First Time Ordering From Morphe (My Experience) & Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Palette

imageI have been debating ordering from Morphe for quite some time now. If any of you remember, I made a post and touched briefly on wanting to try their palettes, but was hesitant. The colors looked gorgeous to me, swatches I saw looked pigmented and easy to work with, the price was affordable… yet I would hear a lot of negative reviews just as much as I heard really good reviews.

I really wanted to try them! I would often add stuff to my cart and right before I had to click to place my order, I backed out. I did this multiple times. For some reason I was still holding off. I watched tons of Youtube videos on regular (paying customers) who bought palettes and gave their reviews/ opinions. I say, “regular paying customers” because when it comes to a lot of highly popular products, I don’t always trust the big Youtube influencers who are getting paid to give amazing reviews. I want real opinions, ones that aren’t being swayed by a paycheck or some kind of perk. I want the truth, is what it boils down to.  Continue reading

New Year… Same Me

15825954_10158030144400173_6346444737883648717_nIt’s that time of year again when I’ll continue to write (or type) in last years year. No joke I googled 2016 image pics instead of 2017. I sat looking at them for a couple of minutes until it finally clicked… and I’m like, “Oh yeah, we’re in a new year now. It’s 2017… not 16.”

Six days in so far and it feels no different. (I mean, does it really ever?) I’m still a little bummed that Christmas is over. No more excitement.

Some people are so quick to remove all traces of the holidays, literally, the moment Christmas ends. I have friends who take down and toss out their trees before the end of the night is over on Christmas Day! On Christmas Day!

I like to enjoy it a little longer. When I was a kid we’d always take our decorations and stuff down after January 1st. I still do that to this day. My husband and I will… sadly, take everything down probably this weekend.  Continue reading

December Favorites

imageOMG! Guys! Can you believe it’s already January?! How is it a new year already?? Seriously, where did the year go? I feel like I just made the post of last months favorites. One thing is for sure, time goes by too fast.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! Mine was nice. Pretty low-key with my husband. Nothing fancy.

Well now that one of my favorite months has come to an end… (oh how I’ll miss all the Christmas decor, music, activities, etc.) it’s time for another favorites post. Continue reading

Mandy Cosmetics – Mandy Lashes

imageFalse lashes are a love of mine. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with long, beautiful lashes naturally. I pretty much wear false lashes 90% of the time when I’m creating a look. I just feel like it looks better and just brings everything together. It just really completes any look I’m going for.

I like dramatic, long, bold lashes. It’s one of the reasons I first got into wearing them. I saw girls with these amazing, long, sexy lashes and I wanted that! Mascara was only doing so much for me… it never gave me the result I desired. Honestly, I used to be kinda scared of false lashes. The thought of using some kind of adhesive glue near your eyelashes?? What if I pulled them out?? I was scared it would hurt (I’m a baby… what can I say?) The whole thought of it made me a little uneasy. Eventually I sucked it up and tried (and tried… and tried… and tried) to apply them a few years ago. I remember it took me a bit to get the hang of it…. (how did so many girls make it look so easy?!) In the end, as with everything, practice makes perfect and I got the hang of it and fell in love with false lashes! Um, where had they been all my life?!  Continue reading