Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Body Care Haul & Mini Review

img_9736So Bath & Body Works recently came out with a new body care collection called Tutti Dolci. I first heard about this a few weeks ago and was patiently – not so patiently, waiting for it to hit my stores.

Right off the bat I was attracted to the colorful packaging. (We know I’m a sucker for cute packaging) Upon learning what the fragrances were going to be in this collection, I was sold. The scents are : White Mocha Kiss, Sweet Lemon Buttercup, Pink Peony Cream, and Golden Honey Praline. All of those scents (excluding Pink Peony Cream at the time, sounded amazing!) I knew this was going to be a collection I was definitely going to try! 



For me, Bath & Body Works isn’t the place I stock up or buy regularly for body care. Candles, yes. Hand soaps, yes. Body Care, not so much. I’ll typically buy one or two body lotions or body butters and a couple of body mists from B&BW. I usually prefer getting body care at Victoria’s Secret. I just find that the body care at Bath & Body Works doesn’t last long on me at all, nor does it smell strongly on me. Maybe the scents I pick are too light? I have no idea. I just know it doesn’t last as long on me, even when I layer it with the fragrance mists.


I went into the store the day after this collection launched. (We had a huge blizzard in MA the first day this collection launched… so I had to wait until the next day when I could make it out of the house.) When I first sampled the lotions, I was really into White Mocha Kiss. It just smelled so incredible to me. The next scent I loved was Golden Honey Praline.


Initially when I tried Sweet Lemon Buttercup I hated it! Hated it! When I first smelled it, it had a strong cleaning product oder. It basically smelled like Pledge to me. I’m not too big on lemon scents, unless they’re sweet smelling lemon scents.

Same thing went for Pink Peony Cream. I just didn’t like that scent when I first tried it in store. The only two I originally liked and decided to buy were White Kiss Mocha and Golden Honey Praline.


When I went home I realized I accidentally picked up a Pink Peony Cream lotion instead of another Golden Honey Praline. I was going to exchange it the next day, but decided to try it out once more. I was at home and not in the store so maybe I’d be able to focus on the scent, rather than being preoccupied shopping in store. Or just being excited in general that the collection was out and everything looked so pretty.

I’m happy I decided to give Pink Peony Cream another try. I thought this scent was going to have a really strong floral note. However, that’s not the case at all and I’m so happy about that! This whole collection as a whole is just sweet smelling. I think that’s another reason I love it. Pink Peony Cream, while it’s not a favorite, I actually really love it a lot. So happy I messed up and grabbed that one by accident because I wouldn’t have purchased it otherwise and I’d be missing out on a great scent.

Bath & Body Works always has sales! I ended up going back two more times and picking up all the amazing stuff you’re seeing now. The sales I ended up getting on these items were buy 3 get 3 free… and on the last day I went in everything in this collection was $6! I also had a 20% off coupon so I couldn’t pass it up.

Because Pink Peony Cream changed my initial thoughts on the scent, I had to give Sweet Lemon Buttercup a try again.

Omg! I love love love Sweet Lemon Buttercup! While, at first I get a Pledge(ish) type of scent, the dry down on this is incredible. That Pledge scent disappears all together. You still get a lemon scent, however, it’s a SWEET, yummy, amazing lemon scent. It’s exactly what I like and exactly how I’d like lemon scents to smell. I don’t like tart lemon scents, or ones that smell like cleaning products. My ideal lemon scent is this right here!

I’m literally so glad I went back and gave this scent a second try. White Mocha Kiss is my favorite, but Sweet Lemon Buttercup is definitely right beside it! Seriously all these scents are so good! SO GOOD! They are super strong and super long lasting! I can still smell the scents on myself many hours later. Imagine! For once, the body care from Bath & Body Works has not failed me!

I’m so impressed and so happy that I found a collection I am in love with! I’m more so happy that these products are performing so well for me! It’s the reason I went a little crazy on stocking up with all these products. I’m not sure if this collection is limited edition or not and I wanted to have enough to last me for a while, in case it goes away, or just never comes back again.




Of course I had to pick up the cute little bag that’s in this collection (it comes with 3 small lotions inside) and those adorable macaron sponges!

As I mentioned, I really impressed with this collection. Good job, Bath & Body Works! I’m definitely a fan and I really hope they keep this collection… or at the very least, if it’s a seasonal type thing, bring it back again. It’s the first collection of body care that I’ve found works for me and is so long lasting. Plus, guys, it smells incredible!! I keep saying that, but it’s so true! Massive heart eyes for this collection!!

If you’re thinking of trying it and are into sweet smelling scents- run! Go! Buy everything you can! Seriously, though, BUY IT! It’s too good to pass up.

Have any of you tried anything from this collection yet? What are your thoughts? What’s your favorite? Or if you’re thinking of trying, which scent do you think you’ll like? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Body Care Haul & Mini Review

  1. Gorgeous pics! You picked up so much from this collection😱 lol I don’t blame you everything is so cute my favorite from this collection is Pink Peony Creme I can’t get enough of that one!!! I also ordered more when this collection was $6 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • I went a little crazy and figured this collection was limited edition lol. I loved everything!! It’s so rare for me to like a collection from B&BW! I’m glad you got some more during the $6 sale!! It was hard to pass up lol. 💕💜💕


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