My Honest Thoughts On Morphe And On The Morphe & Jaclyn Hill Palette

IMG_3513Hmm, where to start? Let’s first start with Morphe before I move onto reviewing their newest palette with Jaclyn Hill. Morphe is a brand, I’m sure, you’ve heard about if you’ve been following anything beauty or makeup related. They’re literally saturated all over Instagram & Youtube. Well known influencers are constantly telling us to “use their code to save some money” on the products. If you follow the makeup community, there’s no escaping the name, Morphe. We’ve all heard about this company. We either love Morphe. Or we don’t.

Less than a year ago, I was pretty adamant on the fact that I didn’t want to even try anything Morphe related. I had no desire to spend my money on “cheap” makeup. If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you’ll know I don’t really buy drugstore products very often. I just find the quality is not there. I prefer high end makeup and brands. That’s just my opinion and my preference. (More recently, I’ve discovered and come to love a few drugstore brands that really deliver with the quality of their products.) Slowly my opinion is changing on some of these brands, as I find they’re starting to deliver in the quality department.


I digress. Morphe was everywhere online. Still, I wasn’t interested. (Not to mention I read a lot of negative thoughts on this brand as well. I read a lot of positive thoughts, to be fair as well) I slowly started gaining a little interest in them when I started my blog last October in 2016. A lot of the blogs I follow are makeup related. I started reading their reviews, seeing their swatches and I was starting to slowly come around to the idea…


Did I want to spend my money on Morphe?! I weighed the pros and cons… it was cheap enough so if I didn’t like the products, it wouldn’t be too much of a waste. I was so afraid the shadows were going to be chalky and have no pigment (even though every swatch I saw, was so pigmented and full of color) I kept thinking these shadows were going to be like those cheap eBay palettes you buy for like $10 and get 100 shadows. They’re shit quality (I know, I bought one many years ago)

So I made my first purchase. (I do have a blog post on it… I think it was back in December or January of this year, maybe?) There was a slight mishap with that order (I talk about in my post, but Morphe made it right)

Bottom line : I was really impressed with their products! Really impressed. For “cheap” makeup, it really changed my mind and thoughts on all I read about them online… and of course, my own preconceived ideas and thoughts.

I just wanted to give you a little backstory on my own views I had of Morphe. I’m someone that needs to experience something for myself before I make up my mind about a product or just anything in general. I’ve very stubborn and set in my own ways, so it usually takes me time to come around to an idea (if I do at all) if I’ve already made up my mind about something beforehand.

I honestly was never expecting to try Morphe… ever. I feel like, for me, personally, I would have been missing out. Is it the best makeup in the world? No. However, I do like it. It performs wonderfully for me… as a consumer, as someone that loves makeup, that’s what I’m looking for. I’m not looking for cute packaging (though, that is definitely a plus)

So… moving onto what you’re all here for. The Jaclyn Hill Palette. I went back and forth debating on even buying this palette. When I first heard about it (without seeing any pics, etc) I was kinda like… okay. It didn’t spark my interest. I like Jacyln Hill. I follow Jaclyn. I think she seems really nice. Her makeup skills are amazing! (I think so)  (I’ve heard all about the controversy that surrounds her) I don’t know her personally, I just judge her on how she comes off on camera. I like her. You may not and that’s fine.

I wanted this palette after I saw her Snapchat and one of the looks she created. She swatched some colors and I was like, “Yes! Yes! Need! Want it now!” So I was into it. I was going to buy it. Then the whole Instagram pic of that cake with her “palette” being revealed came out. I didn’t like the color scheme of it at all…. at that point, I was kinda like… if that’s the palette, I’m not interested in it anymore.

Fast forward to when the actual palette was revealed. I still was kinda like…. umm…. I don’t know if I like you.

The colors just weren’t doing it for me. It wasn’t speaking to me. I was thrown off, I think, by those blue colors. While, very pretty on their own, I didn’t like them in the palette. Nor, would I get much use out of them. I don’t really wear those type of colors.

At that point I was kind of like, “Yeah… I’m not buying you… you’re just not as gorgeous as I thought you’d be.” Insert disappointed face.

Jaclyn started swatching them again, and again, I was just like… Omg! Other influencers started receiving their PR packages and doing videos on this palette and I watched them all. Slowly the color scheme started looking a little better to me. (I had to stop judging it as a whole and get over the fact that those blue colors were there.)


I was in love with the swatches of the colors I saw! They looked so buttery and gorgeous! Besides, the palette (excluding the blue shades) was so beautiful. I knew I needed it!


I placed my order the minute it launched. Morphe was having some issues with their site that day… it kept freezing on me and then just crashing all together. I know because this was such an anticipated release and everyone and their Mom was on the site… it was causing this to happen. Still I was cursing Morphe, saying if you even sell out before I can get my hands on this palette… so help you! *shakes fist in anger*

All was fine and I actually got a shipping notification at like midnight or 1 am (eastern time) that same day. (technically a new day, but you know what I mean) it was so fast! I was actually expecting it to be a few days before I received any type of shipping notification. Props to you, Morphe! As someone who is HIGHLY impatient and hates waiting for online orders, that made me very happy!


Isn’t she beautiful? I really do love this palette! The packaging is pretty basic. Just white cardboard, it feels cheap, but it’s fine. I do think the white looks nice. (Though it gets very dirty quickly) I love Jaclyn’s signature in silver. I think it’s simple, but still pretty. I do wish it included a mirror, especially with the size of this palette. I get it would have brought the cost up even more and I know people had a hard time with the cost of this palette as it was.

My first thoughts after I felt these shadows and swatched them… they did feel very creamy. They feel really nice and as you’ll see from the swatches I did, the pigment is just stunning. I wore this palette for about a week. I wanted to make sure I really tried this palette before I let you guys know my thoughts on it.

Every look I created was fantastic. I can’t say anything else. The shadows lasted all day. They weren’t muddy, there was surprisingly little to no fall out with these shadows. I will say with a couple of the foiled glittery shadows, I did end up using some MAC Fix Plus to make the shadows pop more. Not saying they lacked in color without it… just I thought it would be more of a “pop” in color by the look of it. I do know, Jacyln did mention in her video you would need to use it or use your finger, as it was meant to be applied that way to get the full color payoff. I’m not a fan of applying any makeup with my fingers. My nails are too long for that anyhow.


All and all, this palette, in my honest opinion, is fantastic. I love the colors and I had no problems with the way any of them performed. (I haven’t used every single color from this palette. I did use a good amount in the week I tested it) I think the quality of this palette is on the same level as my Copper Spice and Bronzed Mocha palettes I own from Morphe. Both of those work amazing for me as well. (Jacyln’s do feel better when you swatch them though)


**Note – I didn’t swatch every single color. Only a few colors in this palette so you could see.**

I don’t own a ton of Morphe palettes. I have the Copper Spice, Bronzed Mocha, Kathleen Lights, 35T (which I find a lot of the shadows to just be kinda… ehh. They are a little patchy and I don’t find myself using that palette much) and now the Jaclyn Hill palette.

So do I think this palette is worth it? I think so. It has a wide range of colors. All of the shadows perform beautifully. They feel comfortable on and don’t fade. The shadows themselves feel so nice. Really soft and smooth. I know some people had a problem with the price of this palette because it was almost $40. I paid $42.15 after shipping. I can understand, it is a bit high for a Morphe product. Did I mind paying it? No. I understand it was a collab and Jaclyn has to get paid. I understand they said they used all new machines to press and make the shadows. I have no idea if they did or not… but I didn’t have a problem paying $38 before shipping. I do have a problem with their shipping in general… I find $8 to be a little high for shipping. I do hope Morphe does something in the future to lower that cost a little.

In closing, people are either going to love or hate on Morphe, & on Jaclyn Hill. If you’re one of those people than nothing I can say in this review or anyone can say for that matter, will change your mind. It’s already made up and that’s fine. I’m giving you my thoughts on Morphe and this palette.

I personally love it. I personally really like Morphe products. (I own their Copper Dreams Brush set and a few highlighter brushes. All of which are fantastic. I have no shedding, my brushes haven’t fallen apart and I’ve had them since January?) I can only base my opinions of my own experiences. So far I’ve had no bad experiences with the products I’ve purchased from Morphe. If and when I do, well, then, maybe my thoughts might change.

I’m sorry this review is so long winded and way too long. I wanted to let you guys know my thought process behind this palette. I have nothing to gain from giving a good review for this palette. Morphe or Jacyln for that matter, don’t even have a clue who I am. I don’t have affiliate codes, I don’t receive PR from them. I just genuinely enjoy this brand and the products I’ve purchased. That’s all.

I don’t get caught up in all the controversies when it comes to brands or people. You’re going to find some brand or some person that people will find anything to attack and pick apart. You can’t please everyone.

I’m concerned, as a makeup lover & consumer – about one thing : how will this product perform. I will always expect quality. I don’t care about the background noise or what goes on behind the scenes (for the most part) yes, I read about it and may have opinions, however, if I think I’ll like a product or want to try it. I will. There’s so much back and forth talk in the beauty community… “I won’t buy this because this brand does this…” or “I don’t like this person so I’m not going to buy that.” That’s completely fine.

Whatever reason you have for not purchasing from a company, or individual, that’s your decision. Just don’t attack others if they chose to buy from companies you may not support or agree with. I’m not saying anyone who reads my blog does that. You’re all so amazing on here! I’m more so saying I see this a LOT of Youtube and Instagram. We all have our own opinions and reasons for buying, not buying stuff. At the end of the day… it’s just makeup.

Again I apologize for this uber long post. So sorry! Thanks so much if you read it all. πŸ™‚

Have any of you tried this palette? What did you think? Or did you decide to pass? If so, what made you pass on it? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let me know!

As always, feel free to connect with me on my other socials. Instagram & Twitter – ThattgirlJenn (same name on here)

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20 thoughts on “My Honest Thoughts On Morphe And On The Morphe & Jaclyn Hill Palette

  1. That palette is really prettyπŸ’—even though I did decide to pass on it I loved reading all of your thoughts on it!! And I agree $8 is a lot for shipping lol I hate paying for shippping anyway lolπŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • $8 is a lot for shipping! I hate paying for shipping as well lol.. I wish it was free or like $1… haha, yeah right! Thanks so much love! I really like this palette a lot and how it performs! πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•


  2. I really wanted to try this Palette but with the conversion rate and shipping international, it came to about $110. I just couldn’t justify that price on Morphe and yet, I’m willing to pay $150 for Natasha Denona’s Sunset palette when it restocks. In saying that, I may still cave and pay the price πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow! $110! Yeah, that is very pricey. I can see why you passed on it. The Natasha Denona Sunset palette is stunning! I’ve been considering picking that up as well. πŸ™ˆβ˜ΊοΈ Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! πŸ’•πŸ’œ

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I heard so much about this palette. I seriously want it. The blues are kind of a no go for me too, but the other shades are perfect for others looks. I’m very happy about your review and especially the end. Usually people don’t buy because she said this and this. I go more for how it actually works for me. That’s why so many people make huge drama over whatever the Kardashians sell too.

    I’ve never had anything from Morphe. I’ve heard so much about them. I thought I would have given in by now, but I haven’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly! I feel the same way! There was so much controversy because it was Jaclyn and so many people don’t like her or Morphe. I think the palette is wonderful! I’m very happy I bought it.

      I was the same way!! I was so hesitant to try them and I finally went for it. (When I saw the Copper Spice palette- I needed it!!) I was so worried it was going to suck, but it was fantastic. I’m happy I finally did it. I know what you mean though… I was so iffy and unsure for a while. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ughh I’m regretting so much I didn’t buy it when they restocked it on Beauty Bay :(. I now hope they’ll restock… It does look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! xoxo Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

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