Bath & Body Works Sweet Cherry Pie 3 Wick Candle Review

img_9655Bath & Body Works Sweet Cherry Pie is a candle I know many people love. I’ve seen the comments on Instagram about people stocking up on this candle. It was a candle I heard about a while ago before it was being released. I heard many people were anxiously awaiting this candle.

Me? Well you know I’m not big on B&BW candles after the holiday/ winter candles disappear. I don’t buy many spring or summer B&BW candles because none of them interest me. I’m not into summer scents really. I hate floral notes. I do like fruity notes, however, I feel Bath & Body Works falls short in comparison (to their fall and winter candles) when it comes to their spring and summer collection. It’s just not my thing.

Now, if we’re talking about gourmand, bakery, delicious, sweet smelling candles that they happen to come out with… well, then you’ve got my attention… and most likely my money. 


You might be asking why I picked this candle up? Well I didn’t pay for it. I did an even exchange on one of my winter candles that my husband hates. He thinks (the candle I exchanged) smells like hairspray and just hates it. I kinda wasn’t feeling it when I lit it the first night… so off it went back to B&BW. I was a bit hesitant on exchanging the candle because I knew they’d have no candles out right now that I wanted. What could I get that I’d like and not want to return?

I knew all the hype about this candle. I love cherries! When it comes to flavors, candies, drinks, etc,  cherry is my shit. As far as scents go, I like cherry scents. I don’t think I have many or have burned or melted many cherry scents. I can’t recall a favorite cherry scented candle or wax melt off the top of my head that I love. I do like cherry scents though. From the description of this candle, I figured it sounded like something I’d probably like.

The notes are as described : Bright red cherries, flaky pie crust, and crushed almonds.


Ahh… sounds good. When I first smelled it I was kinda iffy. It smells like their Black Cherry Merlot hand soap. (I guess it also smells like their Black Cherry Merlot candle, but I’ve never owned/ burned that candle) I have owned the hand soap, while I think the hand soap is alright, I don’t want a candle in this scent.

On cold sniff I just smelled an artificial cherry scent (Black Cherry Merlot hand soap) but I picked up a crust note mixed in. That smelled really good and that’s why I ended up exchanging my old candle for this one. I was hoping once I burned it, that crust/ pie note would pull through.

On first burn I hated this candle. I don’t know where that crust note I initially smelled on cold disappeared to… but it vanished! Poof! Gone!

All I could smell while it was burning was that fake cherry smell… it was like I poured Black Cherry Merlot hand soap all around the room.

The throw was pretty decent. I’d say a 6-7. It was strong. The burn was good. There was some soot, but most of my B&BW candles are sooty. It performed well, I will say that much.

I just really hated this candle. My husband loved it though. He thought it smelled good and enjoyed the scent whenever I had it going. Maybe I’m weird because I know so many people love this candle. Sweet Cherry Pie is not a candle for me! Even smelling it on cold sniff now makes me feel sick.


I wanted to love this candle. I wanted it to be hoard worthy like it is for so many. I just can’t do it. It just turns me off so much. I was going to throw the rest of it away, (because I am not burning it any longer, I tried to finish it and I’m throwing in the towel) my husband is going to take it and burn it when I’m not around.

I wish this candle had all the notes it claimed to have in it. If I picked up that crust note while burning as I did on cold, I think I could have enjoyed this candle way more than I did. Even if I got an almond note I would have enjoyed it. Ugh. Just not a candle for me.

I’m in the minority, so if you’re thinking of buying this candle and you love their Black Cherry Merlot scent, go for it! Many people love and enjoy this scent. My husband does. I just can’t tolerate it, unfortunately.

Have you guys tried this candle? Did you love it? Did your candle have that yummy crust note while burning? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



15 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Sweet Cherry Pie 3 Wick Candle Review

  1. I still haven’t tried this candle haven’t even smelled it I’m curious to see what it smells like even though I don’t like cherry pie at all lol I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy it at least your hubby did though! That was a really great read💕😉⭐️✨

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    • I don’t know why, but I really hate this candle lol. I like cherry, but it needs a bakery crust note… this cherry smells artificial and gross to me. I know everyone loves this candle, I see pics on Instagram of people buying multiples and I’m just like, no way lol! Yeah my husband is weird and usually always loves the candles I hate! 😂 Thanks so much love!! 💕💜💕


  2. Hi! I just picked this up in BBW’s Semi Annual sale and I agree with you that it’s nothing like cherry pie. I’m a pie maker and cherry pies are my specialty, and I’ve never had one come out of the oven smelling like this. Sweet Cherry Pie comes off more like synthetic cherries (think cherry flavoring in popsicles) mixed with pie spice. That said, I can see why your husband likes it because it’s sorta pleasing in a fake-sweet way. Maybe it is better burned on the front porch, in the open air? lol 🙂

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    • Hi, yes! I totally get that whole cherry popsicle scent! I really don’t know why this candle was so popular. I was really hoping for a more authentic cherry pie scent. I wish it had a strong bakery note, like a crust note. I love hearing your thoughts! Thanks so much! 😊


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