Nails Of The Month For June

IMG_2812I am really slacking because I realized I never posted my nails from this month. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen them. If you read my last post, you got a sneak peak (ish) of them as a little bit of the design was shown while holding one of the products for that post.

Let me just say that the design I went with this month, was one I found from a nail tech on Instagram. He does amazing designs! Amy, (my nail tech) recreated the look perfectly. I am obsessed! Really, though, when am I not? πŸ™‚


I have been curious about matte nails for quite a while now. Plenty of times I’ve just wanted to do an all over color and have the finish be matte instead of the shine. I love my glitter… so it can be hard for me to sway sometimes.

With this design I decided instead of just adding all shine to it, I’d have a couple of matte nails as well. That would give me a chance to see if I’d be interested in doing all matte again at some point in the future.


You probably can’t tell in the pictures, but the matte nails are on the pinky & ring finger on my right hand… and on my thumb and pinky on my left hand. I think overall everything came out amazing! The Swarovski crystals always add more glam to a design/ look. So sparkly too!


I’m really loving the color scheme too. The polish is a beautiful peachy color. (It might be picking up pink tones in the photos for some reason, but it’s not) It’s a pretty color for the summer, and as we know, I love my peach tones.



Feel free to add me on my other social media accounts so we can connect over there. *ThattgirlJenn* (name on Insta & Twitter) tell me you’re from over here so I can add you back. πŸ™‚

What are some of your favorite nail colors to choose for the summer? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

Photo Dec 18, 11 10 59 PM

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