it goes.




The palette looks like something I would want in my collection. (just judging by the looks of it alone) if I was basing my opinion on just looks alone and not concerned with quality, how the shadows perform, the color shades, I would definitely be hopping on the train in anticipation to buying this.

Unfortunately, I can’t sample these shadows in person to see how they perform. Nor can I return this palette or any products from Kylie Cosmetics if I feel unsatisfied or don’t like them. It’s a chance we are willing to take when we buy from certain online companies. I’m not saying that’s wrong and they should change their policy, I’m just saying, it does play a role in my decision with this palette.

Other than Kylie’s lip kits, I had never tried any other products from her. In December I ordered her limited edition holiday palette on a whim. To this day I’m not sure why I decided to purchase that palette, especially since I wanted the burgundy one and never ended up buying it.

I think I let the hype of it being a “limited edition” holiday palette persuade me. While the colors were pretty in that palette, they weren’t shades I was 100% feeling. Still I bought it. After trying it out a couple of times, I regretted my decision. The shadows were very dry and became muddy looking when trying to blend together. I also found the shadows to fade away, literally an hour to two hours of wearing them. The intensity (it wasn’t all that intense to begin with) was fading away and the look I created was looking like a legit mess. I have a review on it if you’d like to read it. Kyshadow Holiday Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review



So coming off of just buying the holiday palette, it’s just left a bad taste in my mouth. I have that palette just sitting in the land of makeup I will never use again, toss out, or give away. It was a waste of $42… but it was a chance I was willing to take.

That also plays a part in my decision on not wanting to buy this palette. How will it perform? Will it be the same way as my holiday palette? Will it be another waste of money? I just don’t want to take that chance again. As I mentioned, once you buy it, you’re stuck with it. No returns or exchanges. I think I’m okay with my decision.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier… these colors don’t do anything for me. Yes, they’re pretty. However, I think they’re just kind of so so… nothing jumps out at me at all. I also don’t like the fact that she included such a dark royal blue shadow in a peach palette. While, yes, I think it’s aesthetically nice, the colors are placed just right to perfectly come together. It makes for a beautiful looking palette. I really don’t like that blue in the palette though. Just my opinion. Some may love it, I personally don’t.

Overall, what it comes down to is, I just am not really feeling this palette.

I feel like we’ve seen so many of these colors before. We probably own many similar shades in our collections. I’m not in love with these colors and I think that makes my decision an easier one to make.

Hopefully this palette performs much better than the holiday palette did. Hopefully everyone who decides to buy it will love it and create many amazing looks with it.

Either way, this won’t be a palette I need or want to buy.

Are any of you planning on buying this palette?  Do you own other palettes? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

**DISCLAIMER : All pictures belong to Kylie Cosmetics and were taken from her Instagram page. They are not mine.**


32 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette And Why I’m Not Buying

  1. You should definitely get the Burgundy Palette! I have the Burgundy and the Bronze Palette and the Burgundy one is definitely a lot better quality than the Bronze so I wouldn’t suggest getting that one haha. I like a lot of colors in the royal peach but there are also some colors that I know I would rarely touch. I definitely won’t buy it when it releases today but maybe in a couple months if I am still thinking about it cause you know, IT’S KYLIE lol.

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    • I heard the burgundy palette was a lot better than the bronze palette. I loved the colors in the burgundy one over the bronze, so I was glad to hear that it performed well. If you get the Royal Peach palette at some point , I’d love to know what you think of it. 😊😊

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  2. I completely agree with you! I think her earlier palettes look lovely but this one does nothing for me, sure the colours are pretty but definitely not colours that I could regularly wear, and yes I do also hate the blue, not overly keen on the purple either x

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    • I definitely agree! The colors with this palette just do nothing for me as well. It’s just not something I want or need to have. I love what they did with the packaging, but that’s about it. I agree about the purple color too!! I think the colors are sorta weird for a “peach” kind of palette.


  3. Great post! I love the colors and I don’t have a big make-up collection so they would fit perfectly–but I feel like I’d rather go to Sephora and find a some high end shadows I can actually swatch instead of jumping on and buying this palette.


  4. I agree with you on “not feeling it.” The colors don’t make any sense to me. I think she would’ve benefited from having all peachy eyeshadow colors with some light to dark gold highlighter colors along the bottom. Eyeshadow/highlighter palette’s are on the rise.

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    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it! For me, this palette didn’t do anything for me and I wasn’t a fan of the color scheme. Plus her holiday palette performed horribly so it’s kinda turned me off of her eyeshadow palettes. Glad you like yours & it’s working out for you!

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  5. I can’t agree more with this post. I have bronze and burgundy and they are faultless; best palettes I’ve every bought. However I was so surprised to see the reviews on the holiday ones but the peach palette seems to have resumed back onto the fabulous palette list she had before.
    For me I wouldn’t want it as the colours aren’t really me, and you’re so right you can’t even return it!

    Although…have you see her sneak peaks of Valentine’s Day collection I kind of want it all!

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    • I wish I would have bought the burgundy palette over that damn holiday palette!! I don’t know why I got caught up in the hype. I’ve heard amazing things about that one.

      Have you heard about a lot of people complaining about the Royal Peach palette smelling of chemicals? I’ve watched some reviews and read about it. I’m really glad I decided to skip it!!
      I really like what she has coming out for Valentine’s Day!! I really want to get some stuff… but then I want to see what everyone else says. I kinda hate that you can’t return or exchange anything… I don’t want to take another chance and get stuck with a product I hate again. 😕

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      • Thing is you can never tell especially as the first two palettes had such incredible responses, you expect the 3rd to be the same. Ooh no I haven’t? I find it weird that they’d change a great formula that’s worked so well before..?
        I don’t think she’s changed the formula of the lip kits so I’m going to get those but the two eyeshadows and two lips are extremeley tempting. Gorgeous, glittery and metallic which go so well with her other palettes!


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