Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Review

1491893184547I’ll admit, when I first saw the ABH Aurora Glow Kit palette… I was going to pass. The colors in the pans looked… dull? With the exception of the pretty blue color. I just wasn’t too interested – at first. To me, it seemed a little similar to the Moonchild glow kit. (I have that one and I like it a lot, but I wasn’t looking for another palette similar to it)

After I saw some swatches, my opinion changed. I loved the colors swatched! To me, the colors look way better, more vibrant, than they look in the pan. If I was just judging the way it looked in the palette – without seeing how these colors swatched, I wouldn’t give it another thought. I dunno. That’s just me. I don’t think they look that special in the pan… but I sometimes feel that way with a lot of palettes.. so.



What it is :

“A collection of six metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity. Layer shades of Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit or apply separately on face and body for a radiant glow. Ideal for use with Brush A23. Mix with Hydrating Oil for a body glow. Complement to best-selling Moonchild Glow Kit. ” (Taken from ABH)

Six shades for highlighting eyes, face, and body
Buildable metallic-lustre formula
Can be applied wet or dry

Eclipse – Pink champagne pearl with a peach reflect
Luna – Mother of pearl with an icy orchid reflect
Spectra – Sparkling lilac pearl with an iridescent blue-green reflect
Helia – Yellow gold pearl with a turquoise reflect
Orion – Blue pearl with a purple amethyst reflect
Lyra – Rose gold pearl with a champagne orchid reflect

Once this arrived I had to try it out right away. The texture on these are so buttery, they feel amazing and glide right on. They are very pigmented, but can still be built up. To me, I feel like the formula just keeps getting better with every new glow kit. This one is even better than the Moochild palette. In my opinion.

I heard a lot of talk about some worrying this would be the super chunky glittery highlighters. It has glitter, but it’s more fine than large chunks of glitter. (While I love glitter, I don’t want chunky pieces in my highlighters)



Look at those colors! I’m so impressed! My favorite colors are Spectra (lilac shade) in the pan it looks dark and dull. However, it comes to life and transforms once swatched. It’s stunning! I wore this one the other day and the way the light captured it looked almost magical. My second favorite color is Luna or Eclipse. That icy color Luna makes my heart skip a beat. I love icy highlights!

I know to some this palette might be a little intimidating. If you’re one of them, don’t necessarily let that discourage you. A few of these colors might not be for your every day wear. However, if applied lightly, you can add just a bit of color (or if you like, go all out and let those colors shine) As I mentioned I’ve been wearing Spectra. I thought I’d look crazy, but I applied just enough to see the highlight (In all it’s magical glory) but not so much where I was uncomfortable and looking insane.

I think this is another hit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’m loving this glow kit and I also plan to try a couple of these shades out as shadow as well. I definitely give this glow kit two thumbs up.

As of right now you can purchase this over at Anastasia Beverly Hills Website for $40. I believe it is only available online until, I think, June, where it will be released in stores.

Have any of you picked this glow kit up? What do you think? Let me know!

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Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Review

  1. I recently received mine! I was the same as you, i was going to pass on this one but a youtuber convinced me so yeah i bought one haha! Havent swatched it yet but will post mine with swatches on my nc37-40 skintone 😊

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