January Favorites

img_9295Happy February 1st, everyone! Time is just moving right along. It’s so crazy to me that we’re once again starting off another new month.

January was a month where I didn’t try out too many new items (beauty wise or other) and I didn’t end up having too many favorites, sadly. I don’t know what it was, it was just a month of eh… nothing super amazing caught my eye or really WOW’D me. However, the items I have included in my favorites for January are all ones I have been loving and using on a daily basis. I do wish I had more to include for you guys, but hopefully you’ll like what I have included.


Victoria’s Secret – Eau So Party perfume : Initially I tried this perfume because one of my Instagram friends had it and I loved how pretty the bottle looked! I ended up ordering it during the SAS sale, I believe. She messaged me to tell me it was on sale for $14.99! Marked down from $50 or $60 (not sure of the exact price) Of course I jumped on it and I’m really happy that I did. Not only is the bottle (as well as the packaging this comes in – straight glitter!) beautiful… the perfume itself smells really good. I find that it lasts pretty long on me as well. 

Two things about this product :

  1. I wish I bought another one as a backup (as well as the matching lotion)
  2. I wish this perfume came in a larger size (because, well I need more lol)

It’s really so good and makes for a great decor piece as well.


Mandy Cosmetics – Mink lashes in ‘Bombshell’ – I’m really into false lashes and Mandy Cosmetics reached out to me to try a pair of their lashes. (I paid for these lashes with my own money at a discounted price) I really love them and have found myself wearing them pretty much daily. They’re super dramatic, (what I’m really into) long, soft, lashes. They feel comfortable on the eyes and I get a ton of people asking me about the lashes I’m wearing. 

I like Mandy Cosmetics because every purchase made, they donate 5% to help fight cancer! The lashes are also cruelty free! (which I love) If you’d like to read more about this company, you can check them out at Mandy Cosmetics if you’re interested in buying any lashes, the owner was nice enough to give me a code ‘JennT10’  to save you 10% off your order.


‘Hello Beautiful’ mug from Beauty_ba (on Instagram)- I bought this beautiful mug from Classy Pink Boutique I also bought an adorable pom puff charm for my handbag from her store. (I have it on my Instagram) Her stuff is so cute and I love and want everything!! I really love this mug because it’s pretty and fancy. It’s great for coffee and you’ll look fabulous drinking from it. 😉 If you guys are into cute, girly, items… give her store a look. She has everything from makeup brush holders, to handbag charms, to purses, etc. Very cute!!


Yankee Candle Macaron Treats – I got this candle at my Yankee Candle outlet. The label was what I was drawn to at first. Plus, who doesn’t love macarons?? Apparently this candle is  a UK release. I love the look of the candle, I think the green wax really makes it stand out and goes nicely together. 

The notes in this candle are described as, “The classic Parisian macaron – sweet as can be and lighter than air, with notes of vanilla, almond and, of course, sugar.” I agree, this candle is very sweet and has a strong almond note. When burning, this candle comes alive! I can still detect the almond mixed with sugar. It smells similar to a shortbread cookie or some kind of cookie/ cake/ bakery goodie baking.

It’s perfect. I wish Yankee would release this candle in the states at their stores. However, if I find this in a large jar at my outlet… I’m going to scoop it up- along with a million others. 😉


Morphe Copper Spice palette – Since buying this palette and trying it out… I can honestly say that it’s so far been one of my favorites. I’m really drawn to these colors and I am so impressed with how the shadows perform and blend. This was my first ever purchase from Morphe and I went into it thinking the product would be subpar and a let down. This was not the case. I’m more drawn to the metallic shadows, but the mattes work great as well. Very pleased with this one! I find myself reaching for this palette almost daily!  If you can get your hands on it, I’d say go for it!!

What products were you loving for the month of January? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂




27 thoughts on “January Favorites

  1. Awww I’m so happy that you’re loving the EAU So Party perfume the scent lasts so much longer when paired with the body lotion😩 Your palette is so gorgeous and that candle and mug are super cute too!! I love it all😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just recently got into Morphe. So far, I’ve bought three of their palettes & I’m really loving them! My favorite is the Copper Spice, the one mentioned, however, the other two palettes are really good as well. Great color selections and easy to work with. I really do like them and they’re affordable.


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