Too Faced Natural Love Palette Review

IMG_1135I wanted to love this palette. I really wanted to love this palette. When I first saw pictures of the palette floating around on my Instagram I instantly had heart eyes. I thought the colors in this palette were gorgeous!! Gorgeous!

I was so excited by this palette I *almost* almost ordered this online before it was released in stores. I held off until it was released and I could see it and swatch it in person.

Honestly I don’t even know what I was thinking. The swatches were meh… but still I had to buy this. Once again, I kept thinking… well, maybe I can make this work. Maybe it won’t be so bad when I get it home. Why am I trying to talk myself into buying a palette just because I think the color scheme is pretty?? 


Even though in the back of my mind I knew this palette was going to be.. well… shit. I still bought it and was excited to try and play with it. (Yeah I’m rolling my eyes at myself too) I got this home and tried it out. Okay. So immediately this was a nightmare. I figured the lighter shades were going to be difficult to work with and show up… however, I didn’t expect the dark shades to be the same way!


I literally had to dig my brush into these colors. Yes. Dig. As I’m trying to blend in a crease color I’m looking at the mirror, looking at my brush, then back at the mirror again and looking at my eye. Where the hell was the color?? I saw nothing the first two times I went in with my brush. I had to go back in another few times to get any color…. and even then it wasn’t anything I was satisfied with.

After all of that nonsense – because it was nonsense. A $60 palette shouldn’t have that poor pigment! I’m not even talking about the light colors either, it was the light and DARK colors. To say I was disappointment is an understatement. I ended up creating a decent look, but I ended up using SO much product trying to do so. I kept going back in so many times just trying to build it up. Shameful.


This palette went back the next day. I tried out one more look before I returned it. (Cuz, you know, I was still trying to be optimistic) There was no way I was keeping a $60 palette with none to poor pigmentation. It should in no way be that hard to achieve a decent look with a palette that should be of great quality. What am I paying $60 for? Cute packaging?! Yeah. Not today.

As you know, I’ve never been a big fan of Too Faced (eyeshadow palettes) there are far more better companies and brands I love that out perform them. I stopped buying Too Faced palettes for a couple of years and I think I’m going to go back to not buying them again.

I get so sucked in by Instagram and seeing the pretty colors, packaging, and I let it cloud my judgement. I know I don’t like their palettes. I know I don’t like how they perform. I mean, some of the palettes I have from them are good. Not great. Not my favorites. I’m not going to get sucked in anymore. I’ll appreciate how cute the palettes look, how pretty the colors are, but I’m not buying anymore.

I know what I like and what I’m used to and expect when it comes from performance, pigmentation, etc and Too Faced, unfortunately, doesn’t do it for me.

I know this particular palette has a lot of mixed reviews. So many people love it. It works for them, they feel like they get great pigmentation, and great color payoff. That’s great. I’m glad they have a much better experience than I did. I wanted that! I wanted to have this palette become one of my every day palettes.

I also know a lot of people feel the same way I do about this palette.

Would I recommend this palette? For the price and quality? No. I would recommend it to beginners or girls just starting out with makeup. I think it really comes down to you and what you like. I don’t want to dig my brush into a shadow just to come out with a subpar color, ya know?

This palette is for more of a natural look. I have palettes that are geared towards natural looks, but the difference with those and this one, is the pigment is there and it’s still a “natural” look.

Basically I just feel the pigment was poor. That’s just my opinion. Just my experience with this palette.

If you have one and it’s amazing and you love it. I’m jealous! I wanted this palette because it was so gorgeous and I wanted that experience. I hope you’re enjoying it and creating beautiful looks with it!

Let me know if you bought this palette or plan to. If you have it, let me know your experience with it. I really do wish mine was better.

With that said, this will probably be the last time I review or buy another Too Faced eyeshadow palette (unless something changes and I find their shadows to be freaking amazing and highly pigmented) I still buy their blushes and my fav mascara (Size Queen) is from them.  I’m not banning the whole brand. Just not buying eyeshadow lol.

I have Morphe palettes that are way better than them and they’re like, what, $22? I just feel Too Faced needs to stop putting all their money into (super cute) packaging and put that money into creating better formulas for your product.(s)

Sorry this was kinda rant (ish) I was just very disappointed with this palette.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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13 thoughts on “Too Faced Natural Love Palette Review

  1. I will not purchase this pallet, for the simple reason that I think it is too bulky and that the colors aren’t that original. I have the Sweet Peach and Chocolate Bonbons pallet and I think they work great. But then again, I saw Jambeauty also give this pallet a bad review. So that makes me wonder about whether the quality is consistent… I have to say, I’m a sucker for the cute packaging. Thx for the honest review! xoxo Sarah

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    • I liked the colors a lot and I think that’s another reason why I was so disappointed. It’s been forever since I saw a Too Faced palette that I actually wanted to buy and thought the color scheme looked great. (I got the PB & Honey one.. I liked the colors okay enough, but mostly cuz of the packaging and free makeup bag it came with) so this was very disappointing since I actually really wanted this. I’m done with their palettes though… especially when other brands knock them out of the water as far as performance. I’m a huge sucker for packaging, however, in the end it doesn’t compare as far as pigment and performance goes for me… especially if the price is higher. I expect more. Thanks for reading! ☺️

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  2. $60 is a lot to pay for a palette that’s not pigmented don’t blame you at all for returning it I will admit Too Faced gets me a lot with the packaging but this palette was an easy pass for me however the clover one that’s coming out this summer I need!! Lol😔

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    • I’m so sad this palette didn’t work out. 🙁 I really liked the colors. $60 is crazy for a palette that was basically useless!! I wanted that palette too lol. You’ll have to let me know how you like it!! Thanks babe! 💕💜💕


  3. I feel like Too Faced is really going downhill with their palettes. I had similar problems with their Chocolate Bonbons palette (which was a gift so I couldn’t even return it). I feel like they’re focusing too much on the packaging and forgetting about the actual product. Personally I didn’t consider this just because it’s so bulky, but I also don’t like/need a ton of neutrals and I already own the Natural Eye palette, where some of these shades are from.

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    • I definitely agree about Too Faced only focusing on the cuteness of their packaging & not the product itself. I love good packaging, it’s what usually catches my eye, but I’m more concerned with how a product is going to perform. I don’t just collect makeup to let it sit there, ya know? I love the colors from this palette… but it’s not worth keeping for $60 when they’re basically useless. Thanks for reading!

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  4. Too Faced seems to be really hit or miss if late (more miss by the sounds of things) I have chocolate bar, semi sweet, bonbons & sweetpeach. Bonbons pigmentation was very poor.
    Also looking at reviews, any of their colab palettes seem to have been very disappointing as was the latest p,b & honey.
    This palette seems to be another not worth the hype!
    I feel so sorry for you, there’s nothing worse than being totally excited for a palette and it ends up rubbish 😡

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    • I agree. Too Faced seems to just focus on how cute their products look and not with how they perform. I want and like a company that’s main focus is the product itself and how good of quality it provides. I love cute packaging, but I want an actual good product first. Thanks so much! 💕💜

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