February Nails

img_9799I had my nail appointment the other day. As always my girl did an amazing job! I went with black and silver glitter. I was feeling kinda dark and I love black polish, black glitter, just black. I think black nails are so fun and pretty hot. Any color goes amazingly well with black.

I went with silver because the silver loose glitter, Amy uses is one of my favorites! She added in some chunky glitter pieces to the mix and I was more in love. Hello! You can never have too much glitter. Ever.


I really love the look of these nails. I love how they came out! Of course they’re so glittery and sparkly, just how I like them! Every time I have straight glitter on my nails, I find myself looking down multiple times daily just to watch them sparkle. You can’t help it. It just catches your eye and you’re mesmerized. At least I am. I guess I’m a cat. 🙂 Distracted by shiny, pretty things.

Next month is my birthday and I’m already planning out my birthday nails. I dunno how all out I’m gonna go, or if I’ll keep it more on the simple side. A couple of years ago I had Hello Kitty birthday nails that was all hand painted. So cute! We’ll see what I decide on and how it goes.

Thanks for reading! 🙂





16 thoughts on “February Nails

  1. Your nails are always soooo gorgeous😍I wish I had your nail tech lol💕Also I would love to see a pic of your Hello Kitty nails if you have one!!☺️

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