Best Candle Of The Summer? Bath & Body Works Berry Waffle Cone

IMG_3452I’m always enthusiastic when I hear Bath & Body Works (Or Yankee Candle) has released a new bakery/ sweet/ foodie type of scented candle. After all, those are my kind of candles. Pretty much the only type of scents I tend to buy, with a few exceptions every now and then.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty much out of the loop when it comes to B&BW or candles in general right now. I typically buy fall and winter candles. I’m not into spring, floral, heavy perfume scents, so I usually stay away.

I heard about this candle, you guessed it… on Instagram. It was floating around and many people were declaring this candle, “The best candle of the summer.” It is a bakery based candle and you know that caught my attention right away.


The candle is described as : “Sweet Summer Berries, Golden Waffle Cone, Creamy Vanilla.”

What I smell : At first this candle (while burning) smelled very similar to Candles By Victoria’s Captain Crunch Berries (Hers smells better, but I was picking up similar notes with Berry Waffle Cone) You get the smell of berries, no waffle cone whatsoever, I smell a crust note… very similar to B&BW Warm Apple Pie (LOVE that one) but I think it throws me off a little with the berries thrown in. At times, mostly towards the end of this candle, it smelled very much like Warm Apple Pie… but not exact.

It’s a very strong candle. I could smell it in the next room, which, if I loved this candle would be amazing. However, I’m one of the very select few who doesn’t go crazy over this candle. Not. Even. Close.

It’s a decent candle. It’s nice. For me? It’s definitely not hoard worthy and I don’t really see what the hype is all about when it comes to this candle. I don’t hate it, so I hope that’s not how this is coming across. I think I was expecting more from this. I was expecting to be blown away… with the way 98% of the candle lovers on Instagram were talking about it, I thought for sure, this was my kind of candle!

Such is life, though, we all have different taste, things smell differently to everyone. I’ve had candles that were so hyped up and I loved them… while others didn’t. Everyone is different.

My opinion on this candle is, I think it’s just average. It’s an okay smelling candle. Now if we were talking about Bath & Body Works Chocolate Pistachio candle that came out- I believe late fall/ early winter of last year… Yes!! Give me ALL of those candles!

I was hoping this candle would be one I’d die over. I think the glass jar is beautiful. It’s very thick and has some weight to it. I will say one thing I hate… the candle has no lid! Definitely not a fan of lidless candles, especially when they jack up the price even more for this candle. You lost points for that one right away, B&BW.

Some people describe this candle as smelling like Fruit Loops, but I disagree. I don’t smell that hint of lime note I get in this candle as I do with Fruit Loops. I still think this candle smells very much like Captain Crunch Berries by CBV, as I mentioned – at least burning the first few times it smelled very similar.

So, all in all, I think this is a good candle. If you like bakery candles I think you’ll enjoy it a lot. Is it “The best Bath & Body Works candle EVER?” or the “Candle of the summer?” No. At least for me it’s not. It’s a good candle, but as I said, it’s nothing special.

I guess the “Candle of the summer, for me goes to.. Summer Boardwalk.” An oldie but goodie.

What do you guys think? Have you tried this candle yet? Are you in love with it like so many? Do you want to try it? (I think It’s currently going for $10 at B&BW right now so hurry in and grab one if you are curious about it and would like to try) Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Best Candle Of The Summer? Bath & Body Works Berry Waffle Cone

  1. Great honest review as usual I really loved the candle I expected not to like it but I did! I definitely agree with you about the lid I wish it had one…Love reading your blogs you keep it 100% no matter what!!💗⭐️💗⭐️💗

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    • Lol at him sneaking by to blow them out!! My husband pretty much likes most of the ones I pick up… with a few exceptions. I ended up returning Vanilla Snowflake from B&BW because he hates that one so much lol… I didn’t mind it, but it makes him sick. Thanks for reading! 💕💜💕

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