I Like Your Glow! My Current Favorite Highlighters At The Moment


I love makeup. It’s pretty obvious. Since I was in middle school, my favorite makeup products to collect were lipsticks. The same is true to this day. I still love to wear and collect all kinds of lipstick, lipgloss, lip products in general.

My second favorite makeup products to collect are – highlighters. (Throw blush right beside that as well) I love a good blinding highlighter! Is there anything better? A blinding strobe of color illuminating your face, body, or wherever you chose to accentuate?


Ever since highlighters became a “thing” I’ve been obsessed. I’m always looking for the best and the brightest. I need my glow and I need it BRIGHT! 

At the moment, I have a few brands I adore. I’d consider them my favorite highlights at this time. I reach for these highlighters almost daily so I wanted to let you guys know what I’m loving right now.


Hands down, when someone asks me for a good highlighter I’ve been recommending Jouer Powder Highlighters.

When I tell you I love these highlighters. I LOVE THESE HIGHLIGHTERS!! They’re so incredibly soft to the touch and literally blind you with one swipe! I love love love the formula of these highlighters! I love how creamy they feel and how insanely well they perform!

When these first launched, all the top guru’s were claiming these were the best. I was a little skeptical, I mean, isn’t everything with a lot of them the “new best thing?” especially if they’re pushing a discount code or getting some kind of perk from it? No shade at all. I don’t hate on anyone who works with big companies or gets paid. That would be a dream for every makeup lover. I just find it hard sometimes to believe every single product from a company is amazing and you need to have it.

Luckily, those gurus were 100% honest when it came to these highlighters! I am soooooooo (I could continue on with that, but I think you get the point) in love with these!

I have 5 of them.

  • Skinny Dip (I think my favorite out of them all)
  • Citrine
  • Topaz
  • Rose Gold
  • Rose Quartz

Each one if simply stunning. I can not say enough good things about them.

When I took this picture for my blog post, my fingernail dug into my Rose Quartz highlighter and took a good sized indent/ chunk out of the side. It might not be a big deal to some, but the slight OCD in me hates that it now looks ugly and uneven until I use it up to get it smooth and even again. Let’s have a moment of silence.

Okay, moving on….



Of course, of course, of course, what would my life be without my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palettes?! For me, they are some of the best in the game! I own I think, 5 or 6 of the Glow Kits, but my favorite out of the ones I own are these two.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills & Nicole Guerriero palette 
  • Aurora

I love both of those palettes dearly. If you really want me to pick between the two… the Nicole G one is slightly above Aurora… I seriously love that Nicole G one to death. Aurora is amazing in its own right too.

ABH is just a master at creating amazing products. I think. They’re one of my favorite brands and I have yet to be disappointed in any of the products I’ve tried by them.


Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighters : So, maybe I’m a slight snob when it comes to some makeup brands. I’ve never been a huge fan of drugstore makeup. (back in the day when I was first starting out and growing up, of course I was… Revlon was the shit! I loved Covergirl (first brand of foundation I ever purchased) and Maybelline and Max Factor. As I grew up and learned about higher end brands, I felt I had entered a whole new world with quality and products and kind of never looked back.

I have very few drugstore brands I like and love. NYX is amazing and a brand I’ve been using for a few years, (hellooo butter gloss & liquid lingerie! ) Milani, love those baked & rose blushes and their lipsticks. Revlon has a great whipped mousse foundation I still use… Pixi is a new favorite! Amazing products! I mean, I think a lot of these brands have been really stepping their game up! I feel like I have a few more drugstore brands… however, my mind is drawing a blank.

Point being…. I’ve really found some good quality drugstore makeup. I thank Instagram and seeing pictures and swatches of these products that I may not have given a second glance to, let alone a chance. Like, geez, I would have totally been missing out!!

Makeup Revolution is a new brand I discovered a few months ago and have been loving! The Skin Kiss Highlighters were the first products I tried from them. Amazing! I really enjoy these highlighters so much. I think they retail for like $9 or something, but the quality is so good! It gets the job done! For me at least. These babies have some serious punch to them… I stay glowing like a diamond. 🙂 They last for hours and it’s just ridiculous how good they are for being so cheap.


Ofra Cosmetics Beverly Hills Highlighter : What can I say…  it’s amazing! (From what I hear all of Ofra’s highlighters are amazing) Not that this relates to highlighters, but their liquid lipsticks are pretty freaking fantastic as well!

This highlighter is five different shades rolled into one compact. You can use each one individually or mix them all together around with your brush. This glow is bright (you see the pattern, right? it wouldn’t be a favorite it wasn’t bright. 🙂 The formula is nice and wears for a long time!

I’m just realizing I forgot to include a couple of my Colourpop individual highlighters. FYI: those are fantastic as well. Lunch Money, I believe is my favorite.

Do you love a good highlight? What are some of your favorite brands/ shades? I’d love to hear. Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Photo Dec 18, 11 10 59 PM



17 thoughts on “I Like Your Glow! My Current Favorite Highlighters At The Moment

  1. I have that Ofra colour wheel one too and it’s crazy blinding! I also had the Nicole Guerriero ABH one, but I sold it because I just wasn’t reaching for it and I didn’t like the bigger glitter particles. However, I did love the shade daydream! I’ve also been wanting to check out those makeup revolution highlighters, so I might do that soon 😉
    I just posted a review of the Stila Heaven’s Hue highlighter today too if you are interested 🙂 https://supernovabeautyblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/31-days-of-reviews-day-18-stila-heavens-hue-highlighter/

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was blown away by the Ofra one! It was my first time trying any of their products and I was so impressed! It’s gorgeous and everything that I love! 😍😍 I was amazed by the Makeup Revolution ones too! So good! Thanks so much for reading! I’ll check out your post! I’m curious to hear about that highlighter! ☺️✨🌟

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved reading this those are gorgeous highlighters!!⭐️✨✨ I find myself reaching for my BH Cosmetics Blacklight palette all the time I use the pink highlighter in that palette almost everyday it’s so pigmented💗

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much doll! I am obsessed with my highlights, haha! I’ve never tried anything from BH Cosmetics yet, but I saw your highlighter palette and it looks stunning! Those colors look like ones that I’d love! 😍😍 I’ll have to check them out! Thanks so much for reading & giving your thoughts!! 💕💜💕💜


  3. Jenn love love your blog, following as of now, i hope youll do the same. You look like you know what you want when it comes to a product and that is wonderful and I would love if you would shop my store and let me know what you think of a couple of our products I look forward to your blog and I hope you have a blessed weekend.

    Liked by 2 people

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