Sonoma Candle Review

IMG_0382Typically, when I buy candles I mainly stick to Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, Candles By Victoria, an occasional candle from Goose Creek . I actually haven’t really ventured out much when it comes to candles. I have my favorite companies and tend to stick with them.

So it should be no surprise that I’ve never tried Sonoma candles before. I don’t usually shop at Kohl’s (that’s where I picked these up. I’m unsure if they sell them at other stores or if it’s strictly limited to Kohl’s only.)

What caught my eye with these candles was the packaging. I really was drawn to the labels and the wax colors, (peach and pink for the Peach Gelato and Pink Velvet Cupcake) We all know I’m a sucker for packaging! I also really loved the names. Cake Pop, Peach Gelato, Pink Velvet Cupcake. I love sweet scents (as you know) so these were very intriguing.

I kept seeing these candles floating around on Instagram. A few Instagram friends tried them and seemed to really recommend them so I decided to head to Kohl’s to check them out and see if they lived up to the hype. I was able to smell the three candles in store. The only issue was for Pink Velvet Cupcake, they had a small jar and not the large. I was really loving that scent and decided to go home and order them online. (I did try a couple of other Kohl’s stores that are nearby and no one had a large jar of Pink Velvet Cupcake.)

*I apologize I don’t have individual pics of the candles as I give this review. I took the picture for my Instagram and completely forgot to get individuals for my blog as well*

Cake Pop – “Freshly-baked vanilla chiffon cake pops dipped in sugary frosting.”

I thought this candle might be my favorite out of the bunch. I love love love vanilla cakey, sugary, sickly sweet scents. However, I don’t get that from this candle. I’m picking up a buttery caramel or toffee scent with light hints of vanilla. I don’t mind caramel or toffee… this candle reminds me of a B&W candle I had… maybe similar to Hot Buttered Rum? It’s weird. The scent description made me think of B&BW Vanilla Cupcake, or something super Vanilla based, but that vanilla note is way more of an undertone than a top note. Plus, where did this caramel/ toffee note come from?? I’m not saying this candle is terrible. Not at all. I do like it. I just think the scent description is misleading. For a Vanilla Cake Pop, you’d expect, well, vanilla, cake, sugar… I’m just disappointed in the caramel/ toffee not that overpowers the rest of the notes. It’s still a really good candle and smells good. It’s just my least favorite out of the three. I almost passed on this candle when I first smelled it in store because I picked up that caramel note… but I thought it would lessen once lit.Β 

Peach Gelato – “A blend of sweetened peaches with a hint of white sugar.”

So this, to me, is very similar to the Yankee Candle Peach Cobbler… in the sense that you get that artificial, super sweet peach scent. It smells like a peach candy. I love it because Yankee’s Peach Cobbler is one of my favorites! It’s not an exact dupe but very similar. I really enjoy this one a lot. It’s very strong, as are all three of them. The scents seem to linger and last for a while, even after blowing them out. I love the wax color on this one, (again, similar to Peach Cobbler)

Pink Velvet Cupcake –Β “Pink jasmine with touches of lemon, orange and sweet sugared vanilla.”

Ahh! This one is beautiful and I think might be my favorite. It reminds me very much of B&BW Lavender Macaron. I absolutely love that one and have a couple on backup. It’s a very pleasant, light, sweet scent. The first couple of burns with this candle, were light. Not nonexistent, just not as strong in the beginning. Maybe about a 3 or 4? As I continued to burn, this candle did pick up in strength and gives off a great throw. Not terribly powerful, but pretty strong.

All and all I’m pretty pleased with this brand and these candles. I think I would definitely try some more (I picked up a back up of Pink Velvet Cupcake the other day) I’m curious to see what their fall and winter candles will be like when the time comes. Or even if they have candles for those seasons. I’m not into spring or summer scents so I won’t be picking any of those up, but I’ll definitely keep my eyes open and see what they have to offer.

I almost forgot to mention, none of these candles gave me any problems. No soot. No terrible wicks, throw was decent to high. Just an all around good candle. I’m pleased.

The candles I got are 14 oz and normally retail for $19.99 but are on sale for $9.99 with a burn time of 25- 30 hours. Really great price point considering B&BW candles are 14.5 oz and they retail at, $24.50 now?

Has anyone else tried this brand before? If so what was your experience? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Sonoma Candle Review

  1. Hi
    I live in Victoria, BC. Just came back from San Francisco. Went to Kohl’s to buy some candles. They smell so good. I got Bamboo and Lavender+Blossom. I like the bamboo one more and more everyday. Unfortunately, I got a small size for bamboo one. They were 60%off. Great deal! Just wanted to know if I can buy it in Canada.

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    • Hmm, I’m not sure if you’re able to buy in Canada. Do you have a Kohl’s there? Maybe try looking on their website and seeing if they ship to your area? That would be great if they did!! The candles are really nice and inexpensive. They have their fall scents out now, which are my favorite! 😍


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