Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge Review

IMG_0868I received the Miracle Diamond Sponge from Real Techniques through Octoly. If any of you follow me on my Instagram, you may have already read my thoughts on this sponge.

Real Techniques is (somewhat) a relatively new brand for me. Back in November (Black Friday to be exact) I picked up the Miracle Sponges (the orange ones) just to give them a try.

Some of you may remember, I was a bit hesitant to try them out, thinking I wouldn’t like them. Up until that point I only used a Beautyblender. I tried other sponges that were similar, but none worked as amazing as my Beautyblender. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the Real Techniques sponges. I really loved them from the moment I tried them out.


The Miracle Diamond Sponge, as you can tell, is shaped like a diamond. I find this shape of the sponge, not only eye-catching, but very useful. It’s pointed tip helps get into hard to reach areas to help blend out product. Just like the Miracle Sponges, this Diamond sponge works beautifully in applying concealers, contouring, foundation, setting your makeup, etc.

I can say, after many uses of using this sponge, I like it even better than the regular Miracle Sponges (And I like those a lot). It’s pretty much on the same level as my love for my Beautyblender. I know! I’m telling you, this sponge is legit! It makes my face look flawless every time.

As someone who never thought (or wanted) to stray away from using only a Beautyblender, this is fantastic! I can’t say enough good things about it. I’m really obsessed with this sponge! I figured there would be a pretty good chance I’d like it, (though, a little skeptical at first by the shape) since I like the orange sponges.  However, I didn’t expect to love this sponge so much and use it daily! Yes! Daily!


“This multi-faceted Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge is uniquely designed to work with multiple products on different areas of your face. No two Miracle Diamond Sponges are alike – each has its own unique swirl design.


  • Pointed tip covers small imperfections
  • Larger flat sides function as a wedge to apply makeup to larger areas like your forehead and cheeks
  • Smaller flat sides are great for precision contouring around your eyes, mouth, and brow bone
  • Top works great to buff and blend out your makeup for a flawless finish.”


I’m also really impressed by the look of this sponge as well. I like the shape and the coloring reminds me of marble. It looks sorta classy looking (if a sponge can look classy) As of right now, this is my go to sponge when I do my face. I still use a beautyblender, but notice I use it a lot less than before.

I’d really recommend giving this a try if you haven’t already. It’s perfect! This is coming from someone who was strictly team beautyblender. You can purchase it, I believe for $10 at Ulta, Kohl’s (I spotted it there the other day) and on the Real Techniques website.

I think it’s safe to say, Real Techniques is a company that puts out great products at a reasonable & affordable price. It’s become a new favorite brand of mine.

Have any of you tried this sponge yet? What did you think? Let me know!

Thanks for reading. 🙂

I will be including some of my other reviews I’ve done over on my Instagram (of other products I’ve received.) coming up soon.

*This product was sent to me complimentary from Real Techniques & Octoly. All my thoughts and opinions are honest and 100% my own.*

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12 thoughts on “Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge Review

      • The only sponge I’ve ever used is the original beauty blender and I haven’t really branched out to try others so I’ll probably make a change and try the diamond one. And you’re welcome love! ❤

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      • I was the same way! I tried another sponge (don’t know the brand at Target a long time ago) and hated it… I think I was kinda put off on any other sponges besides the BB lol. For some reason I decided to try the orange Real Techniques sponges during my Black Friday shopping & loved them! I really like that brand so far. 💕💜

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