Nails Of The Month (January Edition)

facetuneMy nails for this month, going in, I just wanted something simple (ish). Of course I knew I needed glitter, (because glitter is life) I didn’t have or really want any kind of design. So I kept it simple, but still fun and something I’ll enjoy.

Amy, (my nail tech) custom made the pink glitter. She got it to just the right amount and perfect shade I desired. We actually had a good laugh about this because it was more a lavender / purplish shade before she worked her magic. I swear, there is nothing Amy can’t do. She is very skilled in art and designs, she hand paints pretty much everything! I’m always in awe!

This is all done in acrylic. We were doing gels for many, many years and about a year ago switched to acrylic. Many people have a misconception that acrylics ruin your natural nails. I can say in the past when I went to other techs who were not using the proper products, nor applying the application well, my real nails suffered horribly! They were thin, brittle, torn, and hurt!

Amy explained to me how it all comes down to the product that is being used, the technique, and your nail tech. In the year or so that we’ve switched from gels to acrylic sets, I can see no difference of how my real nails appear. My natural nails are just as strong as ever (as they were with the gels) and look healthy and just like they did before. I don’t have any tears, and my nails are not paper thin as they were in the past with other techs. We’ve done a few removals & new sets and each time my nails underneath are in great shape. Amy also has three other clients she does acrylics on and they each have the same results as I do. Healthy, strong nails.

This has been my experience and I am very fortunate that I have a tech who is so skilled and knowledgable. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of not so skilled, knowledgable, techs in the past. I’ve been with Amy for… 8 years (omg, didn’t realize it had been that long already) and my nails have never looked or felt better.

Just wanted to include this because I know acrylics get a bad rep. In the past I experienced the same horrible effects from acrylics. It’s the reason I asked Amy this time, how come my natural nails are still so healthy and strong! Just a little food for thought.


Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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