Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set – First Impression & Review

imageHello beauties! Well my Morphe brush set finally arrived sometime early last week. If you weren’t aware, I originally ordered for the first time from Morphe when they released their Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha palettes. There was some kind of mixup on their part and I received the Copper Spice palette I ordered, however, my Copper Dreams brush set was missing. If you haven’t read about it, you can read it here if you’d like : First Time Ordering From Morphe (My Experience) & Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Palette

I was excited for this brush set to arrive. For one, I loved the look of this set. From the beautiful copper colored cylindrical tube it came in, to the white base and copper tipped brushes themselves. The look and packaging is what got me. It looks fancy, yet it’s affordable.

Previously, I’d never owned anything from Morphe. (brushes included) I’ve heard many mixed thoughts on their products as well as their brushes. As always, I like to try something out and form my own opinion. What works for someone else might not work for me and vice versa. 


I’ve noticed I’ve been getting more and more into makeup brushes. I’ve always just bought MAC brushes and a few from Makeup Geek. (which are terrific and some of my favs btw) I’ve been trying to expand and branch out to other brands and not keep it strictly just MAC.

When the brush set arrived, It was just as gorgeous in person as it was in pictures. I will say the one thing that I noticed was it had a strong smell to it. A strong plastic chemical smell to it, polyurethane maybe? It was too much for me (I am sensitive to certain smells) so I had to open up the tube the brushes were in and let them all air out in a ventilated back porch for a day or two.

When I was finally able to use the brushes I was actually pretty pleased. I found them to be very easy to work with, pick up product, blend, basically, just perform like my other higher end brushes.

Not sure what I was expecting…  I think I had these horror stories and images of the brushes falling apart right as I used them. I heard stories on how some people’s brushes fell right apart, or were/ are terrible quality brushes. I think I kept that at the back of my mind and was preparing for the worst. What I got was nothing like that at all. I’ve used these brushes every day (after letting them air out) since and I’m really enjoying them.

Keep in mind, you get twelve brushes. I haven’t used every single one of them yet. I’ve used a good handful of them and so far so good. I haven’t noticed any shedding so far. I also haven’t cleaned them yet,(a couple of the eye brushes I have…  the bigger ones for your face, I haven’t) so I’m hoping all will be fine once I do and I run into no issues.

They seem to be pretty decent brushes and I really do like them. I think the packaging is very beautiful and these brushes would add an extra flair to any makeup collection.

The set is currently sold out. I’m unsure if they will have another restock on them, but I’ve heard some say that they will. The set retails for $39.99 for 12 brushes:

  • Powder Brush 8″ (Bristles: Goat)
  • Angle Blush Brush 7 3/4″ (Bristles: Goat)
  • Duo Fiber Foundation Brush 7.5″ (Bristles: Synthetic/sable)
  • Deluxe Shadow Brush 7 1/4″ (Bristles: Sable)
  • 1″ Flat Contour Brush 6.5″ (Bristles: Sable)
  • Blender Brush 7 3/8″ (Bristles: Sable)
  • Deluxe Highlight Brush 7.5″ (Bristles: Sable)
  • Firm Blending Fluff 7 1/4″ (Bristles: Sable)
  • Round Blender Brush 7 3/8″ (Bristles: Sable)
  • Eye shadow Brush 7 1/4″ (Bristles: Sable)
  • Bullet Crease Brush 6 3/4″ (Bristles: Sable)
  • Angle Liner Brush 6 3/4″ (Bristles: Synthetic)

If you’re able to get your hands on this set if it gets restocked again, I’d say go for it! I was very leery about trying anything from Morphe for so long. I’ve head the stories about them being a private label company, how their products are from China, are cheap, etc. With all of that in mind, I was concerned how the product(s) would perform. Would they not hold up? Would the shadows be trash and not have enough pigment? Fade? Become muddy when blending? Would the brushes fall apart? I had so many concerns and I think that’s why I held off for so long.

I love watching Youtube. I probably follow some of the same popular beauty gurus that you follow. I enjoy them and watching their tutorials, etc. However, I don’t base how I spend my money on certain products they try pushing. At the end of the day, they’re getting paid. Paid to try out products, maybe not paid to give a “good review” but I’m sure it’s in the back of their minds that if they don’t give a good review, the free stuff from PR and the perks will stop. Some of them push products, or tell you that a certain product is so “life changing” and you “need it.” However, when the average paying customer buys it, it is less than stellar and sometimes complete garbage.

I don’t mean to go on some tangent & I’m not bashing anyone. I was just trying to give a little backstory on why I was a bit hesitant to try Morphe in the first place. Morphe is so over-saturated and is literally everywhere on Instagram. Every known Youtuber is cramming it down our throats. I’m not saying everyone is lying, don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying I’m cautious when it comes to… well, pretty much everything… but definitely in the beauty industry. I like honest opinions and that’s why I watch a lot of videos or read reviews on “real people” (I hate saying that because the popular gurus are of course, real people… but I just mean people who have nothing to benefit off of giving their thoughts, etc.

I’m also not saying I find anything wrong with companies sending products to these gurus to promote and try out. I think that’s great for both the companies and the person trying the products out & giving their review on it.

We’re in a time when social media basically rules everything. My only issue is, I find it hard to find real honest opinions with some of them when they proclaim every item sent to them is “amazing” or  a “must have.”

I didn’t mean to go on some kind of rant… Basically, I was reluctant to try this brand and now that I have, I’ve formed my own thoughts and opinions and I’m happy to say it’s a positive outcome. I’m very happy with this brush set and with the eyeshadow palettes I got. I will definitely (and I have done so recently) order from Morphe again.

How you tried this brush set out or others from Morphe? Do you love them or hate them? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set – First Impression & Review

  1. Good post! Have you ever heard of LiveGlam? They offer a monthly subscription to Morphe, I think it’s $2″ per month and you get 4-6 brushes each month. It’s a great way to try Morphe and their customer service is amazing. Just an idea if you really like Morphe :). Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so funny that you mentioned that… I was actually looking into that about a month or so ago(before I ever made a Morphe purchase) I think it seems like a good idea &a good way for me to try some more of their brushes. I’m probably going to subscribe to it. I actually forgot about it until you mentioned it. Aww thanks so much & thanks for the info!! 💕💜


  2. The brushes are beautiful!! I’m super sensitive to strong chemical smells also😷 I definitely can’t stand them being close to my face I really want to add some more brushes to my makeup collection preferably some pink ones with good quality!! Thanks for your honest reviews you always keep it 💯I love it!!!!

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    • I want cute pink ones too lol. Slmissglam has some super cute brushes I’ve been considering buying! So girly and cute! I’ve checked out a few reviews and they seem to be good quality! I think I’m gonna look into ordering those next lol. Thanks for always reading and commenting babe! 💕💜😘


  3. Thanks for the review I just recently purchased this brush set, and I’m waiting for it to arrive haha. I’m a little worried about the smell situation though.. hopefully the scent will go away by washing the brushes and airing out the case :)… or better yet, maybe mine won’t smell (wishful thinking).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really like this brush set! I haven’t had any problems with it (aside from the bad smell when it first arrived) they work great and are still in perfect condition. I hope you enjoy yours as well!! Hopefully you don’t get a bad chemical kind of smell. Thanks for stopping by! ☺️😊

      Liked by 1 person

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